Why was Diddy Combs homes in Los Angeles and Miami raided?

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Apr 01, 2024, 12:12

Diddy was an all-out supporter of Obama an a close friend as well, while he also supported Biden in 2020,  However, Diddy did something  that sxetg the  FBI and the Justice Department - he wrote a letter to Biden suggesting he should get rid of Harris and appoint another VP candidate.   

The fact is that he also caused a further problem - he was photographed playing golf at Mar-El-Lago - since then his close friendship with Obama and his support for Biden is meaningless - the allegations in his case is sex-trafficking.    Incidentally Hunter Biden travelled with a prostitute from Los Angeles to Washington and he was not charged with an offense - Hunter spent  $100 000  on prostitutes in Moscow and that is claimed as business expenditure and Hunter is not charged with anything.          

In the Biden dictatorship that is regarded as a serious crime.   People should not query anything and express an opinion on anything opposing the dictatorship he must be taught a bitter lesson.   So a raid on his homes in L:os Angeles and Miami is 100% carried out.   

Diddy is hopping mad and if that drives him not into the Trump Black supporting category - nothing will.   


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