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Jan 21, 2020, 12:18

I can't think of anyone on the planet who is more in need of lawyers than Bozo. Well okay, I'm guessing Klown needs a lot of lawyers as well but he can't afford them. 

So now the impeachment process has moved onto the Senate Trial and Bozo is hiring even more lawyers left right and centre . . . including high profile legal heavyweights like Pat Cipollone, Jay Sekulow, Kenneth Starr, Alan Dershowitz and Pam Bondi . . . and I think there's a total of 10 lawyers who have been assembled for this trial at goodness knows what expense.

But there's one rather obvious name missing . . . Bozo's personal lawyer and henchman Rudy Giuliani. Why wouldn't Rudy be part of Bozo's defence team?

Is it because Bozo is petrified of what Giuliani might be asked if he's ever put under oath? Is it because Giuliani was the one pulling all the strings in this whole Ukraine fiasco . . . from the threats to the quid pro quo and the spying on Marie Yovanovic . . . and Bozo is scared of what he might reveal because Rudy knows where all the bodies are buried?

Very weird . . . especially as Giuliani himself has indicated that he asked to be part of the team.

Jan 21, 2020, 13:12

Since when can a lawyer be questioned. Ever heard of "attorney-client privilege? He might not be one of the lawyers on this case because the intend on calling him as a witness.

You call him a henchman...the man has a track record as a prosecutor rooting out corruption...but we'll see what crawls out of the woodwork. Quid Pro Joe and Hunter won't be the only casualties...talking about shooting yourself in the foot???

Jan 21, 2020, 13:33

Rudy was on TV at Fox Mews and he said he has enough evidence on the Democrats to send half of them to jail.

Anyway Trump has no problems - the articles submitted by the house is BS without any evidence tp support it.    Giuliani is  Trumps personal lawyer and not the White House official lawyer - and the daft "charges: are laid against Trump as  President - not Trump as a private individual,   

Giuliani would never be in the team to represent him at the Senate Trial and the fact is that the Democrats are going to suffer badly at the trial and I just wonder if the concoction of the "whistleblower" report, which lead to the initiation of the House investigation, is not going to land Schiff in jail.  The idiot sent tweets out before the report came out with messages that was in the report for at least a month before the report was released, .   So he and Schumer's lawyer did the so-called whistleblower report and then got one of Biden's guys to sign it,   That is fraud - especially since he read his version out in a speech in the House.  Not very bright of the idiot who now admitted the "whistleblower" was in contact with "his staff" - which he lied about initially when he denied it, 

So why was the so-called "whistleblower" not called to give evidence at the house hearings?   Probably because the "whistleblower"  was in fact Schiff himself.  I do not think Trump is losing sleep about that idiocy of the Democrats who got themselves into a hole they do not know how to escape from. 

By the way Giuliano never asked to be in Trump's legal team - he offered to give evidence at the trial.    The Democrats wants to call further witnesses - but object to Hunter Biden and the "whistleblower" being called as witnesses.  Those two are the key witnesses since when the name Biden was mentioned it was in relation to Hunter Biden's criminal involvement in the Burisma company in Ukraine and the involvement of Biden in stopping the investigation by the head Prosecutor of Ukraine into Burisma.  It had nothing to do with Biden's campaign for election on 2020 at all.   Fact is Biden is lying about what actually happened in that  case and the Senators know he is lying.  

The Democrats would be mad to nominate Biden as their candidate in thee election in November,   The New York Times  and CNN have apparently been  asked by the DNC to start a campaign to get Biden and Sanders out of the running and to get support for Warden and Kochubar,   Biden is totally corrupt and will be slaughtered by evidence against him on various fronts in the campaign and the ideas of Sanders are  not acceptable to them because of his belief in the communist ideology.  

Warden lies constantly about issues and Kochubar is soiled too.  Chances are the Democrats may run to the worst possible candidate they could pick - namely totally corrupt Hilary Clinton.                         .                  

