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Jul 07, 2024, 10:04

Although there were some demonstrations last week against the RN Party in som cities in Franch  ci.ties - it was not really violent in nature,     The fact that the RN Party made massive gains  in support - scared the leftists - let by the Communist Party and supported by the Green fanaticxs this week started to attack opponents and 40 cases where candidates and their he;pers were physically assaulted  and 40 such incidents were  reported until yesterday.

Ultra-leftists hate democracy and when they found that opponewnts are going to win or suspect that they amy win - they turn to violence.   An example was the riots orgfanized and funded by the Democrats in August and September 2020.   The leftists media incited he violence furher and pretended that it was peaceful  demonstrations against rac ism.  

The Democrats then used two of their terrorist subsidiaries BLM and Antifa - both started by the Obama Presidcency to organize the  riots - which tghe medcia supporting the Demcorats claimed gto be peaceful protests and the DNC donatredf fcrunds wsere suied to trasport rioters fdrom city to city and theirf accxommodation costs as well.   

The Democrat.local authrities  imnsrtructed the police not to act against rioters and the rioters were tiold that the goods looted would not be rewcovered from them.   

The results were that 46 people (amongst them 13 Police officers) were murdered by the rioters, more than 1 200 police officers were seriously injured by rioters using fireaqrms and Molotov cocktails (the latter of which was provided on an organized basis to the rioters)' and through looting and arson more than $5 billion was caused by the rioters,    Despite the restrictions put on them by the Democrat authroties the police arrested more than 1 500 rioters and thedym were supposed to becahrgedf weith cserious criminal chargesw and one of the  fiursta ctions by  Biden as President wazs to releasse te prisoners immediately.   None of them were to be charfgerd weth offenses even for murdxer.

The Governor got the hell in with the reg fusal of the DA toa ct againstg two murdered saccused who killed a respected Black retired po;ice officer who operated a business in Milwaukee andx appointed a pruivate prfosecutor to lay murdwer charges against two rioters and the jury after hearing all  efidence forurn the two guilkty oif murder within ahlf an hour.   

When the House Redpublicans asked fir a house investigation fo the rfiots the D em,opcrfatsd decided not to ahve the issue invedstigas ted,   Since he REpublicans took over the majority in the House they decided to launch an invesdtigation bit due to other flagrant scxandals committed by the Demcorfats the inveswtuigaqtion will only start next year. and it si obvious that the amtter will ah ve to wait forf next year t be investigated.

The signs fcor further riots in the USA is rfeally possible this year.  Soros have funded th e Hamas riotsw at colleges and although there were cases of assult and millions in damages caused - oter t hanm assult ons ome Jews there were no loss of life  thuisa far.   Thje D emcorfats are under threat and no fuyrther riots in Aigust and September seems inevitazble.

Nopw back to France the Macron Government said that a  civil war wil;l; erupt in Francer if the RN Party winns  the elecftion today and that seems to sb ecourfgaed by the uklrtra-leftists and Communists controlling the ulra left alliance.   What hapopened the past week is indicative of what may happenm inm France..    



Jul 07, 2024, 22:11

Exit polls indicate the left wing alliance have topped the poles. Looks like when push comes to shove the French didn't want to elect Mike's mates in the French Nazi party.


Jul 08, 2024, 15:23

These ongoing Muslim protests, fights, and show of force get togethers, as well as their huge open air prayer sessions in the streets are getting ridiculous and pathetic....

Why are Muslims so desperate to move to a Western country, but so many of them are not prepared to accept that Western way of life and also that country's culture, heritage or religious beliefs.

So many Muslims now are openly and publicly talking about taking over the Western culture, and this is no longer a joke, it's fact, and they are being very very open and transparent about it.

Worrying times ahead.

Jul 08, 2024, 18:58

The fact is that6 the actgual election outcome was in fcac a recipe for further disaster.   Macron wantred his party tow in trhe S nap election and it did not.    The Party Alliance that won most seats are cxontrolled by the Communists and syupported by all the Muslims n France.   S o hewill not gvet anything  inmto laws and the budget passed without support of the Commies and theyw ant to dco a Biden on F ranbce = bankrupt the cuuntry through spendcing money the country does not have.   

So supporting Communist rule in Fran ce is not going to end in destruction of the French economy abd offcer an opportunity for the Communists to gsain totasl power  in Francxe.   Macxron was idiotixc and he is deliveruiing trhe country to selfc-destruction.    It is not going to wsork out  and Macron  may even be supported by the elfdties to remain a puppet president of Francxe - but real power will rest in the hands of the  controlling Communists in  Parlaiment - hee will be the "sueful idiot"  Stalin used to refer to  when it came to collaborators helpingh the Communists  to take over Government. in countries.   

I think there will be a civil war in France and they will need help to survive as a democracy.    


Jul 08, 2024, 19:28

Just as long as one can still have a good meal at Le Taillevent.

Jul 08, 2024, 23:13

  Mozart - no problem with that,  but I think cou,ld bcomibec oming dangerous as well..    Remember the last bomb zattancks in  Prasis .  Muslim terorism is increasing worldwide and with Pais huge Muslim populationm chances are it could happen sooner than most think.      

Jul 09, 2024, 07:30

Some Muslims are openly mocking the western countries for allowing certain things to happen in their countries, especially regarding islamic behaviour ......they just don't give a shit

Jul 09, 2024, 13:38

It's crazy to see that half the Muslims currently living in France want all the Catholics to convert to Islam, and that more than a quarter of all these Muslims want the current churches to be turned into Mosques.

It's also crazy to see that a quarter of the Muslims living in France right now, actually reject the name France ....

There are also supposedly more than 200 rapes a day in France, mainly perpetrated by Muslim men who entered France illegally.

Then again, what would you expect when apparently more than 70% of your current prison inmates are Muslim men

45% of Muslims in France also want the complete destruction of Israel and 57% of 18 - 25 year old Muslims respect Sharia law more than any other laws in France.....

Yeah .... the shit show is starting... and as much as people may think this is not an issue, this is a fucking huge issue, getting worse every single day.

Western governments are too scared to be called racists for taking this on, but at some point, something must be done to halt this ongoing threat to Western values and way of life.

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