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Jun 02, 2021, 09:17

this section has become a bore ...

Do we honestly have to wait for Trumps 2nd term in 2024 ... ???

Liven it up a bit, BeanDip ... this just won't do ...

Jun 02, 2021, 10:48

Its not as bad as you make out CC. We have a very dense bunch of twits providing low brow comedy about Trump. Poor old commie redrooi is still beside himself about Trump. All Trump's obvious success has loon completely deranged. Ditto Sharktwit.


Jun 02, 2021, 11:02

Obvious success? A twice-impeached universally-ridiculed one-term failure is a success?


Maybe by your very low standards, Baboon-ou.

7 and a half more years!

Jun 02, 2021, 11:26

Redneck … you really should take my advice.

Think …before you post.

Trump wasn’t impeached. They tried … but like you, they never thought it through.

The country’s gone to sheeeeat since your man Biden took office.

I don’t think I’ve seen such a rapid decline. From the strongest position in US history to total collapse … in mere months.

Now everyone want’s Trump back.


Truly hilarious!!!

Jun 02, 2021, 11:31

Wrong Klown. Bozo was impeached. Twice. 

If you don't know what the term "impeached" means then just ask.

Jun 02, 2021, 12:23

Is that honestly your best attempt at slandering Trump's name?

He was "impeached twice". Meaning what? He was found guilty of the nonsense that your man Biden conjured?

That’s your shot?


See what I mean … no thought goes into your posts.

Like your posts … there was no substance to their accusations … and the entire planet knows this.

He now has an opportunity to run for a 2nd term if he so chooses.

Jun 02, 2021, 12:36

Listen, you childish ingrate, this is what you said . . . 

"Trump wasn’t impeached."

Now that's just plain wrong and I'm the helpful and patient person setting you straight . . . and instead of thanking me for correcting your ignorant drivel, you're trying to change the subject and behaving like a tearful little child again.

Bozo was impeached. He was impeached twice. Now admit you were wrong and thank me for setting you straight or else ask someone to explain to you what the word "impeachment" means.

Good grief!

Jun 02, 2021, 14:15

Small things amuses...luckily being accused of something means nothing if not found guilty. 

Jun 02, 2021, 15:49

This country is booming....I have never seen the malls so  full and the roads so busy. Nothing to do with Biden.

Jun 02, 2021, 21:04

Ja well, for some odd reason, the Rand is gaining against all major currencies, even the Aussie $...hope it's sustainable...

Jun 03, 2021, 23:00

Excellent post CC and Rooinek excellent insight too and Moz what a good reply..

The world really needs citizens of your calibre.....LOL.

Jun 04, 2021, 20:06

The folks on Government hand outs are spending the money that Biden's Federal Bank is printing to stay abreast of his concern for the future voters, BLM and similar Democrat supporters.

Good times rolling out, money from nowhere just wait till the handouts stop and reality hits home for all these folks.

Taxes will rise, unemployment will increase and the handouts dry up, that is when reality will hit home and the SHIT will hit the fan.

Crime will be the order of the day.

Sadly the USA once the shining star is no MORE.

Jun 04, 2021, 20:26


      We have insurance policies that heave matured in RSA since we moved and have left the funds in RSA as the exchange rate is piss poor.

     Plus on this side of the world the Liberal Govt. helps itself to a free helping of the funds as does the SA -ANC on the RSA side of the pond.

     Both countries tax the funds.

    In fact for every Rand we will receive C$ 0.065 after taxes.

    Best to leave the funds and use it as needed for family who go on holidays to RSA of friends who wish to travel.

    Unfortunately the Rand has a long, long way to go before it can be accepted as `Real Cash` internationally.

    If ever.

The Aussie $ has taken a hit because of China`s interference and their housing bubble has burst.

NZ will eventually fall into the same trap if they fall for the Chinese `Help` that appears to in the offering.

Jun 04, 2021, 20:37

All those struggling in the sea of deception aboard the ship of fools in their masses.

Jun 08, 2021, 22:15

 Missing the legend!

WTF? this video is age restricted in the new woke world? 

Jun 09, 2021, 18:35

Herr Omlett to Pinky La Femme:

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