Jan 21, 2020, 14:00

Mike did you see Rudy on Laura Ingraham. 

Rudy is a nightmare for these Crooked demonrats. He has tapes, videos, bank statement and documents. 

Man it's going to be fun seeing the Trump legal team rip these lying demonrats to shreds. :D

Jan 21, 2020, 14:13

I did happen to see him - he has to be careful about a "Clinton suicide",    

Jan 21, 2020, 14:19

What do we know of the “man” Redneck? 

He’s a regular on this site and has been for many years. I know him for close on 20 years, going back to the days of Super Sport.

Let us start with his birth.

We know that he’s a twin. That he shared the womb of some unfortunate woman, with probably a like minded arsehole.

That he is at least part Welsh. A country that he keeps going on and on about.

We also know that he’s dug up a few random phrases in welsh and that he tries to impress us with these from time to time, thinking that we actually care, that we’ll in fact be impressed by it.

 We know that he was small as a child and that he started his rugby, playing at 9. We know that this small weedy kid loved his food and stuffed his face at every opportunity, thus picking up substantial weight. 

We know that he became too cumbersome for the 9 jersey and that the coach of his primary school’s 4th team, had no choice but to try him out elsewhere. There where his weight would benefit the team and not be a hindrance like it was at 9. 

So, off to the front row he goes. There where he can do the least amount of harm. He eventually moves to hooker where he stays for the rest of his rugby playing days.

Obesity has always been a problem for his short frame. The issues he had as a child have followed him all his life. He still loves to eat piled up plates of food ... only now as an adult, he’s brought gallons of the drink into the mix. 

Exercise is something that he avoids as best he can and instead spends his energies on mocking those who partake in it. It really is sad. A true reflection of this sad little round man.

We know that he favours the black man over his own people. That we white folk should toughen up and take the consequences of past wrongs ... for the rest of our lives. That we need to make right. That their ongoing racist actions against us is justified. 

I’m convinced that his daughter has had relations with several natives of the land. He undoubtedly has no objection to them porking his daughter. 

We know that affirmative action gets his thumbs up. Unless of course it affects him directly, as it did a few years back, when his arsehole of a son was overlooked and sent packing, because of the colour of his skin. I saw a side to him that day that surprised me. A tearful, woe is me side, looking for pity. A side that contradicted his tough stance on this site.

That was my first clue. I should have picked up on it then already. My bad. 

We know that he favours quotas in sport and that an assortment of excuses have been used over the years to include non merited black players. Guys like Notshe, Kolisi, Am, Bongi, Trevor and even Jantjies. He has of course denied this recently. 

He is typical of the folk overseas. They have much to say about us, without ever knowing the truth of the natives that live among us.

We know that Redneck spends a lots of time invading his fellow posters privacy. Snooping around their FaceBook accounts, looking for information that he can use against them ... information on family members, photos that he can post on sites like this. 

Anything to embarrass his fellow posters ... anything to mock and ridicule them ... and when they complain, he tries to justify his actions with some bullshit story.

He is simply just an exceedingly unpleasant person. 

We know that he’s prone to severe tantrums ... to thrashing about on the floor like a 3 year old ... to lengthy periods of pouting ... leaving this site in a bout of rage ... tearful ... sulking ... self pity ... deliberating sabotaging posts and blaming everyone else for his vindictive actions. Making things on here unpleasant for everyone. 

We all saw his most recent plea for pity. Begging us to feel sorry for him ... tall stories of how he’s been thinking about his life, about bereavement, about losing loved ones, about death ... and that he’s just a little misunderstood ... that he’s actually a good guy and not the giant sized arsehole that CleanCut claims him to be.

Self pitying ... undoubtedly posted when he had one too many. Drunk and emotional. 

Did you note how he suddenly went missing after that emotional plea? That it coincided with my posts on what I thought of him. When I called him an arsehole.

Off he went ... tearful ... sulking ... feeling oh so sorry for himself. 

