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May 05, 2024, 18:41

While I sympathise with Ukraine and I sympathise with both sides in the Israel/Palestine conflicts . . . not to mention ongoing wars happening in places like Myanmar, Northwest Africa and Sudan . . . I can't help thinking these current wars in the world do serve one positive purpose.

You see, I like to think that the more trouble there is going on in the world the less likely thinking Americans would vote in an unhinged and deeply flawed fool who would make kneejerk and invariably stupid decisions based on his own fragile and pathetically childish ego.

It actually beggars belief that the United States of America, a country with a population of over 300 million people, will have to choose between two clowns in their November election . . . but as useless as he is, Krusty is still better than Bozo.

May 06, 2024, 03:29

When Trump was President there was stability in the world - without major wars and with a President trying  to negotiate rather than be despised by countries in the world.    Biden was the worst President the USA  ever had and is despised by world leadxers as being  corrupt and incompetent.

He drove erstwhile allies of the USA into BRICS membership turning  them into enemies of the USA - eg Egypt. the UAR and Saudi Arabia - while Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia and Argetina is also on the list to join BRICS.

The USA is in chaos with  61% of the voters said Biden was a failed President and  70% said that  is economic policy was a disaster.   He allowed the extreme Leftsist to run the USA into the ground turning  everything he touched into shit.    The Mexico Open Border Policy and collapse of Law and Order in the USA are two such examples.

Biden is also guilty of undermining  the USA Constitution and Democracy by using  the Justice Department and FBI against political opponents turning  the USA into a banana republic type of dictatorship,       

In any event you seems to know what is better for the USA based on media propaganda that is based on the lies concocted by the Democrats - a sucker for punish ment is what you thive on.  Even the Hispanic and Black voters are deserting from support of the Democrats becausde he caused massive food insecurity in the USA causing  at least  by 2022 49 million people (of which 16 million are  children) being fed by Food Banks.   Those were people that used to support the Democratic Party - now they support Trump due to misgovernance and ultra-leftist policies Biden introduced.    The above figures provided by the Food Banks are audited figures and represent 16% of the USA population.   After arguing  for weeks there is no problem - Mozart admitted that there are 22% food insecurity in the USA - that push the food insecurity level up to  over 60 million people. 

According to opinion polls the voters are going to vote for the security and happiness they experienced under Trump and got deceived to vote for Biden as a unifying person - but he drove the situation of divisiveness in the USA to a new level - so the voters realized the Biden election was a massive mistake and they are supporting Trump and a return to normalcy they experienced when he was President.    

So your ignorance on issues is the same as per normal  with brainwashed idiocy.    .




May 06, 2024, 11:11

An Ode to DumbMike,

Oh, DumbMike, our beacon of enlightenment, staunchly believes that anyone who tunes into mainstream media is hopelessly brainwashed. Yet, in an awe-inspiring display of mental gymnastics, he declares that devotees of alternative reality tabloid conspiracies, such as himself, are the truly awakened souls. It’s a mind-boggling contradiction that rather elegantly showcases a gaping flaw in his reasoning—cognitive dissonance at its finest, folks!

When DumbMike tries his hand at critical thinking—bless his heart—it all goes pear-shaped. His judgments are clouded by an adorable allegiance to delightfully outdated mainstream beliefs, all spiced up with a dash of simplistic religious dogma. It's like watching someone try to navigate a modern city with a map from the 18th century.

Choosing to bunker down in his bespoke alternative reality, DumbMike cuts himself off from the delicious complexities of the actual world. He’s constructed a nice little echo chamber, free from the pesky interference of opposing viewpoints or any hint of modern societal nuances. Why bother with the messy, wide-ranging spectrums of truth when you can live in blissful, stark simplicity?

In a nutshell, DumbMike’s refusal to step outside his comfort zone and engage with a broader, more balanced array of perspectives is a masterclass in intellectual stagnation. It limits not just his own understanding but also his interactions with anyone who dares challenge his carefully curated worldview. It’s a spectacular way to ensure you remain ever so relevant in the ongoing societal dialogue (or, you know, not at all). Really, it’s a wonder he doesn’t get more dinner invitations.

