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Sep 28, 2020, 18:32

President Donald Trump has made a bold move and caught the Demorats in a trap of their own making. 

Surely he must have had her as his #1 pick prior to the previous appointment to the Supreme Court just for this situation.

What a President.

The nomination to fill the vacancy has caught the Demorats on the wrong foot and they are floundering in nowhere land.

The previous leader of the Senate was warned by the Republican Senators at the time when he changed the rules that he was going to live to regret his move.

That day has arrived and is going to cause the Demorats much more pain in the years ahead.

Not only did three Demorat Senators approve her nomination at her previous Senate confirmation hearing for the Appeal Court but now the Demorats are unable to block her confirmation as they do not hold a majority and unfortunately for them, fifty-one Republican Senators indicated that they will support the nomination.

She is well qualified for the position on the Supreme Court plus she has gained excellent experience on the Appeal Court Bench is one of the brightest jurists ever to be nominated, has a large family with two adopted children of color, and is a practicing Catholic.

So the Demorats cannot call her a Racist, attach her credentials or her religion

but as usual, they will sink to their normal low ethics level and start some foolish rumor about her past.

What a disgrace they really are to the human race. 

Also, it is indeed a feather in PDT's cap to nominate a woman with such incredible credentials, stature, and finally someone attractive to the court.

Winning, winning and more winning.

Sep 28, 2020, 19:28

She is white, Christian and conservative...the ultimate sin.

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