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Feb 14, 2021, 00:02


Feb 14, 2021, 00:20

Beeno where have you been?

Living the low life and living in the shadow of Trumps embarrassing exit?

Why now are you loud all of a sudden ?

Forget the acquittal.

How fucking embarrassing has trump become?

Even you became embarrassed by him... hence your absenteeism on your own trumpet site.

Feb 14, 2021, 00:20

You can trumpet all you want now.

The low life is out of office.

He isn’t even wanted in marelago

Feb 14, 2021, 01:54

The reason the US is booming while Europe is imploding is Trump. Loud, brash, not always well advised but with an instinct for the core issue. 

The Fed is being credited....but everybody forgets Trump schooled Powell time and time again. Left to bureaucrats like him, we would be following Europe down the drain.

Feb 14, 2021, 03:33

Feb 14, 2021, 07:46

What is embarrassing is that some people, who suposedly love freedom and free speech, are only too happy to have those they don't agree with silenced and victimised.

Not one of the lefty plebians here had an issues with Trump being impeached again. Basically, you're happy for the law to be abused if it means that somebody you don't like is on the receiving end.

Similarly, you're happy for the mass media machinery to attempt to destroy people that you don't like. 

One wonders what type of world you actually deserve. 

So here's a question for you...

Should the deM politicians and lefty media personalities that spurred on the rioting and breaking of Covid restrictions be brought up on charges of incitement?

Ja...umm ahhh...silence.



Feb 14, 2021, 07:54

And hey Chippo

What do you think should be done about Black politicians in SA that incite violence and cheer on crowds singing songs about killing whites?

Should they be held to the same standards that whites are and thrown in jail for years for the crime off racist utterings?

...but sure, Trump is an embarrassment.

Feb 14, 2021, 08:18

Bozo is a twice-impeached one-term failure.

No amount of spin will ever change that.

Watching the Trunpanzees pulling at their tiny little gherkins just because the majority of Republican senators are weak, self-serving cowards is hilarious! Respect to the notable 7 exceptions.

Bye bye Bozo . . . the worst US president in history.


Feb 14, 2021, 11:15

Chipped ou you hopeless dumbass. Courts decided in Trumps favour that he IS entitled to stay at Mar a Lago. Get your facts right you ignorant buffoon.

Plum you make excellent points. Redstink really belongs in a place like China. He is completely fascist by nature. He is also totally self deluded. I recall that bumpkin redstink saying he was a moderate. Fact he is nothing less than a nasty little raving commie radical Hahahhahahaha. You don't get much dumber than ou redstink.

Face facts that moron nanzi piglosi lost big time. Its 2 NIL to Trump!!  In 2022 she will lose the House again? will that be another record? Hahahahahaha.

The impeachment in the House was a complete travesty. No witnesses, no Trump defence - nothing. Unprecedented in American history.

Then we saw the Trump lawyers demolish the totally unprepared House Managers who clearly hadn't done their homework. It was a sight to behold as they proved by using the clips played by the lying impeachment managers and along side those clips played the full clips. The House managers were proven in front of the world to be doctoring hugely important evidence. You really need to see this. Go and see the time line. The riots at Capitol hill started before Trumps speech actually began. Bwahahahahahahahaha

One of the great benefits of the trial however was the unmasking of 7 Uniparty Rinos and of course of China Mitch. They will now be primaried and are toast. Already these snakes are being censored by their states. Poor Burr admitted he acted unconstutionlly and got roasted Hahahhahahahahahaha its soooo funny!

Best of all Trump has emerged stronger than ever. Trump and his 80 odd million voters (if votes were fairly counted) own the GOP and will remove these Uniparty Globalist Rinos.

The CCP demonrats know they stole the election and are terrified of Trump's massive base. They are terrified that all the truth about the massive election fraud continues to come out with Virginia and Colorado being in the news ) I said news not the Communist News Network oaks)

China Joe stumbles form one blunder to the next with one  policy after another all against American interests.

