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Mar 10, 2023, 14:18

This is the way to deal with perverts trying to corrupt children. Short but to the point. 

Some pervs here will be in a meltdown. Let the wailing begin. 

Mayor deals with perverts on School Board

Mar 21, 2023, 07:44

It's very simple isn't it. Take God out and replace Biblical morality with satanic perversion. 

Mar 21, 2023, 10:22

Good, but better still would be to fire them all and charged with these crimes.

" If anyone causes these little ones to stumble, it would be better if a millstone be tied around their necks and thrown into the deep sea ! " words of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mar 21, 2023, 12:39


When I wrote about the woke culture in the education field - stav denies the existence of the Woke culture as a replacement culture working towards the global reset.    This is typically the type of thing happening not only in US schools - but also in UK and EU schools.   That showed the total control over the minds and thinking ability of people by the media playing a major part in destruction of Democracy in the world. 

I wonder whether in accordance with Garland's  instruction to the FBI - the Mayor concerned is now on the FBI watch list investigating "White Domestic Terrorism iro parents attending school board meetings"? 

Mar 21, 2023, 13:25

What has the clip got to do with woke culture or religion?

Mar 21, 2023, 16:07

It is an integral part of Woke Culture as pertaining to education.    As a straight "yes you approve"   or "no it should be banned" as to the issue of "Child Porn" being used in school as part of the education pogram?

It happened in schools throughout the USA - there are places also which used to be controlled by the Democrats for decades - they lost control in some cities in the USA.     The above case is one of those - and the Mayor took action to stop the rot in that area - that is if you approve of use of child porn in primary schools is necessary in the interest of fighting against racism.                     

Mar 21, 2023, 16:38

I see, so basically you're saying that Democrats approve of child pornography while Republicans oppose it.


Mar 21, 2023, 18:30

That is what is the case in practice.   The situation as to woke indoctrination is limited to States run by the Democratic Party.    I doubt whether the local Democrats have any control over it because the policy is determined in Washington in liaison with the Teachers Union - in US cities there are elements who accepts there is nothing they can do about it so they just hear no evil and see no evil so they accept evil.   In  Republican States they either ban it through court interdicts or laws that ban it. 

Just for your information the Woke culture in fact aimed at undermining morality in people and weakening their resistance against what they are told to do.   It totally disorientates children in their formative years,   

It is not only sexual issues dealt with in schools it also aimed at destroying family life - for instance children are taught that parents have no authority to tell them to do anything and with the permission of the teachers they can do as they please.   That came straight from the Stalin  Education Policy.    In the USSR the children were taught to spy on parents and report them to the school if the parents are undermining the Government.     Hundreds of Thousands were murdered by the Communist Government based on such "evidence".     It has not reached that filthy stage in the USA yet - but it is edging on it when Garland in a memo indicated  that the FBI spy on parents who attend school board meetings and lodged objections against what happens at schools based on the basis  that the WH regards such parents as "domestic terrorists".

Another issue that is part of the Woke Culture is the opening of drug centers where drugs are sold to addicts in Democratically controlled US cities and they can administer the drugs with provided equipment needed for the purpose - in other words they are supervised by officials when they take the drugs.   I have no strong feelings about dagga as a drug - because it is not a killer even when abused while cocaine, heroine and Fentanyl are killers.  In the USA it is a fact that some cities do not deal with drugs properly and that led to for instance circa 150 000 young people died of fentanyl in the past year.   

Another aspect of the Woke Culture relates to law and order on which Soros wrote instructions to the federal government  on how and for what people may be charged with criminality - while bail are given without any funding needed to arrested criminals and they are set free from prosecution.   The instruction from Garland to District Attorneys indicated as to what criminals should not be charged with.    The Democrats worked on a system where the Police - state and local - are undermined.    Take an example in the case of the riots in 2020 in cities throughout  when 46 people were murdered by the rioters - circa 1 200 police officers serious injured - many injures caused by Molotov cocktails - and damage as a result of looting and arson amounted to circa $2,5 billion.   The media called what was happening  "peaceful protests" - which it was not.  In that case  despite the restrictions imposed locally by Municipal Councils they arrested circa 1500 rioters to be charged of murder, attempted murder on police officers and a range of other charges.    Within days after Biden took office all the rioters were released from jails and none were charged.    In most cities there is the ideology to defund the Police - and even that was going ahead despite a weak response of Biden that he does not support  defunding of the police.   He appointed people in legal positions  who support de-funding of the police - so effectively his comments are worthless.  The murder and serious crime rate has increased massively in cities and States controlled by the Democrats and is directly linked to thousands of people on a daily basis flee from cities like New York and Chicago to Florida  and Texas - but in the case of California, Washington and Oregon   the situation is even worse.   Law and order in Chicago has deteriorated to such an extent that it is now the murder capital of the Americas and there is strong competition on that score between Chicago and New Orleans.   California is so bad  that residents even flee to Mexico despite the cartel threat in that country.   

One cannot understand what is really going on in the USA - but is seems that at this stage the Democrats are driving a campaign that would justify the takeover of  all Government functions from the States and local authorities as an emergency measure - but once that is implemented    the next step would be to turn Washington into the Kremlin of the USA and then the Capital will be no more a capital city.    The US Constitution would in such an event be nullified and democracy ended.    


Mar 21, 2023, 18:36

When the truth isn't strong enough to win an argument, then just demonise the other side. (e.g. call them paedophiles, communists etc. 
Take an isolated tabloid story and generalise it as if it is the norm. Typical happy, clappies...

Mar 21, 2023, 18:46


Listen dimness you do not understand what is really happening in the USA - since you are not allowed to think by your mind-controllers.   This has fuck-all to do with religion and everything to do with what Biden, Gates, Soros and the ultra-rich calls the GREAT RESET.      You can see the comment from the Black commentator and the name of the book distributed in schools throughout the USA.   Another interesting point is that Garland's  son-in-law sell that type of books to schools and that is probably the reason for his actions outlined above classifying parents as "domestic terrorists".        

Mar 21, 2023, 19:40


You may be interested in anther Facebook message lower down on the  Facebook pages dealing with transportation of  electric vehicles by ship.

The question is - will the same happen  if you drive a vehicle  on bridges and on coastal roads when weather conditions are poor with a lot of salty conditions in the air?     

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