Trump throwing the Capitol Trumpanzees under the bus?

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Jan 08, 2021, 19:45

I have always maintained that the Trumpanzees will eventually hate Trump. He needed their votes to win another election, but after that, they would see the true side of Trump- who just looks after himself and the richest 5% of Americans. 

He incited the storm on Capitol, and now he is saying that is a despicable act- despite him goading on fanatics such as the Proud Boys- "Stand back and stand by" wolf chant. His son and lawyer were talking about a fight to the death political rhetoric just hours before the event. (Trump telling them to go to Capitol). 

Almost 200 people have been arrested so far, with some certainly going to jail.
4 died in the coup, and a policeman as well.

Trumps own law from earlier this year gives very extreme penalties for damaging government buildings. He too may be subject to this- but the Trumpanzees will be charged with this. 


“Get f***ed. Seriously. I am now saying it. F*** TRUMP,” reacted Reddit user KAG_2020_BB.

“He’s disrespected everything we risked our lives for.

“I have a right to dislike Trump for this video… I respected Trump for everything he did for us, but he has now abandoned us and disrespected everything we believe in. I have a right to be angry. He can go f*** himself in this video.”


Equally angry was user ConfiscateTheCoats, who wrote on the forum: “F*** Donald Trump. This f***ing piece of s*** dragged us into DC for what? To leave us holding the bag? What the f***.”

Their sentiments were shared by many others, including bck-, who commented: “Wow, what an absolute punch in the gut.”

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“He says it’s going to be wild, and when it gets wild, he calls it a heinous attack and middle fingers to his supporters that he told to be there. Unbelievable.”

Another user, named Toughsky_Shitsky, said: “Thousands exerted time, money, and emotion on his request to travel to DC and let their voices be heard in support of fair elections and in support of Trump… only to get a rusty sheave [shiv] in the back when they act like free people in a free nation.”

“Really feel let down. Just when the pot was about to boil over,” added Kentastic.

Others observed that the president “looks like a hostage reading a prepared script” in the video while DukeDicky spoke for many disappointed and disillusioned Trump supporters when he branded the situation: “The final betrayal.”


Jan 10, 2021, 14:48

 Trump condemning what happened in DC.

Jan 10, 2021, 14:56

2 hours later, he posted on Twitter calling them all heroes...

Then 2 subsequent hours later, Twitter suspended Trump for life.

Jan 10, 2021, 15:34

It seems "Jake" the Qanon Shamon is going to jail....

A man in horns and a fur hat, alleged to be Jake Angeli, pictured inside the Senate chamberIMAGE COPYRIGHTGETTY IMAGES
image captionJacob Anthony Chansley is alleged to be the man seen wearing horns and a fur hat in photographs, including this from inside the Senate chamber

A prominent follower of the baseless conspiracy theory QAnon has been charged over the US Capitol riots.

Jacob Anthony Chansley, known as Jake Angeli, is in custody on charges including violent entry and disorderly conduct.

Jan 17, 2021, 04:27

Jan 17, 2021, 04:32

Trumpanzees pleading to be pardoned by the lame duck...

Jan 17, 2021, 04:37

Brainwashing tactics. She felt she was following the word of Trump...

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