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Nov 02, 2022, 16:19

In the States pets are more and more prevalent. On CNBC this morning they are reporting on workers who want to take their pets along when they return to the office. Too often one comes across the pathetic sight of 250lb men walking tiny, fluffy dogs.

The trend seems to be away from real dogs, you’ll never see a Rottweiler these days. Fluffy, small yappers a big man can hold in his hand. What the blue blazes is the attraction.

Perhaps this is evidence of some form of emotional deprivation in our increasingly internet driven world.

Nov 02, 2022, 16:59

Man up moz, my ex wife had a "little fluffy yapper" nice dog and I didn't need a big dog as a penis extension.

Used to take it for walks all the time.

Think you need to grow a set, I presume you would need a manly dog to replace your limp member at your age.

It's like short men always have to drive big cars to stroke their tiny egos.

Are you short as well?

Nov 02, 2022, 17:02

Your just projecting your shortcomings as a man with that post

Nov 02, 2022, 18:16

Wehe . . . and in Moffie's case, it is a literal shortcoming!

Nov 02, 2022, 18:28

Hey Rooinek your SuperTroll boyfriend has been exposed. 

Sorry, but u knew it wouldn't last forever. 

Nov 02, 2022, 18:30

Next he will be claiming any man that has fish must have sharks or birds they have to be eagle's  otherwise they are poofs for having unmanly pets.

Who the hell thinks like this?

Nov 02, 2022, 18:31

Wait till Moz finds out that John Wayne's real first name was Marion!

Nov 02, 2022, 18:34

You can hide, hide all you want, say goodbye, goodbye if you want too... Haha Superdupaotroll

Nov 02, 2022, 18:34

Since when has Moz (snowflake) been Rooinecks boyfriend?

Hell these gay right wing nuts really like to think everyone else is an ass bandit like themselves.

Tell me moonrover do you have a light in your closet or do f@$k beenshit in the dark?

Nov 02, 2022, 18:36

Trying hard but sorry, well done though,seems the web is ideal for split personalities. 

Nov 02, 2022, 18:40

You remind me of the show I saw in Grahamstown some years back. Oke plays a mobster from Boksburg re-incarnated into an old hindu lady.Man he could act though. 

Nov 02, 2022, 18:56

Tell me moonshine did they nip off your balls while they were giving you the frontal lobotomy to raise your IQ?

Nov 02, 2022, 21:06

Say it isn't SO!!!!...I'll put nothing past Rudehole,  but Sader isn't all gone to Dark Side....

Hard Atheists all have a similar crass distate for Christianity,  doesn't make them all alters of the same mind thouh...just slaves to the same Dark Source. :D:D:D

Nov 02, 2022, 21:50

There are 3 kinds of atheist.

 Those who articulate their points well. 

Those who hate God

These who just troll around. 

Nov 02, 2022, 21:56

Sader, you understand big dogs wrong...if you gonne run with the dogs,  you can't p!$$ like a puppy...or a wee dog:D

"I didn't need a big dog as a penis extension."

me neither,  but there are other reasons to consider larger breeds...a boy needs to grow up with a dog...not some miniature imitation...there's a place for smaller breeds too, but a dog must be at least 4x as big as a cat or it ain't a real dawg.:D

Nov 02, 2022, 22:11

He says he's just an average troll does the Sader alias.He's not from NZ,some local alias on here. If you read their material it's the same. 

I knew he wouldn't step onto the big stage...

git no balls. 

Nov 03, 2022, 15:22

Waaaaahahaha ….so Sader you walk the little yapper. Do you coddle and kiss the little fella as well, talk to him with honeyed words? I prefer the Rottweilers we had or my daughter’s magnificent Dog de Bordeaux.

But I can see why you relate more to the small yappers:

 Larger-brained dogs outperform smaller dogs on measures of executive functions -- a set of cognitive processes that are necessary for controlling and coordinating other cognitive abilities and behaviors. In particular, bigger dogs have better short-term memory and self-control than more petite pups, according to the study published in the journal Animal Cognition.


….. the smaller brain is more your kind of dog…,,LOL!!

Nov 03, 2022, 16:28

I always laugh when people claim that sports cars are there to compensate for other shortcomings.

Sports cars are like good looking women. You are either the type of guy that can get one…or you’re not.

I think we know which category Sader and old RooiTit fall into.

Nov 03, 2022, 16:40

Well old Peeper is  so close to the ground with his bandy little Welsh legs. I can see why he likes the yappers.

Nov 03, 2022, 16:41

Wasn't referring to sports cars more to larger sedans with a V8.

Most sports cars are small so lack something to short people.

I am meaning cars like Holden Statesman, chevys etc or pick up trucks.

Personally to me a car gets you from A to B thats it, funny as both my dad and brother are car nuts. Spending so much time around cars as a kid  killed it for me I suppose

Nov 03, 2022, 16:57

So how many more years left of your sentence there in Thailand?

Ole Shartwit shd work on his characters better. 

Nov 03, 2022, 17:02

If living here is a sentence I am hoping for a life sentence, you have obviously never been have you

Nov 03, 2022, 17:10

What the F is wrong with pick-up trucks?

I have two, one double cab and one extended cab. Durable and dependable.

They great for towing, holidaying, carrying just about anything and are good for any terrain.

Hilarious that utility vehicles are now apparently compensating for something.

I guess you’re right, they are compensating for something…basically everything that others cars can’t do.

Nov 03, 2022, 17:24

Well they dont have aircon in their cells in Thailand so I don't think comfortable is the right word. Tropical place... must do your research... flippen humid. 

Nov 03, 2022, 17:44

Did I say there was anything wrong with a pick up?

Fark me the reading comprehension of some people on this site amazes me.

I will put it in simple words for our dimmer members.

A lot of short people like BIG vehicles thats it, nothing more.fark me no wonder the human race is doomed if you lot are typical of mankind

Nov 03, 2022, 19:43

Jy begin jou kak aanjaag alweer CF jou Klein etter. 

Nov 03, 2022, 22:05

What the F is wrong with pick-up trucks?

Nothing, if you give me a Ferrari tomorrow, I'll sell it and buy a better bakkie than I drive now....or a proper high SUV...got no interest in crawling out of a Corolla or Jetta...

Nov 04, 2022, 00:36

Face it Draad, nobody is going to give you a Ferrari tomorrow.

Nov 04, 2022, 06:49

Ja, ja. I know, my Navara will have to do for a few years still. 

Nov 04, 2022, 09:28

A generator built into a bakkie is a human right…just saying ;)

Draad knows what i mean.

Nov 04, 2022, 09:34

Sports cars are awesome but in SA it’s a no go.

My first car was an Alpha Romeo T-Spark. It was fast as hell but i always thought the suspension was too hard.

Upon driving through Italy some years later I understood why. Place is a driver’s paradise.

Nov 04, 2022, 10:36

Would love a Mustang...or any of the other pony cars...real sport cars like Ferraris are just too expensive for my taste ...and pocket...would always feel like a "sinful" waste for me, but it would be awesome driving one around on a good road somewhere in the countryside...or a nice bike! Love bikes. 

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