May 06, 2024, 16:28

I do not believe in conspiracy theories - I leave that to fake believers like you.   There are two  conspricay theories over the past 8 years of particular BS - the one being the famous Russian Hoax iro the 2016 US election - the problem being thatn it does not really meet the sonspiracy theories definition - since it was based entirely on lies concocted by the Democrats and the media spreading is as gospel believed by idiots like some site being true.

Then there are the Global Warming BS in which 1 600 scientists claim it is non-existent and used by politicians to establish state control over everything concerning the  human population.   The real idea that humans are so wise they can control  the climate of the planet Earth is total BS and it is typified by the story that farting by cows cause global warming - they should really think about farting by that BSter in the  WH you support.

I read and look at news media reports - but in the main I am interested in proven historic facts and in reaL evidence under oath in the US House and Senate.   I watch the procedures on you-tube regularly and although some of the Democrats openly lie under oath those are clearly identifiable and even though they were reported to the Justice Department they are not prosecuted in terms of the Justice Department protection racket of Democrats.    There are also the Electoral Commission reports on political contributions and abuse of it in 2016 by Clinton.  

You write wrong contributions sbout the famous hush  money case. going back to the 2016 election.    That issue was investigated by the Election Commission and no action was taken against Trump because he did nothing illegal.   The same cannot be said of Clinton and the DNC.   They were fined  $100 000 for using campaign funding illegally to have the teele Dossier compiled based on lies concocted by the Democrats themselves.   If Trump was vindictive he could hAve isntructed the Justice Department to charge Clinton with a crime - but he let the matter there,   Biden on the oher hand try to find non-existent crimes he can use against Trump in this election campaign.    If Trump was not running against Biden none of those charges would have been laid.- since there is zero proof that Trump committed any real offenses.

 Read the following carefully and udnerstand that you are really the one living in cloud cuckoo land:-

 In a nutshell, Sharkbok's refusal to step outside his comfort zone and engage with a broader, more balanced array of perspectives is a masterclass in intellectual stagnation. It limits not just his own understanding but also his interactions with anyone who dares challenge his carefully curated worldview."     

Because your whole approach is based on leftist media BS and nothing else - your warped idea about what is going on in the world is really BS plus,  

               .            .    .     

May 06, 2024, 22:48

This is either a yes or a essays.

Do you believe the election was stolen?

Remember it's either a yes or a no.

May 07, 2024, 05:05


Which election are you referring to - 2016, 2020 or 2024? 

In the 2016 election Clinton refused to admit defeat and the Demcratic Party set in moton a process to get rid of Trump as President by lies they concocted about Collusion between Trump and Putin leading to appointment of two Special Councils - and in the end the truth came out - the Democrats and media lies were exposed in full and that was really serious election abuse far exceeding whatever happened in 2020,   The costs of subsequent action cost the US Taxpayers at leastr $80 million entirely based on lies.

In the 2020 election the opinion polls 61% of the US voters claimed there were election fraud  committed by the Democratic Party in that election - with 18% of which saying that the fraud was not serious enough to overturn the final outcome of the election.   Although there was election fraud I share the view that it was not proven to be extensive enough to overcome the final outcome of the election.

As to the 2024 election the Biden Administration has gone against the USA Constitution by first trying to get rid of Trump as candidate - which the Supreme Court rejected totally by unanimous vote.   While that did not work out Biden attacked the Supreme Court and especially the three judges appointed by Demcoratic Presidents and the media followed suit.   When that did not work out  - the Justice Department and DA's used for the purpose laid charges against Trump based on non-existent evidence purely because Trump was nominated by the Republicans to be their candidate.

So the answers are simple:-

*     In the 2016 election - it was not stolen by Trump but the subsequent actions of the Democrats were at best treasonable and totally unconstitutional.  

*    In the 2020 election the answer is simple - the evidence produced did indicate there was election fraud committed - but there was not sufficient  proof that it was extensive enough to change the election outcome.

*     In the 2024 election what the Biden Administration is trying to do is unconstitutional and actions expected from a banana republic dictatorship by using lawfare to try and eliminate a  free election in the USA.   .



May 07, 2024, 05:15

Nice deflection but it ain't working.

You know which election but let's pretend you don' here...

Yes or No....Was the 2020 election stolen?

May 07, 2024, 09:52

I gave you an answer on the 2020 election - Can you not read plain English?         

