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Trump Approval Rating Now Higher Than Barack Obama’s Approval Rating at ANY POINT in his Third Year as President

Forum » Beenos Trumpet » Trump Approval Rating Now Higher Than Barack Obama’s Approval Rating at ANY POINT in his Third Year as President

Apr 10, 2019, 11:33

President Donald Trump’s approval rating reached 53% on Tuesday.

This was seven points higher than President Obama at the same point in his presidency

But it’s worse than that — President Obama NEVER REACHED 53% his entire third year as president.
His Socialist ideas failed and Americans were feeling it.

President Trump did this despite the national mainstream media reporting negatively on his administration and making up nonsense about collusion 92% of the time.

The three Jackasses (Rooitwvt, Sharkbokkie and Crusader Fan looking more stupid with each passing day! Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha)

Apr 10, 2019, 11:56

What a load of rubbish. Baboon-sure drinks a lot of the Kool Aid that they serve on his alt right websites!

Here is the most reliable approval aggregator showing Bozo's pathetic approval rating (42%, not the 53% nonsense you're claiming) and if you scroll down a bit you can see Bozo's approval rating compared to every other US president. Bozo hasn't been higher than Obama even once during his presidency.

LMAO! Baboon-ou is definitely the most brainwashed moron I've ever encountered!

Apr 10, 2019, 12:54

Hahahahahahahhahaha some loons never learn. Rasmussen was the most accurate Poll in the 2016 election.

The Real Clear Politics aggregation of Polls show Trump at 43.9% approval. BUT most of the polls are fat left propaganda polls. You know the pollsters who gave Trump a 2% chance of winning. Yet rooijackass still swallows their BS. Hahhahahahahahaahhahahawhat a comic!

Suck it up rootwit !

Apr 10, 2019, 13:08

"Here is the most reliable approval aggregator showing"

Yeah right. Reliable by whose yard stick?

When you start delving into their methodology you find:

"How We’re Tracking Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings

One of the ways that our forecast model seeks to make polling data more robust is by calculating and adjusting for “house effects,” which are systematic tendencies for polling firms to favor either the Democratic or Republican candidate."


"....we currently have Trump’s approval rating at 44 percent and his disapproval rating at 50 percent — our version has a few extra features that add a bit of rigor and make it uniquely FiveThirtyEight-ish:

  • As with our election forecasts, we use almost all polls but weight them [I.e we adjust their values so that it fits in with "FiveThirtyEight-is" agenda. Is that what they are saying here?] hour based on their methodological standards and historical accuracy.
  • We adjust polls for house effects if they consistently show different results from the polling consensus. [Polling consensus? Consensus among who?
  • And we account for uncertainty, estimating [And then just for some added flavour we throw in some more of our own estimations and stuff...] the fairly wide range within which Trump’s approval ratings could vary over the next 100 days. (This is what’s indicated by the green and orange bands on the chart.) "

Look, I'm not dismissing their claims outright but I'm also not prepared to just accept that they are the most reliable either.

Apr 10, 2019, 13:25

Well delve a little further then you'll see that Baboon-ou's favourite rating website Rasmussen is one of the sources that fivethirtyeight uses . . . although it doesn't have a very high credibility rating . . . understandably!

Spare me all this my source is better than your source stuff . . . it's like listening to a bunch of nutritionists telling you what you should eat . . . you can get any answer you want. I'm happy with an aggregated website and if you know of a better one, put up a link . . . just don't waste my time telling me that an obviously biased right-leaning site like Rasmussen is better than the anyone else's.

Apr 10, 2019, 15:46

“.....although it doesn't have a very high credibility rating . . . understandably!”

By fivethietyeight’s standards of course.

I have also not raised a “my source v your source” argument. Frankly, I do not pay much attention to these polls and arguments. Especially in view of their track records in recent years.

It may surprise you to know that the only reason I actually opened this thread was to see which outlandish poll Beeno was going to quote again. The polls mean nothing IMO. I firmly believe that votes win elections, not polls.

Apr 10, 2019, 16:13

Actually the trend is as important as the level.......and FiveThirtyEight (note the capitals Peeper) show a rising trend through March 23. Barr's statement came out March 24 and will take a while to seep through the polls.

Face it Trump's ratings have been artificially depressed by the lies gullible people like Peeper bought into for two years.

I also believe historical references are misleading. The overall dissatisfaction is running very high right now....with government in general.

Trump is working flat out for America and his opponents are playing cynical political games. The contrast is becoming very evident.

Apr 10, 2019, 16:29

“Face it Trump's ratings have been artificially depressed by the lies gullible people like Peeper bought into for two years.”

Funny how silent the Russian Collusion theorists have become.

Apr 10, 2019, 21:04

Rooijackass was stunned by Trump winning because he believed the fake polls and the fake globalist propaganda MSM.

The facts are clear. Rooitwit is a fake news addict. Poor dope is completely under the control of the globalist propaganda machine. He sucks up whatever they tell the buffoon.

Apr 11, 2019, 05:31

Georgetown comes out with a new Poll .....Trump at 55% overall approval rating.....58% approval for his handling of the Economy.

Apr 11, 2019, 11:05

Hahahahahaha poor ou rooitwit. Ya almost feel sorry for the goofster. 

