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Aug 11, 2022, 10:02

Howzit Fishnuts...

Did you do as I instructed you to..?

"Viskop, write this down somewhere in your office...(Monday 20th June 2022 - Buttplug says to buy  £1,000.00 FTM @ $0.23c and to sell it when we get to 70 on this F&G index)."

The current value is $0.40.

That's a 1.74x in 21 days

So, after around 3 weeks you'd be up about 74% or £740.00

Nov 18, 2022, 02:50


Seems like many of the Crypto currencies have been exposed as pyramid chains that were funded by new buyers, not the Crypto companies themselves

Nov 18, 2022, 09:17

That’s a confusing statement.

Cypto companies don’t fund chains. Mostly, it’s VCs that provided liquidity early on.

Once the chain goes live, it’s coins are bought by retail, businesses and institutions.

What can happen is that a particular founder/s ,VC or early investor will be given a massive chunk of the token supply at or before launch.

Then what can happen is that, like is currently occurring with Solana, the holder of the tokens may need to dump their tokens for whatever reason. In this case Almeida Research having to dump SOL.

And that will causes the token price to drop.

The fact that SOL is dumping is not to do with the chain but rather to do with larger holders of its tokens. Which is very different to it dumping as a result of an on chain problem or faulty tokenomics.

BUT…if the chain is robust, has solid use-cases, strong layer 1 support and a high volume of layer 2 development occurring on the chain, then it should survive. Basically exactly like is occurring with Solana right now.

Sol’s all time high was $260…It is currently at $13.

That ATH was achieved during it’s 1st ever bull run. If SOL survives, which i think it will because it’s a damn good chain, it won’t be shocking if it does 4-8x it’s previous ATH in the next bull run.

4 x 260 = 1040 1040/13 = 80…That’s an 80x from here if it 4xs it’s ATH market cap.

If it 8xs its ATH then Sol will do a 160x.

For comparison, let’s look at Eth… During its first bull run it went up to $1300. Then it dumped down to $130…a 90% drop. During the next bull run it went up to $4880…and it’s now down to $1200 a token again.

Crazy pumps and mega dumps are part and parcel of crypto for now. The key being hat 90% of cryptos will go to zero during a bear market but the ones that survive will normally far outdo their previous all time high.

I’m currently sitting tight and waiting to pull the trigger on Solana. I have zero reservations about buying at the current price because SOL is a brilliant chain. It’s one of the fastest out there and has a proven transaction per minute rate that most other chains can’t match. The thesis is that there will be a shortage of layer 1s in the coming years.

So basically i’m exceedingly happy to buy a load of SOL at the current price but the only thing staying my hand is that it it may go even lower and that will mean that i can get more bang for my buck if i hold off a little longer.

Polygon, Sol, FTM…all of these are going to moon in about 24 months. The only question is if you’re brave enough to buy the blood right now?

I’ll post here when i make my SOL purchase, VisKop. It may be soon.

Nov 18, 2022, 22:16

75 to 80 % of investors lose in crypto. The whales continue to sell as the newbies buy.

What flags do you use to know the trend has genuinely turned in a certain crypto? 

Nov 19, 2022, 08:36

No crypto turns bullish on its own, Rover.

They generally all pump and dump together…freak occurrences aside.

Not too difficult to spot a trend reversal. Generally you’ll get bullish divergence on the relative strength index. Breakouts followed by bounces off of previous resistance levels, higher volume and positive macro conditions. And of course, once you see stable coin market caps decrease as people start buying more crypto. Right now the total market cap for stable coins is about $200b.

This cycle will probably see its bullish reversal when the FED pivot proper.

Timing the bottom ain’t easy though, unless you’re Paul Pelosi. So it’s better to DCA once you are happy with a price.

EG Xcoin is now valued at $100. The trend is still downwards and speculation is that it may go down to $60. So you split your allocation into 6 units. Allocate your first unit at $100…then $90, $80… .

So even if you didn’t manage to time the bottom you still end having a decent average buy in price.

Nov 20, 2022, 11:13

How much money do we have on Sam Bankman-Fried being suicided?

The second largest donor to the Dems.

Embezzlement on a gargantuan scale, while acting as a cash cow for the losers pushing socialism to the masses…

The puff pieces being run on him by the NYT and Forbes should tell you exactly who they’re in bed with.

The guy orchestrated one of the biggest financial frauds in history, with many big and small investors losing everything…and yet some publications don’t think his shit stinks?

The same guys that SBF donated money to, have also been illegally supported by an FBI that is clearly guiltily of serious dereliction of duty and the same publications have been running cover for everybody.

I don’t know…are we in conspiracy territory yet?

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