Zelensky could be ousted for not negotiating peace.

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Nov 16, 2023, 09:36

Things are turning against Zelensky in Europe and America. Ukraine is being blamed now for the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipeline via a fantastical narrative. Israel is deflecting people's attention.

According to time magazine the average age of an Ukrainian soldier is 43. Bear in mind there are now teenagers being conscripted. Exclude them and you could be nearer an average age of 50.

Read the comments as well as some great points are made. Eg Zelensky never kept the terms of the Minsk accords as he continued the bombing of Russians in East Ukraine. 

It appears also the facts are starting to appear in the so called MSM who have called any dissenters Putin supporters etc etc. Certainly I support Putin against the Globalist who are the biggest scoundrels the world have ever had.

Anyhow here this interesting clip

Nov 16, 2023, 20:55

Jeepers, if there's any magazine that follows wars over the last century it's Time magazine.

They are 100 years old this year as well... same age as that Bourne fellow the US us trying to use as a stooge for blowing up Nord Stream. 

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