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May 14, 2024, 12:40

Misinformation is everywhere online and facts surrounding the upcoming US presidential race are harder than ever to validate – especially when key allies of the main players are sharing fake images, it turns out.

Roger Stone has been a key ally of Donald Trump and Republican operative for years, and he posted a picture claiming to show tens of thousands of people who had turned out to see the former president at a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey.

However, as it turns out, the picture was actually an image of a Rod Stewart concert from 1994 which took place in Rio De Janeiro.

Posting the image on Sunday, Stone wrote: “Yeah , New Jersey is in play for @realDonaldTrump. Could Joe Biden draw a crowd like this?”

However, people quickly noticed the misleading image and it was hit with a community note.

It read: “This is a photo from a Rod Stewart concert almost 30 years ago.

“‘On December 31, 1994, Rod Stewart performed at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro in front of an estimated 3.5 to 4.2 million people.’”

It comes as people on social media disputed the size of the crowd that came to support Trump on Saturday (May 11).

While a spokesperson for the city of Wildwood claimed that up to 100,000 people attended the rally, the audience appeared to get smaller as the end of Trump’s 90-minute speech approached.

Trump himself is being mocked after claiming the crowd at the rally was bigger than a Bruce Springsteen concert.

May 14, 2024, 14:36

First of all you rushed to put a newspaper lie on site.   So horrer after horror -   Trump did not say anything on the issue - it was a close ally of Trump who made the claim.   Roger Stone is a conservative  political advisor and lobbyist since the 1970's    So what make  Stone a  "close" ally of Trump?   There is no indication at all that Trump was involved in the internet postinng.   So get real and think before you post tripe on site.   In any event Stone are not as good as Biden in finding  lies to talk about during  speeches,   You remember that memorial remark he made about his unle being eaen by cannibals?   A real classic causing further estrangements from the Caribean Sea island states.    The main political supporter of the Republicans is Joe Biden/       

Not to worry about that one.    What should worry you are the Trump rally in New Jersey where circa 90 000 people attended,    It is the biggest turnout ever in the states like Connecticutt and New York.    There were very clear on the issues causubg their support  of Trump.    They dealt with inflation and of the open border policy of Biden.    

That in an area where the Republicans last won the Presidential election since 1984.     

May 15, 2024, 05:30

Trump's a talented ou ................. an entertainer, property developer & tv host.

May 15, 2024, 07:09


May 15, 2024, 07:35

Trbump  has a problem - he is not a real politician at all - he is a businessman who wants to run Government based on business principles.    In a way he is like Reagan - who introduced a system of budgetting by objectives when Governor  of California savig California from bankcruptsy,   The system was a huge success in Governments  in most demcoratic countries and I wrote a guideline to be used by the SA Department of Water SA .   I left Water Affairs on early promotion by the Department to Indian Education in 1975 and when I visited Water Affairs in the mid-1980's a booklet containing my development of the system on the table of the then Deputy Secreatary of Water Affairs - a chap by the name of Dayle Hobbes.

When I got invovled n a political problem with the NP govenment they passed a law and I got pensioned off  when I was 42 years of age in 1984.  I then phoned Mr Hobbes by then Ch airman of the Rand Water Board and asked him if I can use him as reference in my CV.  His reaction was that I should come and work for the Water Board in Johannesburg  and can name the salary I wanted.   I just laughed and said sorry I cannot ever live in Johannesburg.and any money in the world would convinced me otherwise.   Shouild have taken the job anyway.   

Now back to Trump - he was the kingpin of the small business development  and enhanced that  sector when he was Preident  and those are the people that suffer badly under Biden and is now the center of a drift by the Blacks and Hispanics from he Democratic Party to the Republican Party.    It is that drift which  is undermining the election campaign of Biden and why I think he will be sent packing in November 2024.    

Biden cannot understand.why the people reject his economic policy by a margin of 70% of the voters - the reason really is that the implemtation is chaotic and the bureaucrats are given a free hand to write regulations undermining small and medium business development.    It happened under Obama as well - but when Trump became President he scrapped all the red-tape regulations and retain only those that is essentail for Business functioning  and  it boosted that sector massively.    

There are in fact nothing  Biden can do to stop his ship from sinking.    All that will help him is to scrap the thousands of red-tape regulations written by bureaucrats with no real idea of business operations and postpone the even more rigurous Global Warming  BS he introduced undermining the tranport, energy provision and agriculture sectors in the USA.    That is what is driving inflation in the USA and any amount of Government false statistics will help in that case.   

In essense the working class is now 20% worse off than they were when Biden became President and it is those people who are opposed to Biden.   There is no positives stemming from the chaotic Biden Administration that they can use in the upcoming election to promote support or Biden and that is why the norm is to use fake court charges against Trump and keep him from campaigning in the election and hoping that something could stick against Trump in the courts - where the chances are zero - other than the media using the opportunities to undermine the Trump campaign with only very limited effect.amongst the majority of the voters.

The majority of voters in fact think that the present judicial usage agaisnt opponents of the Biden Regime  is developing into dictatorial practices that is undermining Demcoracy in the USA and Biden is a bigger danger to Demcoracy than Trump could ever be.    This was clearly stated by ex-Attorney General Barr in a recent CNN interview.   Barr who personally dislike Trump said he fully support him in the upcoming  election.    The only hope for Biden is that that the Haley supporters will switch to support Biden - Mozart was of that opinion a few months ago - but it just does not work out. - 95% of those voters have stated that they cannot support the destruction of the USA  by the Biden Administration and only some supporting  Cheyne and Pence supporters may end up voting for Biden.     

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May 15, 2024, 18:35

Yet again an obvious troll...Stone never said that it was a Trump crowd...the stupid media jumped to the wrong conclusions yet can't fix's forever!!!

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