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Jan 06, 2021, 22:51

This from the Cato Institute:

Markets provide the most efficient means of distributing the vaccine to those who want and need it. Instead, policymakers on all levels of government have chosen the opposite: central planning. Now we read of reports in the news that many frontline health workers—those assigned top priority for immunization—are not following the plan. They are reluctant to take the vaccine. 

On New Year’s Day, the Los Angeles Times reported that anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of Southern California health care workers are refusing immunization. The New York Post reported similar resistance in New York, Ohio, and Texas.

This is very disappointing. Frontline health workers are not only at greater risk of contracting the virus but at greater risk of spreading it around their institution or bringing it home. It is reasonable to expect that, with their background in health care, they would have a greater appreciation for the value as well as the reported safety and efficacy of the two new vaccines. The longer it takes to get an estimated 70% of the population immunized, the longer it will take to reach herd immunity. (Of course, the millions of people who have already contracted and recovered from COVID are immune as a result and contribute to the goal of herd immunity as well.)

Many people who public health officials designated as lower priority for the vaccine are particularly frustrated to learn of this news. They very much want to receive the vaccine but are currently denied the chance, while vaccine vials allocated to first priority designees may go unused since manufacturers requirethem, regardless of any state policies or lack thereof, to be discarded if they are stored beyond safe time periods.


So with central planning at the helm we have vaccines being discarded that others desperately want.....a little amuse-bouche for those wanting the full socialist menu.

Jan 06, 2021, 23:53

Up to 50% of Healthcare workers refusing the vaccine? I wonder why?

Jan 07, 2021, 01:50

There is a strong suspicion of vaccines in the’s hard to understand.

Jan 07, 2021, 02:23

The Indian government seems to have bullied the company making the Oxford vaccine into giving the first 100 million to them. 

The UK hoped to be first, particularly as it is the Oxford vaccine and the UK is worse for Covid than anywhere. 

Jan 07, 2021, 02:29

I suspect its a number of factors.

Genuine concern over the speed at which these vaccines where approved. Some might suspect these vaccines where not properly tested and shortcuts may have been taken.

In the recent years there has been an attack on science, expertise and facts for political benefit that have led to a deep mistrust in scientific disciplines such as medicine. As in the people developing the vaccine must have some sinister agenda. This also combines with the more widespread dissemination of conspiracy theories, which means you have people believing the pandemic is a hoax, designed to scare people into getting vaccinated, a vaccination that will somehow lead to Bill Gates and the NWO running the world. You can probably add to this a lack of confidence in vaccine being pushed by the people who very badly handled the pandemic.

Jan 07, 2021, 09:08

Stav...the figure mentioned was for Healthcare workers, not general public...they should know better...maybe they do. I see lots of doctors questioning some of the so-called preventative measures and regulations too. If there's no checks and benefits for Big Pharma, why would they be more ethical and reliable than Big Oil?

It is a dangerous world we live in at present.

Jan 07, 2021, 12:11


Healthcare works are still human beings after all. Their just as susceptible to misinformation as the rest of us are. Sure there is doctors questioning some of the regulations and preventative measure and that's a good thing, however they are a small minority. Its healthy to ask questions and challenge the prevailing arguments but at the same time you have to ask the questions and challenge these alternate viewpoints as much as the prevailing view points. After all any argument in isolation sounds great.

Absolutely there should be checks on big Pharma, peoples health is on the line.

Jan 07, 2021, 13:20


The USA had just gone through a very bad election period  when the Covid19 pandemic was politized and used as election propaganda.   The DP candidates say they would not accept vaccination and the media campaign broadcast their opposition to vaccines countrywide,

However, the politicians  were dishonest and were the first to be vaccinated.    Once a political disinformation process became the norm - millions of people develop a notion that the vaccines will be dangerous and that notion would stick for years to come,    

Jan 07, 2021, 14:27

"Sure there is doctors questioning some of the regulations and preventative measure and that's a good thing, however they are a small minority. Its healthy to ask questions and challenge the prevailing arguments but at the same time you have to ask the questions and challenge these alternate viewpoints as much as the prevailing view points."