May 07, 2024, 10:04

 ANC type deflection:ermm:

May 07, 2024, 10:21

I said that 61% of the USA voters claimed that there was election fraud committed in the uS A in the 2020.   However 18% of the voters claimed that there sis proof that the outcome would be effected.   I went on to state clearly that there was to date no proof that the fraud was so excessive that it would have overturned the election result and I fully believe that allegations should be proven by factual evidence.   . 

May 07, 2024, 11:02

Can you not read plain English?  

Can you?

I repeatedly asked you for a Yes or No answer?

What part of that do you not understand?

May 07, 2024, 13:06

Let me try and answer for ou Maaik in Shitoric . . .

"I#f I does awnsre wtih a plane yes or kno then I are d eny ing my menny fans my grate wsidom and ins ight s so it are knot posibil four me too respnod wiht a single werd like you r ask ing for me to d&o and it allso me a ns thta all the branewashed idoits waht are defishint are not benerfit fromm my vast knolidge and wont kno about th e eavil Demmerkrats.waht cuased the war in Ukrane adn makes thnigs liker covid and the foo d krisis."

May 07, 2024, 13:56

I do believe if  you read and understand English I said NO - with reservations about election fraud that was rampant in the 2020 election.       

May 07, 2024, 20:39

Netso Maaik...if only they can give you the same courtesy when asked direct questions...we have seen no proof of enough fraud to constitutea steal, but that doesn't  mean it didn't happen either....the burden of proof is on the it was with the Russian Collusion Hoax too...but some were eager to believe that...

May 08, 2024, 02:40

I said NO - with reservations about election fraud that was rampant in the 2020 election.    

So it's a No with a rider attached(election fraud that was rampant) not a clearcut 'No' which should have been the simple answer to a simple question. 

But let's role with your 'No' you admit that your hero Donnie the Super Stud is lying when he claims that the election was stolen from him?

May 08, 2024, 03:04

In the USA  in Democratic Party controlled states they mail ballots to home adresses of people,   Ballots are sent to dead voers and missing  voters on the pretext that it enhances voter participation.   What it does enhance is millions of unidentified votes being sent in to counting centers by mail.    There is no vote security in plae.   It is in fact a free for all method to use vote fraud.   

Ome example where the case went to Court because there were 5,8 million devad and misisng voters in California the jud ge ruled that the State must clean up its voters role - but California th en passed a State Law that voters can only be removed roll once they request removal themselves - would be rather difficult in the ase of dead voters,

The problem is that in opinion polls 82% of he voters believe that voter identificaion is essential - but the Democratic Party refuse to follow the route the vast majority of voters in fact support  and Biden even tried to get th Caliorna system extended to cover the whole of the USA.   

Another crooked prioblm is what is called vote harvesing.   in  States weere it is allowed Party Agents can go aroud for up to 14 days after the election date to harvest votes from voer who did not vote in the election before or during election day.    There was anther example - again from California - where in 2018 in the 3 San Diego House districts after al votes were counted - the Republican Party  vandidates in th 3 House Districts won the elecion with a majority f a combie 252 000 votes.   In the 14 days after election day Democratic Party agents colleccted 256 000 votes delivering all 3 seats to the Democratic Pary.    The rackt continued in 2020 - but was stopped in 2022 and the Demcrats lost all three houes districts involved,   

While 82% of e US voters wants  a secure voite system - the Democratic Part fight vigorously to oppoe any legislation by States ti require proof of voter ID's when registered to vote and  when they vote.   Why should that be?

I also refer to the 2020 election where 61% of the voters claimed hat voter fraud was nedemic in he USA.   Of the voters n opinion plaes claimed that voter dfraud is endmic - 18% of those voters said that evidence that fraud would change the final result has not been provided,    I do not think that this type of thing is ever covered in the leftist media supporting the Biden regime so ur membrs are not even aware that there ware serious voer fraud problems in the USA.  




May 08, 2024, 03:52


Since your question is based on media allegaions I gave you an answer based on the opinion poll results  on the issue.    So I stick with what the majority of the USA voters think on the issue. 

Trump's response on the result of he 2020 election was no different from what Gore did in the 2000 election and Clinton did in the 2016 election.     I tink in vitually every election in the USA the losers do that type of thing .                    

