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Oct 18, 2022, 11:54

I wonder how accurate something like this actually is......

USA Live Debt Clock

Oct 18, 2022, 14:19

I see Biden is going to flood the market for a second round with oil from the US strategic reserves.

A last ditch effort to fluff the inflation figures.

Totally underhanded and reckless. They know that they’re going to be buying it back at higher prices but don’t give a damn, as long as there’s a chance it helps the Dems in the midterms. After all, it’s the citizens that will foot the bill.

Biden is the same moron that is quoted as saying many times that nobody he knows, including economic experts, are concerned about inflation…while the money printer spun so fast it almost caught fire. And while everybody else was very concerned about inflation.

The sooner we get back to a gold standard the better.

Oct 18, 2022, 15:33

In another posting I referred to the Debt clock as well.   Fact is the US debt is increasing by an av average of $6 billion per day.    During the past 20 months the debt increased from $23,5 trillion to $31,4 trillion.

In fact of the above lending program  only S1,2 trillion was for capital works improvement and modernization - but not a single project has as yet been completed and the normal corruption when State contracted work out is inevitable.   The end result will be that the allocation of project funding will be inadequate and unless extra money to cater for inflated contracts are provided the projects will never be completed..

The fac t is that the habit of funding current expenditure from loans is totally unacceptable and the result is that the loans are 25% more than the GDP of the USA.   The Biden Administration is borrowing money to repay interest and redemption of loans and in the end the situation is so economically unstable that the bottom will fall out when loans are so expensive through high interest rates that a depression is inevitable.  

Now back to the issue of the strategic oil reserve is that is there to keep the USA operational in case of war and  inaccessibility of oil to the USA.    The oil reserves hit the lowest level since 1946 and is totally inadequate already.    Recently Biden authorized the export of 1 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Reserve to China bought by a state company with close links to Hunter Biden.    His dealings of the past with China were corrupt and his father always benefitted from corrupt activities of his son.

Be it as it may the USA cannot do without a strategic oil reserve and the fact is that oil will have to be purchased to ensure the reserve meets strategic requirements.  The fact is that the crook is committing high treason with disastrous consequences to the USA.        


Oct 19, 2022, 01:42

Yes DA that is why I posted a comment asking just how much does each taxpayer carry.

It shows up on this clock but not sure of the accuracy as well.

Well I for sure hope that the Demorats who support Sleep Joe don't excuse this clock as just another Republican "Story".

Well Joe Talibiden still has another two years to spend unless the House and Senate stop him.

Absolute political madness.

Oct 19, 2022, 05:13


In ten years under Obama the US national debt went up from $9,5 trillion to 19,5 trillion.   Under Trump the debt went up from $19,5 to $23,5,trillion largely due to the Covid relieve package of $3,2 trillion of 2020.

The US is doomed economically with the present unlimited spending spree of the Biden Regime.   The weird part is that the Democrats are now blaming the Saudi's for the decision to cut oil production by OPEC and is adding to the rising spiral in oil prices.    The Demcrcats do not mind the cut of oil production - but that should kick in after the mid-term election.  So it is an election scam - nothing else.   

The latest polls are a farce and showed that there is a looming disaster -  that will be inevitable if the House majority is retained by the Democrats.   In the Senate the situation is different - with RINO's like Romney and others in the Senate around - they will not do anything to kerb the wild expenditure programs of Biden.

Incidentally Romney -

*    is not supporting the re-election campaign of  Lee in Utah - he is rather supporting a "independent" candidate funded by the Democrat sponsors than Lee; and

*    he called Gabbard a traitor because she referred to the Ukraine Bio-labs he claimed is not existing - while in Senate even the Assistant Secretary  of State under oath confirmed existence - so Romney should be kicked out of the Republican Party - he is worse than Biden and that says a lot.

Romney was involved closely with Bains and had massive shareholding in that company.  When going into politics he divested himself from Bains investment - but in terms if his agreement he still gets regular income from company profits.   Bains name in SA stinks to high heaven.   Bains colluded with Zuma to destroy the SA Revenue service and has been banned from having any Government contracts in SA - so Romney is just another crook in the famous Washington swamp.  




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