Ukraine Can Strike Russia with Long range weapons supplied by UK (e.g. Storm Shaddow)

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May 03, 2024, 21:26

Ukraine will lose this war of attrition due to a smaller army - so it is time to up the ante.

UK has officially allowed Ukraine to use the Storm Shadow and other long-range Weapons against Russia, within Russia.
It will be military targets (not oil targets)- so once the army body count starts to increase it will put more internal pressure on Putin.

For starters, the Kerch bridge is toast. I would not recommend using it. 

May 04, 2024, 05:10

EVvery time Ukraine gets new armaments they will according tio you win the war.    TNhe UK is on thin ice in such a case.   All th e Russians have to do  is tos end a platoon of their armym to london and they would ebat the  UK army easily.   The USA and  Germany are on thin ice as well.  

By providing  weapontry to ukraine to use against Russia is not an act of war by the USA. UK and Germany may not eb a direct act of war aginst Russia by these two crap G overnments - for Ukjraine to sue t ose weapons to attack targets n Russia is indeed an act of war on their parts.   

Maybe thatn si wh atn the su,eless Governing paties in thsoe three countries wants - since they have gone far to self-destruct in upcvoming elections - so any war may save their bacon.    A direct WW3 atatck on Russia may save the th ree useless Governments - but they are so unpopular that nothing - least of all an all-out war ag ainstn Russia will end up in self-destruction.    

So stop dreaming about BS and start thinking  whether Ukraine will survive until the end of 2024.     The Tiger tanks and cluster bombs never had any result you claimed will be the case.    The outdated F16 fighter planes dating from the 1980's. do not match the more advanced Russian fighter jets and the F16's has not arrived yet and is ulikely to survive in Ukraine  at all.  

Trump knows negotiations on the Ukraine issue  is essentail and as supoted the grant-in-aid of $60 billion for that purpose.   Biden is a worst negotiator on anything than any of the banana  republcian leaders in Africa - so he refused to negotiate with Putin on any issue - since e h would lkose abdly in the process,    Trump knows h e eneds some aces when in the end he will negotiatate a peace deal on Ukraine - hence his advice to Johnson to get the $60 billion aid program to Ukraine through the House.

Trum also know the elaadershi of teh US Army is the worst in the hsitory of th e USA and cannot beat anything since WW2.    Iraq War 1 was a aotual victory but was stopped before any real dama ge was encountered by the U S A,   - Iraq War 2 was a disaster thus far and US troops are still uder attack after 20 years.   Afghanistan wss on par with Vietnam - leading to the flight from bioth countries in disgarace.   .   

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May 04, 2024, 09:10

By providing  weaponry to Ukraine to use against Russia is not an act of war by the USA. UK and Germany may not be a direct act of war against Russia by these two crap Governments - for Ukraine to use those weapons to attack targets in Russia is indeed an act of war on their parts.   

FFS Ukraine are at fuckin war you stupid old prick. No mention of Iran Nth Korea providing weapons I suppose you are fine with that.

May 04, 2024, 09:13

And for the love of god use the bloody spell check will you. Its bloody built into this platform it's just a bloody mouse click.

May 04, 2024, 09:29

All th e Russians have to do  is tos end a platoon of their armym to london and they would ebat the  UK army easily

Mike thinks Russia could beat the UK with 20-50 men. Just when you think his posts can't get any more stupid.

May 04, 2024, 10:56

DumbMike is a backward redneck, as proven by his support for Putin.

May 04, 2024, 11:36

"Just when you think his posts can't get any more stupid."

I never make that mistake.

May 04, 2024, 11:42

I would not recommend using it. 

I won't.....tx for the headsup.

May 07, 2024, 06:11

I made a joke about the British army strength and hte cukers think I am serious.   The fact remains the NATO armies are a joke when it comes to  their strength in actual wars.   In Afghanistan the NATO allies lost the war by fleeing fom Kabul in the night and creating chaos leading to the take-over of the Afghan Government by the Taliban.

In Iraq the UK left the war fairly early when it ebcame clear it was another endless USA War satrated bsed on a lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction - which in fact was proven to be a lie.   After 20 years plus  there ae still US Army bases in Iaq and theya re under attack virtually on a daily basis by Iran-linked terrorists and all the US Government si trying to do is to pursuade the terrorists to stop their attacks on Israel and US troops in Syria, Jordan and Iraq -  by undrmining Israel in defending themselves and illegally unfreezing billions of dollars to fund terriorism to the Ayatollah lot in Teheran.   No end of the Iraq war in sight.

In view of he putrid state of the NATO armies the narrative was created that te superior weaponry provided to Ukraine will lead to a Ukraine victory in the War.    Evidence indicate there is no evidnce that weapon provision to Ukraine will win the war by Ukraine and the NATO armies are not strong enough to win any war against Russia,   Whatever modern equipment the NATO armies has been proven to be a joke in bad taste by the media.   None of the illiterates on this site has ever provided any conclusive proof of an ultimate voictory by Ukraine in the War.

Then we have the idiots who beleive that the USA did not sabotage peaceful settlement of the War in Ukraine on at least 3 occasions.   The fact is the Ukraine G overnment is not free to act n anything - they have to follow Washington instructions on anything  as to the War and the Administration of the country or they would be eliminated y the USA Government.   The USA does not only provide arms to Ukraine for thew ar purposes they are fiunding the whole budget of the Ukraine Government and by that means decide what should happen in Ukraine with Zelsnskyy being he puppet and he Biden Administration the puppet-masters.

The fact is that there are strong support for helping Israel in defending themselves in the USA - rioting Muslims in the UK and  USA ae now controlling what happens in those two countries.  The republican House supported funding of Israel and the Democrats refuse to support Israel if the Republicans do not support the crazy Ukraine War,

In essense the weaponry donated by he USA to Ukraine is not superior to Russian army weaponry and in fact produuced no advantage to he demoralized Ukraine army - which is in full retreat in Eastern Ukraine and h war is unwinnabl by NATO.   The USA army is by far the biggest army in NATO - but the Biden Administration has caused chaos iro of the US Army and weak eladership - together with other idiocies by the Biden Administration such as gender recruitent and recruitment from Inner cities have resuklted in recruitment targets not being reached in the USA.    So the latest move by the Democrats is to recruit soldiers from the  millions of illegal migrants that entered the USA and grant them immediate cotizenship in return.    That would be a joke and loved by the enemies of the USA - of whom the numbers have increased under the Biden Regime.   The only worthwhile army in NATO is the Trukish amy and Turkey has applied for BRICS membership - they would not be part of any war against Russia,

So will NATO get involved directly - other than billions in fruitles expenditure on arms for the depleted Ukraine army.   The answer is simple - NATO cannot get involved in the War in Ukraine and the provision of arms to Ukraine is the limit NATO can do.   Any war against Russia would be won by the Russians and will lead to China attacking Taiwan and South Korea - with the USA totally unable to resist China and the supporting NATO members losing elections in 2024 and 2025,

My advice to idiotic members are try and support peace negotiations tos to the Ukraine War and stop supporting propaganda BS aimed at Ukraine winning the War - it jsut will not happen.   

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