Ukraine War Is A Money Laundering Scheme FOR BLACKROCK! – RFK Jr.

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Mar 31, 2024, 16:29

Jimmy Dore and RFK are leftists but one can respect them as people of good will and people who care for the people. I certainly don't agree with them on all things.

Biden and hs handlers are pure evil. Globalist scumbags

That said RFK is correct about the Ukraine war and has the courage to spell it out like no other. 

The demonrats are panicking over RFK as he is going to sink Biden.

RFK rips the mask away concerning the Ukraine war:


Mar 31, 2024, 17:10

Yeah Germany and Japan were really destroyed after WW2….and of course Vietnam and Kuwait. And America really owns Iraq and Afghanistan?

Nothing new here….Russia didn’t want to invade, everything is controlled by the arms suppliers…and Ukraine’s really getting nothing it’s all going to Raytheon.

A small lesson in economics. Raytheon’s operating income as a percentage of sales is roughly 10%. That means if the $100 billion all went to Raytheon they would keep 10%, the return to shareholders for investing their capital to make production possible. 

The remaining $90 billion goes to the Ukraine as cost of goods sold…the cost value of the hardware actually provided.

But there are still tickets to Dore’s  next show….the real purpose of this misleading clip.

Mar 31, 2024, 18:16 everything they say is absolute nonsense?...I think not...slanted and bias but not nonsense. 

Apr 01, 2024, 02:35

Not everything but every essential thing. The US never wanted a war in the Ukraine….the government isn’t supporting the war to create profits for Blackrock…there never was a Ukranian deal negated by Boris…the majority of  Ukraine’s citizens feel strongly about  preserving their country, it’s not Zelensky stoking a war….there is no moral equivalence between the West and Russia….Putin is not the defender of conservative Western values.

It’s all nonsense believed by those who feel they have been betrayed by America….that includes the far right wing in America, some of the Brics countries and incredibly many of my former countrymen.

Russia is a country that has never found its way in the modern world despite the inherent decency of its people and the proficiency of its scientists. So they have fallen back on the tawdry old expansionary ideas of Soviet Union, appropriately scaled back for a country with an economy smaller than Italy.

None of this says the West is perfect. They have treated Russia like an unwelcome relative. Citizens have a right to be concerned about uncontrolled immigration…some of the Woke social programs are really unraveling the fabric of traditional society.

But it’s still a way better option than Russia or China…at least we can vocalize our grievances. And there are checks and balances…opponents are not blown out of the sky or left to languish in murderous prison conditions.

So no there is no moral equivalence at all.

Apr 01, 2024, 16:57

Not everything but every essential thing. The US never wanted a war in the Ukraine.

You cannot be serious when you made that sbtatement. If they did not want the war why did they fund and aorganized the 2014 coup and why did they brag about who they appoined in the new Government - as per Nulands admission? Why did they not participate in any negotiations so as to find t a peaceful solution to the problem in Ukraine?. Why are they since the war statred in 2024 fund the whole budget if the Government in Ukraine? Why did they instruct the Ukraine Foreign Minister to leave the talks in in Istanbul?

What dio they get from the destgriuction of Ukraine? How did Biden claim days after the Russian Invasion in a public speech and in a number of subsequet statements that Ukraine with U SA help would win the war and the ohjective is to ensure the Putin's Government would collapse af t losing the Uraqin Warb. That kind o statement came ffom the WH not once - but many times..

If the USA wants peace - why did they undermine the agreements towards that end? That happened at least three times since 2014. When Putin met Biden in October 2021 Putin asked Biden for a peace meeting to stop the civil war in Ukraine, Why did Biden agree to further neotiations and according to a record of discussions at that meeting said he would instruct Blinken to start making arrnagement as to a meeting to deal with the issue - but noa rraangements for such a meeting eminated fro Washington. He did nothing other than to have the Russian Speaking members of the Ukraine Parliament arrested by their vassals n Ukraine. 0

Apr 01, 2024, 17:48

Apr 01, 2024, 17:49

DumbMike, you do realise that the US is blocking payments to Ukraine.
That hardily looks like encouraging war.

With you it is more than just being dumb, it is being a backward product of Apartheid

You ramble on about Democracy - but you have never lived in a Democracy before.
You were happy to be part of the NP, then jump ship to voting for the ANC.

Apr 01, 2024, 19:04

SB This has nothing to do with the Kremlin and evcerything to do with the conduct of the US Government in dealing wth the4 issue3 of Ukraine throuvgh negotiation. What I wrote is recorded - not in Moscow - but in Washington and inm the UN.

The answer is simple - you believe all the propaganda BS associated.with the issue under discussion. You also missed something else - the S A Gov ernment got all the documentation from the UN and then gave that idiot Secretary of State Blinken a lectire on the need to settle differences through negotiation and clearly acused he US Government of undermining negotiations iro the Ukraine situation. She politely told him to F -Off and not waste ehr time on the issue.

Why d you think are callies of the USA are nw applying for BRICS membership? Purely because the US Government are low borne scum who try to frce other countries to believe their lies and they are afraid the nexct victim of the USA would be their own country.

Just ask yourself one question? Why did Trump not sytart a single Wa while eh was President andx try peaceful negotiations to end conflict asituations.

There is one issue that bothers me and that si that WW3 is imminent and the Reason for it would be traced back to the Washingtomn Regime, In the main Biden is a weakling and his altra-leftist staff is behind all the shit coming out of Washingon.

The Revpublicans are sopping the further cirruptio assc oated with aidf unds to Ukraine F irst of all thee has been no audit of he Defense Department since 2003 - and worse still what happen to the aid funding paid ove to Ukraine just vanished into corruption. Why is the transfer o aid to Ukraine not subject to an audit at all,

When Trbump found out the level of corruption invovled in all UAS Aid programes he froe ll aid programs worlwidxe and askdd that the Treasury to draw up guidlines to cut out the kick-back system to corrupt USW Politicians Secretary and State Department drew up condition requiements that eliminates kickbacks t politicians ad bureaucrats in Washing ton.

So what happened next? Two of the most corrupt US politicins - Pelosi and Schiff - feekling the loss o heir Ukraine in come implemented when they did not get kickbacks decided to lauch an imreachment agaisnt Trump after they go a whistleblower report concocted by th e lawyers of Schummer inj New York, The Democrats comncocted a whole set o lies and ten hide he idientity of th e so-called whistleblower who later on turned up t be a staff member of Schiff with no contacts to t he WH

So let me state clearly - whatnvcer money is allocated to Ukraine vgoes into a rathole fo corruption and if an aiudit is done of all aid money paidx by the USA to Ukraine and corruption is eliminated then they ahve a better chance of getting further funding from Washington. But then corruption rules in Washington and that is the first place it should be stopped. . . . .

Apr 01, 2024, 19:04

Buy the way dumb fuck - I had nio links to the National Party and in fact was central to major prjects helping the poor in SA - you know nothing about eand the fact si that I did not leave S A as a coward like you did - SOUTPIEL

Apr 01, 2024, 19:39

BlackRock are doing to well with their Bitcoin ETF to care about war $.

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