May 08, 2024, 05:43

Ja, Jan 6 was a jamboree.................. normal post election behaviour from the losing party.

May 08, 2024, 07:11

Just answer the question FFS.....or refuse to answer the question.

And again if you think it's a 'No' then your cult hero is lying......say it!

And spare me your long drawn out boring lectures.

May 08, 2024, 18:41

"But let's role with your 'No' you admit that your hero Donnie the Super Stud is lying when he claims that the election was stolen from him?"

It's not lying if he believes it to be true...and I'm telling you, the narcissist that he is, really believes that he was robbed. 

May 09, 2024, 00:20

Oh so he believes he was robbed.....the emphasis is "on he believes".....and so do you, but even if you don't then he's still ok.....even though every court dismissed his claims. How on earth anyone can support him, a narcissist, in the most powerful office in the world is beyond reason. 

I don't buy that garbage.......not one ounce of it.......the man is more than a narcissist, he is  dangerous, a law unto himself and if he was anyone else but Trump then you would have dismissed him as an arsehole.

It's his way or the highway. 

No-one is allowed to stand in his way, his office was a revolving door, he was the only POTUS to suck up to the murdering Putin, had the mother and grandmother of a dummy spit after he lost the election and is an unashamed habitual Liar.

Yeah, go-on make excuses for  him, millions of dumb Americans do, millions of  dumb Americans think he cares about them.......ever struck a narcissist who cares about anyone but himself?......correction about his own bloated ego? Don't think so.

I'm done.

May 09, 2024, 01:19

Every statnement of yours above  BS you invented or were fed by media who specialize in distortion or outright lies.     Real leaders  have to take decisions - often hard ones - and not hide behinmd corrupt conduct obvious in the case of Biden.     The stuation in Ukraine is totally the result of US A  conduct.

It started off in 2014 when the USA funded and organized a coup in Ukraine and appoited a Cabinet of heir choice to run the country.    In the process they destroyed the Constitution of the country and appointed extremists to Govern the country and democracy went out of the window as a result and a civil war broke out in Eastern Ukraine that lasted since them and escalated into the full sclae wa that is now raging in Ukraine.   When Nuland the Assistant Secretary of State dealing with the appointment of Cabinet were approached by EU representatives to appoint more neutral people acxceptable to the EU countries she said "Fuck the EU.    Since 2014 the USA decided on averything petaining to Governance of Ukraine.

There was at least 3 efforts to stop the civil war in Eastern Ukraine and Zelenskyy in 2019 camaigned on the issue that he would end the Civil War in Eastern Ukraine through negotiations and was elected by the Ukraine voters based on that promise in the run-off election - he soon found ut that he had no decisionmaking powers at all - decisions on all important matters were taken in Washington and the puppets n Kiev than execute the decisions.    There were ample proof that is the real situation whn it comes to the Ukraine War.   

Trump does not like what is ahpening under Biden and the tnernatonal crisis stituation that developed since 2021 on international level.    Biden is openly for elecion purposes is sabotaging Israel and Demcorats attend the present riots funded by S oros and another Democratic Party billionaire family fund the present riots at US  Unversties by Muslim reactionaries and shouting of "Death to Israel" and "Death to the USA" are shouted out constantly and continuously,   So Biden's norm is "Fuck Israel" - I need the Muslim votes in Michigan and Minnesota to win the presidential election.     That approach is on international level a disaster and is driving  ex-alies of he USA into joining BRICS made  up of nations atagonistic against the USA.     

Trump knew that the issue of Ukraine will lead to inevitable disaster and knows that it would have to eb sovled through eace negotiations tos top the war.   Biden is so unpopular that in opinion polls 61% of the voters in the U SA  believes his presidency is a failure on both international and internal affairs.   He is found wanting on ecnomic issues where 70% of the voters said he failed in polls,    In opinion polls conducted by CNN Trump leaqd him by up to 6% of the total votes to be counted and led him win in the 7 battleground states he ahs to win to win in the presidency.     Biden's approval rating is worse than any US President in 70 years and he is extremely likely to win the 2024 election - and will inherit the disastrous mess created by Biden.

Part of that is negotuations with Putin to try and save Ukraine from further disasters,   His choice was to advise the Republicans in the House to pass th e Bill dealing with aid to Ukraine that will give him sme aces to deal in negotiations on solfving the War on a peaceful basis.   At the moment Putin holds all th aces with the Ukraine Army iand the Ukraie army in full retreat.   

