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Mar 26, 2024, 03:10


Mar 26, 2024, 10:38

The only people attnacking human rights in the USA  and guilty of unconsitutional actions against opponents are the Democratiic Party and they accuse Trump to be doing  what they have done since Biden restarted it after Obama started with it.   I can post a dozen videos where the Democrats are proven to be contravening the US Constitution and use lies and attacks to abuse human rights constantly.   So try again and start thinking about reality and not BS. 

The real fear the Democrats and crooks in the USA has is that Trump will clean up the Justice Department as well as the FBI  and start acting against endemic political and bureaucratic .corruption in the USA.

Another 4 years of DP rule in the USA  will be he end of Democracy in the USA and the world.     Wh at wil;l destroy Dmcoracy in the wold is the Woke Culture predominant in the USA  and many couintries in the West  at present.   



Mar 26, 2024, 14:10

Fully agree Mike. Elon Musk said on Twitter the other day that 4 more years of demonrat rule will end America. Proably the end of freedom as we have known it. Amazing to think Musk was a demonrat. Like Joe Rogan, Brand and Jimmy Dore etc these guys have seen the light.

Mike I don't know if you can appeal to poor blobbrain to think. For a brain washed loon like Blobbie that probably is a bridge to far. Not sure what you can appeal to the guy is such a confused mess with no ethics. He is also very resistant to truth, evidence and logic.

Apr 04, 2024, 07:45

Apr 04, 2024, 13:01


I am giving you a seriosu of vdeos and ask a serious question at t he end:-



The above videos all represent  attacks on Democracy by the Biden Regime.   Can you find videos with actgual proof that Trump did that type of action against political opponents when he was President?     So who is the greatest threat to Democracy in the US A ?   The answer is clear - it is Biden and the Democratic Party.   

They lied and lied and lied about and all that with leftist media support.   If  any man is a suitable Attrney General that would be Senator Hawley.   He would ensure that constitutional abuses are not used against opponents.   


Apr 04, 2024, 17:40

To the extent reform is necessary it will be done by a sensible middle of the road AG. Somebody like William Barr, who wasn’t afraid to take on the left, but also critical of Trump’s excesses. 

Apr 04, 2024, 18:49

Barr will be forever tainted by the Epstein "suicide" coverup...kinda liked him before that...he even plays the bagpipes.

Apr 04, 2024, 23:49

Donnie also liked 'before that" but then as expected when Donnie UTurned MAGA UTurned as own thoughts are that Barr is an honourable man, does what's legally correct which of course wouldn't gel with Donnie's correct.

Apr 05, 2024, 01:45

Very few emerged from the debacle with reputations intact, despite having the trickiest items to deal with Barr is one of those.

Apr 05, 2024, 12:54


Just a question - do you really believe that the corrupt Crooks in charge are better than Trump was?   Are they not a greater threat to Demcoracy than Trump is?|

Apr 05, 2024, 12:54


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