These Hunter Biden revelations are depressing....

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Oct 17, 2020, 17:25 see the son of a US VP acting as a (well paid) conduit to his father and other political insiders is third world stuff. It’s also not surprising that none of the mainstream media are anxious to follow up.......defeating Trump excuses complete journalistic neglect.

Oct 17, 2020, 17:41

As for Hunter Biden, it suspicious how he got these business relations. 
However it was investigated in the past, and the decision was it did not impact US policy. 

The FBI is investigating if the Russians may have hacked Hunter. 
The story about leaving a laptop at a repair shop, might not even be true.
The emails could have been doctored, and even the pictures could be doctored

Russia desperately wants a Trump government. 
The mainstream wants to get rid of Trump.

Oct 17, 2020, 17:59

The pictures of Huntie, fast asleep and with a meth pipe in his mouth, are just too adorable.

Oct 17, 2020, 18:24


Here's an easy one for you.

If the hard drive is fake, why did Huntie's lawyer attempt to retrieve it from the repair store?

Oct 18, 2020, 00:21

All I can say is that this accusation is not made up but is going to stick like S--- to a blanket and the Demorats are beside themselves..

Could not have happened to a nicer family who has sold their country short plus the head of the family actually the VP of the USA (referred to as POP in the emails) being paid 50% of the takings for providing access and cover to his son Hunters " Business schemes".

As I mentioned in an earlier email Bunker Biden is worth millions for being a Senator for 40 plus years now if you calculate his earning earned and his present holding (property plus) and the lifestyle no way is it possible to live that high and hold all the assets from his earnings as a Senator.

Max Walters is another Demorat who is also on the hook as her house is reported to be worth $5 million and she does not even live in her electoral district plus her husband has made millions from her contacts as has her daughter who is on her congressional payroll.

Bunch of F----n Crooks from the Clintons,  Obamas, Kerry's, and right down to Shifty Adam.

The Media has refused to cover the story because it is true and it is going to be devastating for the Demorats.




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