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Nov 06, 2022, 20:25

Two days to go before the election  and opinion polls indicates that the Democrats are in for a hiding - many in areas that were thus far considered as safe Democrat territory.   The problem lies with the policies and  implementation by a totally leftist and incompetent Administration.

Whatsoever the Biden Administration and the Democrats touched has turn ed into shit -

*    irresponsible Government spending funded from loans is the height of imbecility achievable;

*    judicial process has resulted that criminals gets a free ride and to hell with the public suffering from a crime wave;

*    The Open Border policy of the Democrats leading to an invasion by over 3 million people since Biden took over.  

*    Stalinist indoctrination programs in schools aimed at destroying of family life in the USA,

The Democrats and the Press deny that the above problems even exist  They cannot defend their actions thus far and now they have a new stupid battle plan.    Since they cannot defend their disastrous record  the Democrats went from campaigning and finding reluctance by the voters to support them - they now have discovered a new Battle cry.   Democracy is on the ballot on Tuesday- an obvious lie if ev er there was one.  ,          



Nov 06, 2022, 20:48

Save for massive voter fraud the demonrats are going to get a severe rebuke from fed up Americans. 

Nov 06, 2022, 20:48

Save for massive voter fraud the demonrats are going to get a severe rebuke from fed up Americans. 

Nov 06, 2022, 20:48

Save for massive voter fraud the demonrats are going to get a severe rebuke from fed up Americans. 

Nov 07, 2022, 09:00

Like happened in New Jersey last here when after all votes were counted and the Demcorat candidate was behind by circa 20 000 votes and then "40  000 uncounted votes were "discovered"  getting the Democrat candidate to win by circa 20 000 votes.   

I think the Republican pole observers are aware of all the tricks the Democrats used in 2020 and 2021 and it will be harder to get "illegal votes" into the system this time around.  

We will see what happens tomorrow -  by Wednesday this time we will know more or less what the final outcome is.    A string of court cases will inevitably erupt and the Democrats will be the ones to start the cases.   They will not recognize the outcome of the election anyway.           


Nov 08, 2022, 07:49

Big day today.

Nov 08, 2022, 17:16

Well, the markets have opened pretty anticipation of a Republican win, i take it.

Nov 08, 2022, 18:02

Now we have the Conspiracy theories flow like water from the tears of the Democrats even before the results are announced:-

*     In the latest discussion of the election - the Demcorats said the election counting machines can be tampered with by outsiders - when the Republcans claimed that in 2020 they were accused of undermining Democracy and there were no problems with the electronic computers at all and that nobody had access to the machines.   Now the story is completely different.

*     The Democrats now claim Democracy is on the ballot today and any votes against them are  attacks on Democracy.   They went even further and ignore the problems faced by voters and claim that if they lose today a civil war is inevitable.

*     Any attacks on the policies and implementation of the Democrats are disinformation and the attitude represents a system they devised to curtail freedom of speech - a critical component pf the US Constitution.

*     The Democrats wants to extent the voting by up to 14 days before final election results will be announced to cater for vote-harvesting after polls close today.

*      The Democrats claim already that if they lose the election they will not recgonize the outcome of the election - but is the situation different from what they claimed happened in 2020?

The fact is that the media are now already starting with conspiracy theories based on the Russian Hoax of 2016 - which were totally based on lies concocted by the Democrats and supported by the Obama Administration.    What can be expected is riots organized like in 2020 if the outcomes do not favor the Democrats,   Their terrorist subsidiaries BLM and Antifa has already being put on alert to start rioting when results indicate a Democratic Party loss.

Is the above all based on fears of losing today?    Sounds very much like it                              


Nov 08, 2022, 19:09

Any election in the USA with Clinton, Obama and Talibiden involved you can bet that thousands of "Dead Voters" will cast their votes as well as stuffing the ballot boxes.

Wound not be surprised if the Republicans take the house but the Demorats will be hell bent to save their majority in the Senate.

The Demorats cannot afford a Republican Senate majority as the investigations that will follow into the corruption and fraud committed by them will result in prison for many Demorats, plus those Republicans who where any wrongly accused will reap millions in settlements.

The Clinton/Obama/Biden FBI and CIA for starters have to be cleaned out pronto.

Justice finally.

Nov 08, 2022, 21:17

Ja, the crazy voter rolls are preposterous...and the verification of voters...pathetic for a modern democracy. 

Nov 08, 2022, 22:24

It is actually disgusting to see the world's so called leader in everything go so low at election time and the actual criminal cheating that occurs.

Why no voter ID is required is a ploy to allow cheating to occur.

Thus the Demorates refuse to support legal voter ID at the polling station and postal votes.

The dead vote is yet another of their most popular ways to rig the postal count.

Racists criminals pretending to be concerned about the working class while they fill their coffers.


Nov 09, 2022, 00:40

The only good Democrat voter is a dead Democratic voter that can vote twice. 

Nov 09, 2022, 18:04

Yes Sharktwat you got that right might even be more than two.

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