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Sep 16, 2020, 22:31

If this is accurate, Biden has about 80% chance of being elected. Bad news for the Trumpanzee species. :D

Sep 17, 2020, 01:17

Hopefully its accurate. The world could really do without another 4 years of Trump.

Sep 17, 2020, 01:42

Yes, it is amazing how anyone who does not live in America can actually be a fan of Trump. He is America first, or more like Trump first.
He is clearly trying to dismantle the Western Power block and traditional alliances. 

It is also amazing that anyone in America supports him, except for the mini-me clones of Trump. 
If Trump gets a second term, everything will be about making life easier for corporates and the richest 2%, and everyone else will have higher taxes and fewer public services. The poorer Trumpanzee will become poorer. 
Trump is not joking about getting more than 8 years. 

I do think for Trump getting the next 4 years is more than just being president. He knows that there is a good chance he will be convicted like many of his former associates- and will be accountable with such a short time frame. His financials will also be made public if the Democratic party win. 

Oct 09, 2020, 17:18

Trump continues to slide in the election....

Oct 09, 2020, 20:57

The only reason Sleepy Bunker Joe is running with a hope that he is elected because if he is not it is going to be devastating for his immediate family, Obama, his cabinet plus the Clintons just to name a few.

Bet you that Comey and a few others are getting their business in order just in case Bunker Biden cannot pull it out of the bag.

A rude awakening awaits those who committed treason.

Oct 09, 2020, 21:03

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up, text that says ""This election isn't just about beating Trump. It's about beating him so badly, so mercilessly so overwhelmingly that his craven Republican enablers and the neo-fascist racists who answer his dogwhistles crawl far and deeply back into the fetid muck where they belong. VOTE." -GEORGE ????? RIDIN' WITH BIDEN"

Oct 09, 2020, 21:38

Reminiscent if 2016...good...

Oct 09, 2020, 22:04

Oct 09, 2020, 21:38

Reminiscent if 2016...good...


It is 2020... everyone knows Trump now. 

Oct 09, 2020, 22:41

The problem is, they know Biden and Harris too....

Oct 09, 2020, 23:51

I was in a small airport lounge in San Fran once and in came  Sulu (George Takei) absolutely rotten fruit. He couldn’t beat an egg.....tiny little dwarf man!

Oct 10, 2020, 00:19

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