US reportedly asks Ukraine to stop bombing Russian Oil fields

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Mar 24, 2024, 00:28

If reports are true, it is because this will increase oil prices on the global market and drive inflation - which could cause Biden to lose the election to Trump.

Ukraine have said they will not stop unless the 50 billion payment from America is made.

Ukraine has Putin's balls in a vice. They could potentially disable all Russian oil fields as they ramp up their drone attacks. Putin would have no choice but to declare war and do a major mobilisation call-up to stop Ukraine from attacking their oilfields

Putin is happy to sacrifice Russians as cannon fodder, but oil is totally different. 

Putin bombards Ukraine but US tells Kyiv to stop targeting ... › article › energy-infrastructure-t...
2 days ago — At the same time, Washington has asked Ukraine to halt drone strikes on Russia's oil refineries, out of fear of driving up crude oil prices and ...
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Mar 24, 2024, 08:58

Ukraine has the West by the balls too...blowing up Russian oil folds will increase already high fuel prices world wide even I told you a week ago already...they'll probably use it as a tool to get more on them. I would have done it if I was in Zelensky's shoes.

Mar 24, 2024, 09:47

Not sure how accurate those reports are. I think the report first came from the Financial Times but I believe they just accredited it to anonymous sources. Can't check as the FT is pay walled.

Haven't read anything about Ukraine saying they will stop if the US pays them 50 billion, where did you get that from?

But if true seriously what does the US except, Ukraine is fighting for it survival and as far most people are concerned those oils production facilities are legitimate targets for Ukraine.

Mar 24, 2024, 10:19

So that shows one thing  though.   The US have to import oil since the production of oil is in jeopardy as a result of the green policy of Biden  with oil having to be imported.    So where does the oil come from thatt the USA is importing?   Extemely likely from Russia - from where it is provided to the Saudi's and the Indians from where the il is then bought by the  US.   S o any interruption of suppply will as Draad stated lead to increases in oil prices.

That in turn will be is hitting the Federal Government badly and the Biden Administration will be forced to increase petrol and Diesel prices which will up the food prices and food production costs.

The prices of petol and diesel have also spiked already so  signs are not good for the USA and they will instruct the Ukraine not to fire anything to hit the Russian Oil fields.   Pue self-interest is at stake here.

By the way did the USA not ban the import of Russian oil and Russia's BRICS partners Saudi -Arabia and India selling them Russian oil.   Another case of do  as I say- do  no do what I do".   In any event Iran - now also a BRICS member - is probably also exporting oil to the USA using the Saudi's and the Indians to be the intermediaries..   

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Mar 24, 2024, 15:58

DumbMike, the US is the biggest producer of oil in the world. India are actuallly buying lots of oil from America.

  • The top five crude oil producers and their percentage shares of world crude oil production in 2022 were:
  • United States   14.7%
  • Saudi Arabia   13.2%
  • Russia             12.7%
  • Canada            5.6%
  • Iraq                   5.5%

Mar 24, 2024, 16:14

"Haven't read anything about Ukraine saying they will stop if the US pays them 50 billion, where did you get that from?"

"...they'll probably use it as a tool to get more on them. I would have done it if I was in Zelensky's shoes."

Mar 25, 2024, 06:31


The US is also the biggest consumer of oil  in the world.   So irrespective of how much oil they produce they are still short of petrol and diesel and since Biden took over had to start importing oil again.    Anyway the fact is that  Biden also announced that by  2030 the USA will only allow for 50% of all cars to be sold in the USA to be electric driven vehicles which is not realistic and will put tens of thousands of mechanics in the USA out of a job.

The electric cars are not  affordable by ordinary people and the main problem is that essential parts of electric cars are controlled and provided by China and is built in Mexico.    At present there are hundreds of thousands of electric cars not being sold and Biden is using the normal Democratic Party approach.   If people cannot do what they want them to do - turn it into a dictatorship approach and pass laws to force them to obey.

In any event there are heavy duty vehicles that is not going to be available using elecrtic vehicles - even in the case of tanks for warfare - and that will make the situation worse and not better.    Without thise vehickes the US oil production will sill be insuffient and that is where the problem lies.   The oil producers in the USA are not feeling safe about investing billions in drilling new wells  and will not invvst in replacing wells running out of production. 

In any event the Federal Debt are rising faster and faster because oil imports by the USA is adding to it.  By 2030 at present rates the US Federal debt will be approaching 60 trillion by 2030 and the countrrey will be techically bankrupt a a result.   In other event there has been questions ask in the Senate and House as to from where the US is importing oil and the fact is that most of it is coming from Russia with the agents in that case being India and Saudi Arabia.   

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Mar 30, 2024, 20:41

Yet another shitory from :D

Mar 31, 2024, 01:27

Ja it's another Shitory but to his credit he used the 99 shovel.

Mar 31, 2024, 01:51

I'd a lekker laugh this Sunday morn when shitory hit the fan.
Dankie Toks.:)

Mar 31, 2024, 04:01


Sorry about the typing  error. - the USA President Biden is always seeking more ways where he can get kickbacks from and thus far he and his family get kickbacks from.and the amount from various sources always include the head of he crooking get 10%  of he takings for "services"  .    .   rendered - normally from so-called "companies" used to get favorite decisions from and Hunter is the bag man of the crook with the FBI and Justice Department being part of the protection racket used to ensure crooking is not investigated.              .           ,.      

Mar 31, 2024, 04:33

Yo my ou, Joe says it aint so ......................all fake narratives, unlike the very real multiple charges awaiting Fuhrer Oranje ....................  who'll be needing to sell his bathwater soon.

The batshit trumpanzees will lap it up.

Mar 31, 2024, 14:08

batsh!t...:(...not, just different a POV...but that's not allowed these days.

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