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Jan 14, 2020, 10:06

The Soleimani story went back to 2015 when the world was aware that Soleimani was involved in terrorism all over the world.  He was then in charge of a brigade of Iran troops fighting against the rebels in Syria.   The israeli Government was fully aware of where he was and intended to launch a massive air attack on the relevant camp with the intention fo killing Soleimani,  

The matter was brought to he attention of Obama who contacted the Iran Government and advised them to move Soleimani out of Syria,   In other words he betrayed his ally and that's end the Israeli's over the edge and they refused to negotiate any further on the issue of the future of the Palestine question.

Now come along 2019 after Soleimani was directly linked to the -

*    deaths of 608 US soldiers in Iraq in the period between 2019;

*    was working together  with the Hezbollah movement in Iraq ad provided weapons for the attack on a US army base in Iraq killing an American Contractor and wounding some American soldiers a week before the ,  .

*    was linked to he invasion of the American Embassy in Baghdad.

Trump obviously lost patience with the constant Iran provocations of Iran and when informed of the whereabouts of Soleimani and gave permission for him to be killed.

The democrats went into mourning on behalf of Iran and attacked Trump all out.  Soleimani was called a beloved father figure in Iran and they showed his full funeral on TV.   They said the beloved father figures death will lead to a war between Iran and the  USA,   and even the start if the third World War.

They conveniently forgot about the recent riots in Iran where Soleimani was in charge of the troops that  killed circa 1 500 protestors in November-December 2019.   

So acceding to the Democrats  Trump was directly responsible for the new "War" against Iran.   When Iran then decided to respond to the killing of Soleimani through a missile attack on two US bases in Iran.  They warned the Swiss Embassy in Iran - who was handling the USA business in Teheran of the pending attack and also the Government of Iraq directly of what was going to happen.   Knowing what was coming the US army took precautions to ensure that nobody was killed in the attack - Iran knew killing or wounding any USA soldiers was going to lead to a counter-attack by the USA,  After that missile attack the US cable news networks then said that over 30 US soldiers were killed and the war has now started.   That obviously was fake news  and the  Iran Foreign Minister in a tweet said that was the final response to the Soleimani killing and the matter has now been concluded.   

After that the DP talk about war with Iran continued and an all-out attack on Trump continued.   However, the downing of the Ukraine plane - which the DP politicians and news networks also blamed on Trump, major protests erupted in Teheran and the protestors were not mourning Soleimani anymore - they were shouting that they are glad he is dead,  They also shouted death to the Ayatollah who is the effective dictator of Iran,

So hat happened next - the DP attacking Trump went very quiet about he protests in Iran and never expressed any support for the protestors,   The comment on the protests were mentioned on the TV channels but when Pelosi was pressed on the issue they were avoiding real comment on it.  

What is this love affair between the DP and Iran all about?   I believe the answer is probably the following:-

*   After the signing of the very defective Nuclear Arms Treaty with Iran the USA released $150 billion ion money frozen in the USA,

*   Aside from that the US decided to repay $1,8 billion  to Iran for weapons ordered by the Shah and never delivered to Iran - at the time the amount involved was $400 million.  

So how was the $1,8 million paid?   Normally such payment would go through ordinary banking channels but the opposite happened in this case,   The payment was made in cash and delivered to The Iran Government by plane - a typical mafia style operation.   What could have happened is that part of the $1,8 billlion was actually a kick back and went back to the USA together with a receipt for the full amount of $1,8 million.   There is very real suspicion of -

*   of a kickback given to the DP leadership at the time; and

*   the Iran Government now blackmailing the DP on the score.

The Obama Administration was corrupt and I would not be surprised of the above really happened.                                                             


Jan 14, 2020, 13:34

Mike you are 100% correct about the demorats hating America.

This is a great clip where Mark Levin interviews David Limbaugh on this subject. A must see.

Couldn't get a You Tube clip that worked so i will take you to Fox . You Tube are also sabotaging Hannity clips.

Mark Levin

Jan 16, 2020, 08:13

In the last Trump rally 57.9%of attendees we not registered Republicans!

4% trust Hollywood. 8%trust the MSM.

MSM and Hollywood support the demonrats. 

Connect the dots. 

The immediate danger Trump faces is Rino Senators on the globalist payroll. 

Jan 16, 2020, 08:13

Mike did you watch that great Levin clip?

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