Now he's on a quest. He feels embarrassed. He's out to get pay pack as best he can. He follows me around the board ... lol.

What a lark. 

Many rallied to his side when he posted his plea for understanding. Trying to befriend him. Showing him pity. Being kind and gentle. 

Tell me, how did that work out for you lot? 

Are you guys friends now? 

Is he still calling you names ... like “Moffie” ... like “Dense” ... ?

Thought so. 

I can go on and on.

I can highlight how he’s posted under various aliases. That these came after emotional bouts of rage and lengthy absences from this site ... and then the inevitable attempt to re-enter the community by posting under a different name ... thinking he'll get acceptance that way.

It’s hilarious.

Or how about when he complains bitterly when his family is used as a target in some fight on site. When he’s accused of pedophilia and how he cries foul ...tries to rally support ... only to use the very same tactics on his fellow posters a short while there after ... like on Denny ... and Draad.

Nice guy, huh?

Such a hypocrite ... and yet there he was sobbing, pleading with us. “I’m just a little misunderstood” ... “I’m really a very nice guy” ... “honest injun” ... "I never lie" ... "I'm not a liar" ... “don’t believe what that nasty CleanCut says about me” ... puhleeeeeeeeeesaaaase .... “be nice to me, cause I’ve been thinking about my life ... about my loved ones ... about death ... and stuff”. 


Or how about his hate of the idea of a Living God. He has spent much of his time putting ignorant theories together to explain away the existence of God ... of creation ... of life after death ... of Heaven and Hell and punishment for a sinful life.

When he doesn’t get his way, he becomes personal, mocking those he’s having words with. It’s who he is. He can’t help himself ... this nice guy. 

The amount of times he’s been made a fool of on this subject by myself and BeanDip simply makes him more determined to prove us wrong. Armed with foolish theories of evolution ... the supposed Big Bang ... carbon dating ... and a whole lot of fabricated thumbsucking still leaves him red faced in the end. That however doesn’t stop him from returning for another round of humiliation.

We know that he is prone to being obtuse. Playing stupid. It is a well established trait of his, which shows one just how childish he can actually be. A 56 3 year old. 

We know he favours sodomy. That he regards it as, and I quote, “harmless fun”. We all saw how he went against Israel Folau. How he defended the cause of the homo. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he’s had his wife’s poo on his pecker many times over.   

So I ask again ... what do we know of this “man” Redneck?

Turns out we know a lot ... and from where I’m sitting it ain’t pretty .. but hey ... he's been thinking about his life ... about losing loved ones .. and ... he just so misunderstood.

The poor dear.



Jan 21, 2020, 16:40

Rooinek is not as bad as you make him out to be,  I like most of his postings - but avoid any postings on religious issues, because anyone is entitled to believe what he thinks is the right thing to do and nobody is entitled to prescribe to others what he may or may not say or do on that topic,

He is in a way a bit brusque and the only thing I really dislike on site - Rooinek tends to do so - but he is by far not the only culprit on site,

So leave him be - please,    

Jan 21, 2020, 17:17

Good on you Mike. The enemy of your enemy is almost never your friend...and sometimes being bluntly truthful to a friend is better than being nice.

I don't like the way Rooi operates (understatement of the decade) and I outright hate some of the things he does...he's no angel, but neither are most of us on  here....still thinks he's an arse, but I respect you for sticking up for an old friend, despite recent your squabbles. 

Jan 21, 2020, 20:22

"From the moment President Trump was elected, they have manufactured one smear after another to overturn the decision of American voters.

So today, President Trump will go on trial for something Joe and Hunter Biden (& other Dems) did.

The truth will continue to shine through.

Jan 22, 2020, 14:03

Admit One. rooitwit is not very honest, has his morals and principles all mixed up and is here really only to entertain us with his absurdities!

His take on the 2016 election was one of his best efforts! Hahahahahahahahahaha

He hates God, loves LGBT and just about always makes the wrong choice.