So your story about "sucking" up to Putin is total BS - based on zero evidence and a holdover of what yuou ere taold since 2015 about the Russian Hoax lies of he Democrats and has zero historical fact.    

So found some proof to justify th e BS  you spout above - since none of he issues raised y you is not based on fact - but media lies and BS.   So try again.          .      .       

     .           .

     .            .       

May 09, 2024, 19:48

"and so do you, but even if you don't then he's still ok.."

To me he's way better than the alternative...way much's clear if you know where to obvious...I can't understand why you can't see it...but I don't blame you for not agreeing with is what it is....

May 09, 2024, 22:38

May 10, 2024, 04:12

Ja Blob...most things I use are 30% more expensive than 4 years ago.

May 10, 2024, 05:24

Ffs there are ditto  snap  klop stories all over the globe ............... down here eggs are on special at $10 doz

petrol over $3 lt.

May 10, 2024, 10:46

Koosisters $3 each

Apricot Mebos $12.50 per packet

Klippies $45 per bottle

Red Heart Rum $85 per bottle(cheaper by the doz.)

Prawns $45 per kilo

Delivery is xtra

May 10, 2024, 10:48

Is Biden running South Africa or something?

May 10, 2024, 14:35

"Is Biden running South Africa or something?"

Sadly, we'd probably take Biden . . .

May 10, 2024, 18:17

We don’t agree on much Rudehole not even Biden can fck up like the ANC.

May 10, 2024, 18:21

"Is Biden running South Africa or something?"

Ofcourse not, but the American economy and economic influence directly affect the rest of the world...especially oil...not to mention their foreign policy and wars.

May 10, 2024, 18:32

Americas wars…..there  you go….we should have let Ukraine go under and die Volk would be happy.

May 10, 2024, 18:51

Biden and DumbMike are two peas in a pod. Both are government bureaucrats with links to corruption.

The history of DumbMike is well documented on this forum, including:

  1. Initially, he was a strong proponent of Apartheid and worked in the government until it became clear that it (NP) was going to end.

  2. The police tapped his phone to monitor possible collaboration with terrorists to overthrow the government, including ANC bombers.

  3. He was thrown out of the National Party (NP) government after continued allegations of corruption with a so-called early retirement handshake.

  4. Then, when the ANC came into power, suddenly DumbMike was back working for the government again. 

  5. DumbMike then mingled with powerful ANC members, including when he met Zuma and they hatched a real estate scam.

  6. DumbMike later retired with another golden handshake- this time allegedly for selling out the white man, and the younger generations especially. He still continued to engage in part-time work for the ANC as a consultant to manage the transfer of power.

If was not for DumbMike, Apartheid might never have ended. The one man who changed history- some say for the worse. 

May 10, 2024, 19:06

Ou Maaik once described Jacob Zuma as a "true gentleman".

Just saying . . .

May 10, 2024, 19:39

"Americas wars…..there  you go….we should have let Ukraine go under and die Volk would be happy."

Nope, you (USA) should have prevented the war in the first Trump did for 4 years...the warmongers in DC are content for it to continue urgency to stop it...the Volk will be happy if Brent is back at under $50 and cheese, steak and spareribs under a R100 a kilo...not to mention the hike in beer prices...what a disaster things turned out to be.

May 10, 2024, 20:23

There may have been those who stupidly wanted the second Iraq war. Nobody wanted the Ukraine war.  Given the proportion of military spending in the annual budget the tax payers have made big sacrifices to fund them.

Why did the US fight these wars, for financial gain? Nonsense, they have been a massive loss. They were fought for ideological reasons, to resist the march of communism and to resist Moslem extremism.

Some of the concerns may have been overdone….but not from the perspective of just having fought WW2. The lesson was deal with the problem don’t let it fester.

As for the unrest at colleges in the States. This is nothing new, when I arrived in the States the Vietnam protests were in full swing, These things are unpleasant, but they serve as an outlet. The US after American independence and the UK are among the few major countries which have never had a revolution of some kind….because of the freedom of expression and the allure of possible success in life.

