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Why are there confusion about political terminology

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Mar 12, 2019, 12:29

The fact is that terms like Leftwingers, Rightwingers and Fascists  are used to either destroy or enhance the images of politicians.   But what is really the case for using the terms:-

One has to see the situation in context and one wonders why the terms are used totally out of context by the present media,   So lets go back a bit in history to  see why the terms are used for political context totally out of historic context.


This term was first used to describe the Italian Political Party that got control of Italy under Mussolini.   The guy was the leader of a party that was equitable to the Russian Communist Party.   When he was elected as party leader one of his first congratulations was a telegram from Lenin.   The Communists was hated all round by most countries in Western Europe and was cerain his party would not make headway in Italy unless they develop a proper policy framework and Mussolini decided to send assistants to the USA to get some ideas as to policy determination - after all the Italians in the USA was terrified of the Mafia and the Mafia was often enough in league with the Democratic party in the USA.   So together with the Democratic Party and their Mafia colleagues he arrived at a formula he would use to gain power in Italy.

So what was the Facists really.   Socially they were left-wingers in League with the Communists in Russia, but for their own benefit the Democratic Party  blueprints from the USA,

What does that make them in the political scenario in the world?   Having a socialist base - one would rather think they were leftists and not rightwingers.


As a result of the economic upheavals  after World War 1 - Hitler became the leader of the socialist party in Germany - even the party name is based on its socialist  base.   Hitler used the chaos in Germany to his utmost ability,  President Hindenburg was in fact a royalist and he invited the son of th Kaizer to accept the throne of Germany - but the Kaizer Wilhelm 11 forbid his son to accept the throne.   That left Hindenburg with one option - to appoint Hitler as Chancellor.  ThE other situation was that there was a real danger of the Communists getting control in Germany.  

Hating the Communist party in Russia after what they did to the royal family during the Russian revolution - most of the German aristocrats  were related to the Tsarist family - they followed the Hindenburg example and embrace Hitler - despite his socialist roots,   

Fact is there were no difference between the Communists in Russia and the Nazi's in Germany.  Basically they were brothers in arms through their socialists roots.   There was one problem though - the leadership of the Russian Communist Party had deep Jewish roots and their policies were a dictatorship loosely based on Marxism.   Even though they had so many similarities as socialist parties - they felt threatened by potential competitors and the Russians started using their Communist supporters in Germany to undermine Hitler.   

His reaction was to what can be expected from people with the same basic approach.   After all Lenin, Stalin and Hitler were  the leaders of a vicious political set-up and the result was a degree of political viciousness never before seen in mankind.  This is best lustrated by the following:-

*   In the period 1917 to 1952 Lenin and Stalin was responsible for the state murder of an estimated 52 million people in Russia.

*    Feeling threatened by the Russians and their German allies (often enough Jewish Narcists) Hitler turned on the Jews and the result was  the murder of an estimated 6 millions Jews from Germany and other  countries occupied by Germany in World war 11.

In fact compared to Stalin Hitler was a learner in the mass killing of people.

The Impact of World War 11

After World War 11 the political description of the political scenario in the political arena changed.  

*   Stalin as an ally of the winning side became  a darling of the press and was praised as a leftwing leader,  bearing in mind also that he was the epitome of globalism at the time; and

*   despite their socialist roots Mussolini and Hitler was condemned as rightwing leaders hated by the press world wide.   

After all according to the press the  leftwingers were the epitome of goodness in politics; and the rightwingers were al that is evil in society.

Having looked at the history of socialism in Europe it is time now to look at the  situation in the USA.

The Democratic Party  

This Party was the party of the slaveowners in the Confederacy and after the American Civil War and after that war they remained the main political force in the southern states of the USA.  There was a strict alliance between -

*   the southern ultra-conservative democrats;

*   the working class in the northern states of the USA, and

*   the political elite controlling the mass media in the US.

This alliance held out for near to a century and started to disintegrate only in the 1960's.   Johnston from Texas - the biggest crook in modern US history - was elected as president in the 1964 Presidential election.   Even later Clintom became the Governor of Arkansas.

However the wheels of the above alliance finally came off when Reagan was elected as President and the Democrats started losing support amongst major sectors of the economy.   This created panic amongst the moneyed elite and their media affiliates.   The Democratic Party despite its atrocious history became the angels of the media - the angelic leftwingers

The Republicans 

The Republicans always  was the Party with real principles.  Despite some renegades the Party was opposed to slavery and came out of the Civil War with sound human rights credentials as the freeing of the slaves implied,  

They always was a more north east state party with support from the middle classes and some of the more socially conscious wealthy people.   After the 1960's the Party - always conservative with a social base in nature, the Party started to get millions of people supporting them mainly from the southern states and the middle west and plains states. 

Again the election of Reagan in 1980 was confirmation of a real move in their direction.


So after taking into account the above historic background who are the leftwingers in the world and who are the rightwingers.

Frankly I do not know - it looked to me that the media is determining the angels being leftwingers and he devils being rightwingers.  

It seems as if the designations are made by whomsoever control the media,   And if there are two things I detest  they are -

*  the dishonest print media; and equally so

*  dishonest politicians.   




Mar 12, 2019, 15:24

Nice write-up Mike. You left out the fact that the KKK were also Democrats :angel:

Mar 12, 2019, 15:40

Sure they were and I should have included same.

Mar 12, 2019, 18:23

Given how much right-wing media tabloid stuff that is posted by Beeno, one would think most of it is right wing. 

However, it depends on 

1. What the public want to read. There will always be a market for tabloid fodder
2. Who own the media, and who their political allies are. 

Bad News sells. For example, the only time Africa is mentioned in the media is when there has been another disaster.

Mar 12, 2019, 19:25


Sure - you are 100% correct/  There are a new development in the media field and some of them are anytime as bad as the leftwing media.   Hpweve, as I understand it the mainstream media are being usurped by internet media.

Many years ago I found that all the mainstream newspapers in England are actually owned by 9 companies  and they used to try manipulate news in the process. 

Why should any media be worried about Africa.   It is a criminal hell hole for its people ruled by a criminal Mafia.   Take for instance the upcoming elections in South Africa.  Today the parties had to  pay their subscription fees and submit their candidate lists,    High up on the ANC lists ar the criminals identified by the Zondo Commission, the latest report on the State Security Service, the Public Protector and even by the Courts,  Nothing has changed the Association of National Criminals are still around and nothing will be done to them.   Disgusting,

Luckily the latest opinion polls indicated the ANC at 51% - three points down on the previous survey 3 weeks ago and their support in Gauteng has slipped to 42%.  Chances are they will have to form an alliance with there fellow criminals in the EFF to govern.   .      .       

Mar 13, 2019, 09:16

So to summarize . . . Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, slave-traders and the KKK were all Democrats while the Republicans are the party with "real principles" who opposed slavery and have "sound human rights credentials".

A very fair, balanced and even-handed assessment there ou Maaik. Thank goodness there are no more confusion about political terminology. 

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