Trump gets a second opinion from Dr Stella Immanuel

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Jul 29, 2020, 16:27

Trump has been saying he wants to get a second opinion of Fauci's advice.

He has found a religious whack job calling themself a doctor...  "

The president is pushing the coronavirus theories of a Houston doctor who also says sexual visitations by demons and alien DNA are at the root of Americans’ common health concerns.

Dr Stella Immanuel believes that aliens are responsible for Coronavirus, and has a vast range of conspiracy theories to explain reality...
Hell, our very own Bum Plum was abducted and raped by aliens- and this is why he identifies with this type of reality...

This "Dr" has been suspended from Facebook and other social media for spreading misinformation about the Coronavirus. What planet are these people on, how can they be allowed to have one vote? 

Jul 29, 2020, 18:13

Haha! What a clown! Bozo is in such a hurry to nail his mast to anyone who supports his stupid hydroxychloroquine campaign that he doesn't do his research . . . only to find out she's an unhinged fruitcake who thinks the world is run by half-humans-half-reptiles, aliens brought the virus and Jesus is going to punish Facebook for banning her.


Let's hear what Baboon-ou thinks of this Stella Immanuel idiot, I bet he values her opinion higher than his erstwhile hero Anthony Fauci!

Jul 29, 2020, 21:00

Here’s the latest on Fauci’s favorite solution:

In a test of antiviral effectiveness against the virus that causes COVID-19, an extract from edible seaweeds substantially outperformed remdesivir, the current standard antiviral used to combat the disease.

Dr Immanuel may  be a nutter, but she claims to have no deaths in her 350 plus  Covid patients. That’s a pretty specific claim which should be easily refuted if bogus. Given the scrutiny she has already drawn I expect that work is feverishly underway. 

Jul 30, 2020, 16:24

Dr Stella is working on the vaccine and expects to have completed it last week. The alien sperm donor is not aware of their groundbreaking work

How can the Trumpanzees follow this nonsense? Trump thinks his followers are stupid, and he is correct... It is embarrassing for the human race that people listen to Trump after his recommendations of a witch doctor. He is a third world politician. 

Surely this doctor should have their license revoked. If the Trumps were in hospital for Corona- the reality is they would rather be treated by the left-wing- than the far right-winger whack jobs.

Jul 30, 2020, 16:26

Fake news

Jul 31, 2020, 14:27

Jul 31, 2020, 18:45

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing another investigation for conflict of interest after his office awarded WE Charity Canada to manage a $912 million grant program aimed at helping students during the coronavirus pandemic

There are long-standing ties between the WE organization and the Trudeau family. Trudeau, his mother Margaret, brother Alexandre and wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, have all appeared at the group’s many events.


Perhaps you missed his quick pick pocket move as he helped that poor chap in the wheel chair.

Aug 03, 2020, 13:39

No description available.

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