Very little support for sellout lying China Joe!

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Feb 16, 2021, 08:16

Trump supporters are holding a huge President Day celebration in West Palm Beach, Florida today for President Trump. 

A huge crowd of supporters of President Trump showed up today in West Palm Beach, Florida to celebrate President’s Day.

This was nothing but a peaceful movement.

Right Side Broadcasting was there live as well:

There are no celebrations for Joe Biden today.  He and his gang stole the 2020 election.  Nobody follows Joe Biden but the media wants the world to believe Biden’s the most popular President in US history.  That’s a lie. 

Only 47,000 watched Joe Biden’s speech on President’s Day.
Biden has 1,300 upvotes and 7,800 downvotes on his speech on YouTube and comments are disabled.

There’s no way this guy won in November. You all know it. They know it.

Meanwhile oaks 1.1 million watched Trump rally on RSBN!

Feb 16, 2021, 11:44

Hmmm . . . explain then why Biden's approval ratings in his first month are higher than the twice-impeached one-term-failure achieved at any point in his entire "presidency"?

Feb 16, 2021, 12:35

My word are you still relying on those far left polls redstink. My you as dumb as a rock! You can safely take off at least ten points for most of the polls as two elections proved.  

Bwahahahaahahahhaha poor redstink never learns.
there is absolutely no ways the cadaver that is sell out China Joe got 81 million votes. Hussein Obummer was far more popular that Beijing Biden and only got 69 million. nobody listens to his speeches, no crowds no enthusiasm. China Joe is more incompetent and just as crooked as Hillary.
Okay so you love his men in womens women's policy but surely you realize open borders is wrong. The malignant Joe wants to close travel to the highly successful Florida and also from Israel. But he wants open borders. Bwahahahahahahahahha how the clown gives away his anti American stance. America last is his policy.
Suggestions are Trump runs for a House seat. He gets elected and becomes Speaker. he then impeaches both Biden and Harris. He would have a REAL case. Hahahhahahahahaha man that would be great and it could happen. We shall see.
Its been an hilarious time. The demonrats suddenly backing off from calling witnesses when Trumps lawyers said they would call crooked nanzi piglosi was sidesplitting stuff!:D
Looking forward to seeing all the Rino Uniparty scumbags getting fired by Trump. Then its take back the House and senate in 2022 or earlier. The CCP Demonrats are terrified.
Two big CCP Demonrats have bitten the dust. Gruesome Newsom and of course the genocidal maniac Cuomo!
What a great week it was! Oh yes the Never Trumper Lincoln Project also crashed and burned due to pedophilia - more upsetting news for you redperv!:D

Feb 16, 2021, 12:53

Wehe . . . the brainwashed and gullible fool who believes the tripe that he reads on the Gateway Pundit questioning my sources!


Come on then Baboon-ou, show me a right wing poll that shows the twice-impeached one-term-failure with a higher approval than Biden.

Feb 16, 2021, 18:45

Wehe trill ou redstink

How do communicate with a halfwit who even now believes these leftwing polls.

 Bwhahahahaha what a buffoon. And Wehe to you wee redstink. 

Feb 19, 2021, 17:20

MSNBC had a report yesterday that Biden's support has shot up from 49% to 62% since he took office.

Cannot for the life of me believe that 62% of Americans believe in the Biden plan for them.

Must have taken the survey at the southern border posts.

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