Jul 10, 2024, 12:46

Tulsi appears to be a woman of character and backbone. There are a number of candidates but personally I have no decided strong feelings about any of the leading candidates. 

People like Ramaswamy could be good if they are what the appear to be. That is part of the problem. Look what a snake Pence turned out to be.
I like the fiery fighters like MTG, Matt Gaetz etc. I also think Don Jr and Senator Hawley always are on the rights side of issues. I like Ted Cruz too, has a great intellect and destroys demonrats in debate like Kari Lake destroys moronic leftist reporters.. None of these people APEAR to be in contention.
Trump could spring a surprise.  Anyhow we will soon know.
Here is a video showcasing Tulsi. She comes off well.


Jul 10, 2024, 14:05

I think there is not only the VP that will get a new position and does not know but seems to th in  the ollowing to  be in contention based on real expertise and not ultra-liberal idealogues:-

I think the following is the likely candidates - especially bearing  in mind that the political bastardized bureaucrats must also be cleaned up.:

VP                -            J D  Vance

State             -             J Kuchner - negotiator of Abrahamic Accords 

Economy      -            D Burgum

Justice           -            J  Hawley

Homeland Security    T Gabbard

Defense         -            V Ramaswami

Housing                      T   Scott     

Education                   T Cotton 

Senate Leader            M   Rubio

Speaker                       M Johnson 

He would want to see the strong leaders in States like Florida and Virginia (De Santis and Youngkin  respectively)? to keep the two states flourishing.    

Another problem would be dealing with upgrading programs in cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Philedelphia , New Orleans, Detroit  and Baltimore. - all being in rapid decline at present.       

Jul 10, 2024, 14:52

Ramaswami as defence minister...What a joke. Someone must surely be from the military to be in that job.

The UK has just replaced a conservative government, but they are bringing in experts in the field for each respective department.

Jul 10, 2024, 15:05


In your case Ramasway served is economic head in the Defense Force in 2017 to 2021.    The Secretary of Defense ia Administrative Head of the Department and rarely a DF General.  Biden tried that stunt and the strength of the USA  Army went straight to hell.    

Trump's appointees will aim at strong leadership and management ability and not the useless leftist ideologues shit appointed by Biden.   .          

Jul 11, 2024, 07:42

"Someone must surely be from the military to be in that job"

I agree Shark, 100%

I wish SA took this stance with most of their ministerial positions

Jul 11, 2024, 07:53

I wish SA took this stance with most of their ministerial positions

In the ANC government South African ministers only have one function: to form a power base around the president. Whether they can perform their specific ministerial duties is not even a consideration.

Jul 11, 2024, 11:38

Just ask yourself a serious question - how many Secretaries of Defense over the last 50 years were Army Generals and why is the real officers in charge of the army and not the administration of the Department.   Since 2003 the Defense Department expenditure has not been audited and it opened up the way for major fraud such as the case is with Haliburton and the unusual normal that on retirement army generals became full time armaments industry officials.   I think Trumps major intention would be to clean up corruption in the Defense Force as priority and to strengthen the army through real savings in resultant expenditure to be used for new armaments.\

The situation is not confined to the Army alone - the Obama re-organization of the Public Service has resulted in corruption throughtout the US Public Service.   Maladministration and corruption became a major problem.   When Public Service and corrupt Democrats political controllers are in charge the system is rotten to the core.   For instance one of the examples is why the Supreme Court ruled that corruption is a major problem iro abortions conmtrolled through federal bureaucratic regulations and those were abused involving billions of dollars.  That is one of the reasons why the Court ruled that unelected bureaucxrats should not compile regulations iro abortions and since Health is a state function and not a federal function that States should be making watertight laws to preventg abuse,

Trump in his first presidency did not get to a stage where he  could clear up financial mismanagement and corruption in the public service and this time he would be appoining Secretaries who are known as managers and not up to politiical and managment disasters.   

That is  why some of his appoinments will aim at restoring the Public Service to serve the people and not themselves.   There is evidnce and mountains of it that since the start of the Ukraine war hundreds of ultra-luxury homes have been built by present and ex-employes of the Central Government in the Washington DC suburbs with money milked from allocation of  aid funds for Ukraine - with Haliburton also involved in corrupion.  The system is shitpoor and the main task of Trump would be to clean out mismanagment and a huge clean-up operation is expected.                  .    


Jul 11, 2024, 12:40

"Whether they can perform their specific ministerial duties is not even a consideration"

100% Pakie

Jul 11, 2024, 13:30

Pakie is 100% correct and I think Trump cabinet selection will be based on business acumen to wipe out  maladministration that became a norm.   That placed Burgum, Kuchner and Ramaswamy in line for cabinet jobs.    

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