Transgender designer makes pride cloths range including items supporting Satan

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May 24, 2023, 06:25

Of course a great evil like the whole trans ideology is inspired by Satan himself. 

Doubtless Target are in for a torrid time via boycotts and rightly so. 

Poor old Sharktwit will be in another froth saying people have no right to interfere with fashion. We should all be inclusive. This is divisive etc etc. 

No sharktwit you are welcome to be inclusive with Satan but count me out. 

Take a look 

Target Boycott alert.

May 24, 2023, 10:21

On a side note I was having breakfast at a great place and in steps a grandad with his cute grand daughter.

Lovely kid waves at everyone and it looks like a doll under her arm. 

She puts it on the table and it's a miniature dragon,unreal.Back to the dragon-age we go. 

May 24, 2023, 12:01

No link to where we can buy this stuff?

May 24, 2023, 12:46

They everywhere these dragons... are you a dragon queen? 

May 24, 2023, 13:09

Ou Rooitwit like very tight shiny pink tights when he dies his drag queen act Moonrover.

To Atheists come Satanists like ou Rooitwit making children's clothing promoting Satan is just fine. Very sick twit. 

May 24, 2023, 13:36

Is it me or are these guys lacking an understanding of basic English.

I have read these posts 3 times and I still configure out WTF they are trying to say.

Still no more than can be expected for the mentally paired.

I will give you poor fools a B for at least attempting to post something no matter how fucking  retarded you lot are..

Humanity is doomed if this is the beat we can do.

May 24, 2023, 20:43

Lighten up .........don't tell Rooibos he's on the beat.

May 24, 2023, 20:52

What's Satan's gender?

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