However its his dishonesty we must focus on right now. You posted:

We know that affirmative action gets his thumbs up. Unless of course it affects him directly, as it did a few years back, when his arsehole of a son was overlooked and sent packing, because of the colour of his skin. I saw a side to him that day that surprised me. A tearful, woe is me side, looking for pity. A side that contradicted his tough stance on this site.

i called out race based selections as being racist. Rooitwit said i was a racist for opposing race based selections.

rooitwit said i was lying about this business of his complaining about his son re affirmative action. So you also recall that. Happened i think on the Supersupporter board.

So thanks for proving i was, as always, telling the truth.

Now wonder what the lying twt can say now . Hahahahahhahahhaha

Jan 22, 2020, 14:19


It's actually hard to believe just how stupid Baboon-ou is! He doesn't realize Admit One is just copying and pasting a post from a known liar . . . but Baboon-ou thinks he has a new ally!

Too funny!

For the record, my son only ever applied for one job and he got it. No issues with affirmative action or anything like that. That's all a lie that was started by the same cowardly liar who wrote that long and obsessive diatribe above that Baboon-ou thinks was Admit One.

When Baboon-ou first repeated that same lie I asked him what he was basing it on and the weak little coward went running away in tears as fast as his little legs would carry him. Now he's suddenly all brave again because he thinks he's found someone who agrees with him . . . but of course, Baboon-ou is so fundamentally stupid that he doesn't even know who he's agreeing with!


Jan 22, 2020, 14:21

Rudi's at the door.....the revolving door.

Jan 22, 2020, 14:25


Jan 22, 2020, 14:27


Jan 22, 2020, 15:18

No more lies please rooitwit. Admit One got it exactly right. 

What a hypocrite you were on affirmative action. As soon as it effected your son you had a tearful meltdown forgetting all you had said before. 

Pretty sure this happened on the supersupporter website. Wonder if Admit One can somehow hget hold of your post. 

Hahahahaha ou rooibozo get 5 Pinocchios??????????

Jan 22, 2020, 15:21

Rudy has an outstanding record in fighting corruption. He has the goods on the corrupt Biden crime family and other corrupt demonrats. 

Let's see how this all plays out. From next week things are going to get real bad for the lying scumbag demonrats. No wonder the lying rooibozo has such affinity to these scumbags. Hahahahaha. 

Jan 22, 2020, 15:23

Rooibozo your blatant lying is a disgrace admit you got caught out real bad. :D

Jan 22, 2020, 17:06

I have played golf with Rudy and his son who is a professional golfer. A very decent, enjoyable man with a terrific sense of humour.

Jan 23, 2020, 12:48

Moz poor rooitwit earned 5 big Pinocchios for his big lie about affirmative action. 

Dishonest people like rooitwit don't like honest people like Rudy, makes them feel uncomfortable. 

Jan 23, 2020, 17:04

Well from what I have read and heard it appears that Rudy has quite a bit of incriminating evidence (emails/video and sworn statements) on just who profited from all the Billions of aid dollars that went to Ukraine.

The amounts in question run into billions of dollars of diverted aid funds that appear to have found their way back to the states through DEMORATS channels.

Plus on the Ingram show last night she released emails indicating the coverup from the Obama mob preventing his own departments from persuing the illegal money laundering committed by the Biden/Kerry group of HONEST ex Senators.

Cover up big time and I believe "Pencil Neck" is another guy in the mix with Ukraine.

Often wonder just how Obama has managed to avoid prosecution this long after his spell as Captain of the SHIP of FOOLS cruise which lasted 8 years and never once found a port.

Not sure what the plan is with Rudi's evidence perhaps "they" are waiting for this  Demorat circus to conclude their self-destruction at the Senate trial.

But rest assured the information is going to be disclosed at the correct time and place and many Obama Demorats are going to GITMO.

The biggest issue I see for Rudi is that he has to stay vigilant and avoid the Clinton suicide squad.


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