Governor Cuomo has succeeded in getting demonrats to agree with Republicans that he has to be prosecuted. Three other genocidal demonrats governors could be next. Bwahahahahahaha Meanwhile on CNN Chris Fredo Cuomo ignores the Covid nursing home scandal engulfing his governor brother Andrew. 

Classes are back for the dumbass Stinker group which I hope to expand, A bigger bunch of uniformed clowns would be hard to find.

The Trump lawyers only needed three and a half hours to blow up the absurd House managers. These poor house managers were themselves destroyed. It was hilarious. They were of course allowed 16 hours. I thought they could have just kept going. There are people in America who only watch CNN and one needs to give them the opportunity of hearing the truth.

Having lost horrendously on Friday when the trump lawyers destroyed them, the CCP Democrats sought to change the rules and cal witness in an attempt to salvage their case. The trump lawyers said sure but we will call nanzi piglosi and Browser the DC mayor.

The CCP demonrats immediately backed off. :D What would Browser have said when asked why she rejected Trump's earlier offer of providing 16,000 national guard troops to secure Capital Hill!:D

What would nanzi piglosi have said when asked why did you and China mitch allow the Capitol Hill police to be reduced to a minimum and many sent home. Why were bycycle stands used as  barriers, Why did Capitol Hill police remove these barriers (ALL on clip) and allow the protestors in.

Best of all what did nanzi piglosi know about the planning for the event that now is widely acknowledged, the involvement of the fascist group Antifa.

Oaks you need to see how completely and utterly the Trump lawyers destroyed these morons.

Feb 14, 2021, 14:33


Feb 14, 2021, 17:17

Draad that clip is right about this strengthening Trump. 

As Trump said the MAGA movement is just beginning and he has lots that he will be sharing with the Deplorable. 

God speed President Trump may you save America and indeed the world from the globalist/marxist tyranny.

Got to sort out the corrupt voting system. Primary all Uniparty Rinos as well. Do that and a landslide win is truly on the cards.

Feb 14, 2021, 18:46

Beeno1 great to have you back.

The normal left wing bloggers have missed your postings.

They must be mighty proud of their present Blundering Bunker Biden so called president.

What a joke he and his policies have turned out so far.

Clueless to say the least.

MAGA coming back soon.

Stay tuned all.

Feb 14, 2021, 21:16

Hi there AJ!!!

Yes our nasty little commie comrades are as dumb as rocks. Yes sellout China Joe Biden is an utter embarrassment and his policies are terrible for the USA.

The stealing of Trump's landslide win is the biggest scandal in US history and will not be going away.

I am signed up at Rumble and watch Steve Bannon' War Room.  

Get off Big Tech platforms and don't support globalist companies where possible.

I am also on Gab and Parler ( Hope it gets going again) and joined Telegram and Signal.

To hell with Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Gates etc!

Feb 14, 2021, 21:27

Trump was always going to get off because people like Mitch McConnel said Trump was guilty of inciting violence - but did not vote this way as it would do damage to the Republican party.  

Trump has a long list of court cases coming up, and various enemies (some Republican). 
First, up is Georgia for interfering with their Democratic election. 
Next is New York for Tax evasion going back over a long time. 

Trump is still the favourite for the first American president to go to jail. 

Feb 14, 2021, 21:39

Dream on Sharkstink, but it must be getting boring as you have had this same fantasy dream for more than 4 years now.

If the Mueller team of 18 angry demonrats couldn't find anything and they had carte blanche with their investigation as they illegally went looking for a crime.

Yes the demonrats are terrified of Trump and will keep trying and the American people will increasingly turn against them as is happening. 

Pervs like you of course love Biden and love babies being aborted and men playing women's sport.

If you look at Biden's policies via EOs they are terrible. The snake is a corrupt, lying sellout owned by China.

Feb 14, 2021, 21:41

This Sharkstink is heading in the normally anti Trump Daily Express UK. 

Terrified Democrats impeached Trump to deny him 2nd term, they will rue the day ALEX STORY

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