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Jul 09, 2024, 11:49


Please watch the following video and then indicate whether you agree with the statsments in the  followinng video:-

Why the Democrat have a caucus meeting today to discuss the Biden candidacy and at least twelve DP House members have stated publicly that Biden should be replaced as DP canduidate.   Although most Democrats invovled are representing safe Democratic seats there are at least 35 Demcorats in marginal seasts that could go to the Republicans.   There are  Senators in the Senate who could lse their election if Biden remains as Democrat Presidential c andidate.   The fact is that US presidential candidartes speak of coattails that help party candidates on lower elvel tow in seats - while a negative image could cost the lower level candidates

Then there is alsao the dxiscussion on CNN  represeting he views on Biden:-

That instead was not the situation in the 2020 election Biden won as Presidedntial candidate whilet the Demcorfats lost 23 House seats they previously held  - but is that the unpopular rating of Biden is in fact the case tis year - how many seats in the Senate and House seats becaquse of Biden's candidacy.

What c an one expect from the DP under this situation.

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Jul 09, 2024, 12:54

Mike the Luciferian demonrats right now have their hopes pinned on massive fraud and even on assassination. 

Of course they are very resourceful in lying etc and could have something up their sleeves whereby they can deceive the electorate.

Jul 09, 2024, 13:44

Trump’s best shot is if Biden stays in the race. The desire for somebody, anybody,  who isn’t Trump or Biden is almost universal. A switch at the convention….a huge love in with Biden stepping down and a new shiny coin being announced and Trump is toast.

Jul 09, 2024, 21:08

The fact is that he House is on the point of passing a resolution in termss of  which Biden will in accodance with Amendment 25 of the Constitution find not able to deal with the the actions  required from Presidents.   

The Democrats  has called a caucus meeting  today because a number of  their members have either stated that Biden should step down as candidate (12 members)  and about thirty has expressed doubt whether Biden should be able to handle the Presidency if he is re-elected.  There is a chance that some of their members will  lose their own seats if they support Biden .- in this case they may be announced as being present and not vote at all.  That means the House resolution will pass with ease and Biden removed as Pesident within 24 hours.  .       

They would require from Biden to undergo cognitive and mental tests by two independet specialists within a week.   If he refuses to undergo or fail in the tests ; the result will be that Biden is fired and Harris will take over the Presidency,   

That will caue havoc at the  DP Convention  as to nomination.   However, it must be borne n mind that the main funders of the DNC will decide on who should be the Presidential candidate and who his or her deputy would be. 

There are no new coins in the Democratic Party -  

*    Harris did nothing cnstructive during the time she was VP and showed her ncompetence by laughing to get away from giving answers'

*    Newson has driven over 1,5 million from California due to his incompetence and maladministration;

*    Whitmer has caused havooc in Michigan by closing diwn businesses in Michigan  for longer than any other Democratic  Party Governore and forcing the people to satindoors - whle sshe and her usbad went to Miasmi to enjopy the food life.

*     Poksahomnta Warrfen will be shown up as a liar to get a University job. - so as corrupt as te DP is at present.  .   

Can you find anybody else who would not be a  rusted coin?   

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