Trump closes down his Blog (Aka Social Media Platform)

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Jun 03, 2021, 00:02

Trump has abandoned his blog. He gave reasons such as everyone is laughing at it, and it gets barely any traffic, etc.

However, something has just happened to Mike Lindell, The My Pillow Guy. 
Dominion software is not only taking Lindell to court, they are taking his company to court as well.
Lindel was throwing of Twitter - at least for his personal account.
He then used his company Twitter account to promote the conspiracy nonsense about the election- so Dominion is suing the company as well as him. 
So Trump's business could also be liable - in addition to him. 

So Trump enterprise would also be liable for Trump's lies. All the ducks are in place, it is almost time to strike! Trump and all of his henchmen are going down...

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