Apr 11, 2019, 12:57

Opinion polls are not a reliable source to determine real political situations. when such sourtces are  used for ulterior purposes such as -

*    creating a false impression about the popularity of politicians;

*    trying to protect the reputation of  certain politicians; and

*    trying to influence the outcome of elections by providing information that could make people feeling hopeless and for that reason not voting  at all.  

Be it as it may I  still wondered how the opinion polls in the 2016 elections got the polling so wrong.   I consequently made a study recently of what happened in some States as to the forecasts made by pollsters  and found out that in States won by Trump  the polls in general -

*     under- estimate the Trump support between 8 and 30% and even higher in crucial states;

*     in no state was there an over-estimnate of  Trump support.

Looking at  the media boarding on hate campaigns against Trump I could understand how the polls mostly commissioned by the media or universities to use polling  as one of their weapons to fight Trump.   Commentators on election night said they do not know how they got it so wrong and CNN blamed racism as the reason for the larger than normal turn  up of voters to vote for Trump.   At least some commentators were more honest when they stated that -

*     the standard of living of working people deteriorated over the last two decades; and

*     workers were worried that relocating of industry to countries outside of the USA could cause them to lose their jobs;

The industrial states mostly effected by the closing of factories in the USA were called the "Rust Belt"  States.   Those were basically Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.   Trump won in all four states.   In other States effected with blue collar workers - ie in Illinois, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut the DP won - but with vastly reduced margins.

Now back to the present - the media used all kinds of mechanism to discredit Trump and in the end it became more evident that the campaigns are not really successful in the elections and in the present scenario,    There  are strong support in the media of socialist leftists as potential candidates in 2020 and it is evident that in the main the voters in most states are  rather conservative in outlook and one wonders how the present polls are repeating the same mistake they made in 2016.   

In any event back to the present scenario as to polls for what hey are worth.   The following should perhaps be borne  in mind:-

Latino Vote   

In states like California, New York and Illinois where Latinos who came from foreign countries and were not born in the USA, in the mentioned states more than 75% of the Latino votes went the way of the DP.   In States were the largest component of voters were born in the USA the situation was slightly different   - eg Texas and Florida the situation was different and the DP support was 65%.

The Latinos were influenced by the campaign and especially the remarks of Trump about illegal migrants and there was fairly widespread fear of what could happen if Trump was in fact elected.   However, what really happened was vastly different from what the Latinos feared and the Latinos themselves is worried by the large influx of illegal migrants who -

*   threatened their livelihoods and standard of living; and

*   the influx of criminals from Mexico and other countries to the south of Mexico already creating havoc in their neighborhoods.

Aside from that issue Latinos  are not a homogenous  group.   They come from a variety of countries - like Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela and other central and South American countries.  There is differences on their political approach.    Take for instance the Venezuelans.   In the past they were solidly behind the DP - but with the present scenario with prominent DP speakers basically supporting the regime of Madero in Venezuela they have clearly lost faith  in the DP.

The situation must be seen as follows:-

*      The DP must still decide where their Selection Congress  would be held  in 2020 and one of the cities mentioned is Miami.    However, basically many Latinos suffered  from socialist  regimes in their countries of origin and they dislike Socialism.     However, in recent reports Latinos indicated that there would be riots if Socialists like Bernie Sanders, Warren, Harris or O'Rourke are on the candidate list  and present at the Congress,

*      The University of  Harvard has made a study of political viewpoints of the Latinos at present.   They found that voter support at present is split  50:50 between the DP and the RP.  That would show danger signals for the  DP and they  would be wise to ensure that the Socialist damage to the DP is reduced.  A major problem for the DP is that a stayaway of Latinoi voter in 2020 will almost as bad as Latino's voting for the Rp  

The Africa American Vote

In 2016 the DP got 88% of the Black vote with the rest going to the other candidates - essentially the RP.

In essence there seems to be differences  developing between the older voters who supported the DP since the 1960's are not really inclined to change their political allegiance - while the younger voters are thinking more or less  on unemployment, threats to safety and to their employment opportunities.

According to the latest opinion polls  only 59%  describe themselves as Democrats - sharply down from 2016 (88%).   Interesting enough in allegiance the respondents identified themselves as follows:-

*    Moderate           -        44%

*    Conservative     -        27%

*    Liberals             -        26%

*    Others                -          3%

The African-American Voters are not necessarily aligned to the DP even though they voted over-whelmingly for that party.    However, the DP would have to deal carefully with their  selection of candidates and their future policy directions.

If the DP is not careful in their political direction in 2020 - they may reduce their support drastically through people staying away from voting or voting for other parties,   As it is with the economy imrpving the DP may lose  even more votes.  


It is  likely that if the present economic conditions persist the DP can lose as much as 25% of their support in the next elections from the African Americans and Latinos which could lead to the  be left with support of only 50% in the Latino community with low voter turnouts also contribute to DP losses.

As stated before it is with their past history very difficult to believe what polls come up with - but a repeat of the false opinion polls of 2016 would not really affect the voting patterns of voters. and though potentially losing support of circa  25%  of the Latino and African-Amerian votes,         .                 





Apr 11, 2019, 12:58


Apr 11, 2019, 21:33

Great post Mike and it shows what a very silly billy wee rooijackass is. 

How does the poor oak survive in the real world. 

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