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Mar 10, 2023, 23:04

,,Pictured: Locals scour through the rubble of a destroyed house at the scene of the missile strike in Lviv on Thursday

Mar 11, 2023, 18:44


Blob, I get why the Ukrainians are fighting...and I respect that, but as a Boertjie, I think my volkie would have been better off if we didn't resist so much in the Boer war...where would our country have been today if we didn't all but destroy it 121 years ago?

Pick your fights wisely and make sure you win the one's you pick.

Mar 11, 2023, 20:28

My grandparents families were involved in the Anglo-Boer War and because so many of their cousins died in the English Concentration Camps they hated the English  for their whole life.   General Dan Pienaar was a cousin of my grandmother and what happened to his 6 brothers and sisters who died in the camp was regarded by them as atrocious.   My Grandmother even believed that the plane that was used to transport Pienaar back to South Africa and falling in Lake Tanganyika  and never found was sabotaged by the English.


Mar 11, 2023, 21:01

And the moon is made of green cheese.

Mar 11, 2023, 21:20

Ou Maaik, considering the way you jumped from the Nats to the ANC when it became expedient, it's probably safe to assume that your family were all hensoppers and joiners in the Boer War.

Mar 11, 2023, 21:40

Riversdal is in the Kolonie....Rooi, hou op klippe gooi.

Mar 11, 2023, 22:11

"Rooi, hou op klippe gooi."

Squeaky Toy, considering your servile nature and the shameless way you suck up to people and try so hard to be everyone's friend, I shudder to think what your oupa grootjie got up to during the Boer War. 

Probably a spy who informed the British where the kommandos were hiding . . . or a translator for the British in one of the concentration camps.

Mar 12, 2023, 18:06

Not at all...we actually had a few heroes...servile nature my arse...your lack of critical thinking leads you astray...try being a bit less of a d!ck.

Mar 12, 2023, 20:01

Draad did you know that the southernmost battle fought in the Anlo Boer was  on  hills  just South of the Stilbaai turn-off from the N2 on the road to Stilbaai.   From the battle the Commando moved to the farm Uitkyk which at the time belonged to the grandfather of my mother - she was a De Jager.   The Commando was given a huge braai and provided with provisions by my De Jager Great Grandfather.   Nobody was arrested afterwards and from that farm the Commando moved to Heidelberg which they attacked and another battle followed.   My Saayman  grandfather was arrested for wearing a hat band  copied from the ZAR flag.    He was promptly released from custody though.     

My Grandmother Pienaar grew up on the farm Blandsdrift on the Gouritz River.   The River has drift sand and there were no bridges over the River before 1904 - so all people travelling to PE or other centers east of the River had to go on the road over the farm.   So one day an English Regiment turned up on the farm and my great grandfather asked the officers to have a meal.  My Grandmother thought music would also be appropriate to entertain the officers and played the ZAR national anthem on the house organ.    Some fellow travellers recognize the tune and my great-grandfather had to plea on his knees to stop the English from burning down the House arresting him for treason and sending his wife and children to a concentration camp.

They were only stopped from doing it because there was a warning to the English by the then Cape Government not to act against prominent Cape families like John X Merriman, Marie Koopmans de Wet and even on local level to leading farming families.                     

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