People outside the country see the lack of discipline as soft….it’s the opposite. It’s the reason the country keeps adding distance on it’s competitors.

May 10, 2024, 20:44

USA wars, justified or not, right or wrong, it does not matter, it affects the whole wide world, just  as a result of the scale of things...the money going to Ukraine in this war, was taken from somewhere...the whole world is paying for that somehow...not saying it's good or bad, just saying it affects everyone...and I think this war would never have happened with Trump in the Oval Office.

May 10, 2024, 21:22

Shark has no shame.

He uses GPT but doesn't credit it.

Don't be that guy.

May 10, 2024, 22:20

What this narcissistic, born with the silver spoon, property developer ?

How many Fortune 500 companies appoint as their CEO someone with zero experience in their respective industries ?

A Trump victory could be a catastrophe ............... fck him & his delusional supporters.

May 10, 2024, 23:14

So did Trump get Mexico to build the Wall. Did he get China to change its policy. Did he entice North Korea to rejoin normal international relations, did he prevent COVID from getting a grip in the US. These are all things he promised.

The war may not have happened if the US had a President who could actually engage in a dialogue…whether that was still true of Trump  after he lost the election is unclear.. 

May 10, 2024, 23:49

Nope, you (USA) should have prevented the war in the first Trump did for 4 years

Correlation does not equal causation. 

the warmongers in DC are content for it to continue urgency to stop it

The Warmonger is in the Kremlin. DC is trying to find a balancing between supporting Ukraine's perfectly legitimate right to self defence and avoid escalating into a full on confrontation between Russia and the west.

May 11, 2024, 05:14

"Correlation does not equal causation. "

Indeed...we'll never known what would have happened unde 4 more years of Trump...

BTW, I don't like Biden, but that's where it stops. I can't understand the intense hatred some people have for Trump...a lot of people...very odd.

May 11, 2024, 09:40

I can't understand the intense hatred some people have for Trump Biden...a lot of people...very odd.

You mean your mate SickMike!?

May 11, 2024, 09:46

Indeed...we'll never known what would have happened unde 4 more years of Trump...

So why are you saying Trump prevented a war happening for 4 years.

BTW, I don't like Biden, but that's where it stops. I can't understand the intense hatred some people have for Trump...a lot of people...very odd.

Its not hatred to point out that there is no evidence to support the claim that Trump prevented the Ukraine war for 4 years. 

May 11, 2024, 09:58

Trump had no intentions of supplying Ukraine....he wouldn't upset his hero, Putin.

May 11, 2024, 10:45

Trump had no intentions of supplying Ukraine....he wouldn't upset his hero, Putin.

He actually did authorize lethal aid to Ukraine during his term in office but I don't believe it was actually shipped out before the conflict started.

More recently he wanted to block military aid to Ukraine for his own political reasons but I think he realised it was making him look bad so he relented.

May 11, 2024, 10:52

Wasn't aid based on Zelensky digging the dirt on Hunter Biden?

May 11, 2024, 11:35

I think that aid with already approved by then, it was later Trump withheld it to put pressure on Zelensky.

May 11, 2024, 12:22

"So why are you saying Trump prevented a war happening for 4 years."

Because there was sh!t in Ukraine before his term...and shortly after his term, but nothing during his term...anecdotal,  but still a significant data the price of Brent prior to his presidency and shortly after...all coincidental I'm sure...

May 11, 2024, 12:25

"I think that aid with already approved by then, it was later Trump withheld it to put pressure on Zelensky."

He put pressure on Zelensky to expose obvious corruption...and that's a bad thing?

May 11, 2024, 12:27

"Wasn't aid based on Zelensky digging the dirt on Hunter Biden?"

No need to dig up was obvious...the pressure was applied to acknowledge the corruption and not expose it...

May 11, 2024, 12:54

ButtPlug, ChatGPT did not know anything about DumbMike, or at least not until I used it to edit my own comments. I am not going to credit Chat GPT to be my grammar editor.

May 12, 2024, 06:57

I think that aid with already approved by then, it was later Trump withheld it to put pressure on Zelensky.

Kinda six of one half a dozen of another....aid had been approved but held back unless Zelensky provided the alleged dirt on Hunter Biden. It sounds like Trump was holding a gun to Zelensky's head.

Supply the dirt and I'll order the release but if you don't........

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