Sure, but these days, some views are scrubbed from the net by the likes of Google, Twitter and YouTube...we are being manipulated into what to think...and it's not even handled...clear bias.

Jan 07, 2021, 14:35


America's handling of the pandemic is one of the worst in the world. Any government in any democratic country that oversaw such a disastrous response would come up against enormous criticism from its political opposition. If their was an election in the UK right now, its pretty much certain the conservatives would be turfed out. In America most of the politicization came from the political right, they where the ones who politicized wearing face masks for example.

Which DP candidates said they would not accept vaccination and which media outlets where also against vaccines countrywide. If there was media outlets again they where likely right wing.

I agree with your last point. Just no with whom is spreading the disinformation.

Jan 07, 2021, 15:00


The issue of the right wing politicing the pandemic is non-existent - it came from the leftwing and the media,  It was Biden and  Harris who stated that they would not take the vaccine if developed under the Trump administration - sad to say.   However, they both were of the first people to receive vaccines,

By the way Health is a State Function in the USA - not a Federal Government function - the worst problems were in states governed by the Democrats.    The only role the Federal Government has to play is help the States financially and provide assistance to help the population when in need.  So the main mess were in the Democratic States like New York, California and Illinois, with Michigan hard on their heels,  .     .        

I have a believe that it is more honorable to be a prostitute than a politician - unfortunately it applies in all democratic countries in the world,   LOL   

Jan 07, 2021, 15:41

Its like we are on different planets at times.  the politicization of the pandemic was almost totally from the right wing. Harris and Biden did not say that, go and look up what the actually said.

As for health, yes its handled at state level and yes there was mistakes at the state level, there was mistakes by democrats at the state level and other levels/area's as well as mistakes made by organizations that where not politically related. However the democrats mostly control cities and cities where always going to be hit harder by the pandemic simply due to population density. Blaming the high figures in cities entirely as because of democratic leadership is false.

Jan 07, 2021, 16:50


I read widely and the attack was from the Democrats on Trump and I even listened to the video clips  where both said they would not use vaccine treatment if the vaccines were made available by the Trump administration.   

As to the above I am not capable of tracing video clips like that  - but I am prepared to state under oath as to what I wrote above.  

No I am not blaming anybody in the political scene for the pandemic deaths because their were problems on both sides in the USA.    It should never became a politicized issue at all.   The fact is that the mask story is one of mistakes on both sides,   When hundreds of thousands of protestors - in protests organized and paid for by the Democrats - took to the streets in the Black Lives Matter issue all previous rules as to distances and masks were discarded  and no regulatory control in the major cities where the protests took place were not  adhered to.   

So both sides were guilty - but 80% of the mass media supported the Democrats and  whatever they said were taken as gospel.      


Jan 07, 2021, 21:46

Trump never politicized the virus. His team didn’t fully buy into masks (which have been discredited in the only randomized study), the death projections which were way high and the draconian lock downs.  That’s not political ...saying Trump failed Covid is political.

Let me try again. The US is not just a country, it’s a continent. And it’s constitution was designed to treat States almost as separate countries....leaving foreign policy, the military and taxation as the main functions of the Central government.

This independence is enforced by State level judges as we saw when Trump tried to control immigration. If Trump told New York they shouldn’t send Covid patients back to nursing homes, some local judge would have shot him down.

Covid was left to the States, which  nonetheless could call on Federal Resources. They adopted very different approaches.....New York, New Jersey, California and Michigan went for Draconian lockdowns....Texas and Florida let people make the decisions.

And the results are remarkably similar with California playing the role of the U.K. right now. Why is this? Because success isn’t determined by governments, it’s determined by the culture, physical factors and the decisions people make.

And success is ephemeral ....the U.K. looks bad right now but if this thing went on long enough some other European nation would be in the cross hairs.

Trump has damaged himself very badly with these protests/riots....but blaming him for Covid is ignorant.

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