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Jul 24, 2020, 20:05

.....when he should know he doesn’t have the capacity for the job. The presidency starts with breakfast briefings and goes on till 6.00 in the afternoon. Then there is almost certainly a formal dinner. The weekends often entail trips to support causes or the party they represent.

It’s a meat grinder, with a range of huge decisions and the management of a host of independent, successful people. And these days it’s a war.

Sound like something Joe Biden  who would start his term at 78 should be volunteering for, with already clearly diminishing mental acuity? A man should know his own capacity and clearly Joe either doesn’t or more likely, he doesn’t care. Those around him have persuaded him it’s not a dishonorable thing.

But it is. The Presidency is supposed to be an 8 year job if successful. Time enough to introduce and complete an agenda. Joe is at best a 4 year President, quite probably less.  He won’t be the Chief Executive, he will be the non Executive Chairman and the country will effectively be run by others. But who will arbitrate when things get contentious? Mrs Biden?

Joe Biden’s run for President is so blatantly wrong, the very decision to run shows he is not the man to run the country....his appetite far  exceeds his capacity.

Jul 24, 2020, 21:03

The Democrats should have developed a new candidate by now.
Instead, Biden is past his best, which was never great. 

However with his experience as a deputy president, and a life long career politician he is a safe pair of hands, even at this stage. He can settle things down - and work with both red and blue. 

He will be steering the ship, rather than making individualistic decisions. He will bring in specialists in each area and the end decision will hopefully be better.

History will show that Trump was not a good option for the US, he is more like a third world leader in his approach. The Coronavirus has especially shown that if Trump was ever to have any position in the government it should be economical only.
Everything else, he out of his depth. 

Trump has too many enemies. He seems to create war and devision where ever he goes. 

Jul 24, 2020, 23:08

I have heard that argument so many times....others will do the heavy lifting. But there is a reason the great companies.....Apple, Amazon and now Tesla emerge under vigorous leadership. There has to be a leader,  committees are a disaster. 

Hopefully this doesn’t transpire and we continue with Trump who has tackled all the right issues under incredible adversity.  And I still haven’t heard a persuasive argument that he has been detrimental to the country in any sphere.....although I admit on the virus he has been detrimental to himself.

Trump has many enemies, but he had many enemies before he took office....he opposed the accepted doctrine. And the Left has decided when that happens they have the right to sabotage the leadership. If the Republicans had adopted a similar approach there would be no Obama Care.

There is room for dissension in the Republican Party and many including Rand Paul, Graham and Romney follow their own beliefs. The Democrats are like the Communist party, they walk in lock step.

But if we do get this senile old man presiding over a radicalized party in a dangerous world, look for huge losses for the Democratic Party.

Jul 25, 2020, 09:23

The fact that the left can't see any good in the man is absolutely astonishing...I really don't get the complete and utter hate for him.

I was very sceptical when he announced his bid for the presidency, but the biggest factor in common around to viewing him favourably was the left's reaction to him...that and the fact that he is on the right side of all the big and important issues...

A man is known by the enemies he makes rather than the friends he keeps...and that certainly tells a tale...the way he is protested says it all really...from day one it was clear.He exposed them for what they are and were all along...petulant fascists.

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