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Jan 09, 2021, 20:13

Having nothing much of interest to watch on TV today I watched the Momentum 1 Day Cup match today,

Of the players you mentioned M Ackerman and Roelofsen, as well as De Swardt and  Andile played for the Dolphins so I would give you a rundown of what happened,:-

M Ackerman

He opened the battings for the Dolphins.   The game was played in Potchefstroom - where the pitch make batting difficult.  Ackerman has the right technique and is an elegant batter,   However, he only made 18 runs and was caught trying to accelerate the batting,   He looked a dangerous customer.


How this guy is not in the ODI squad is amazing.   He played in the Momentum Cup competition  last year and in 10 matches made 588 runs in 10 matches for an average of 58.8 runs per innings,   He consequently was in that category the  Player of the Year ln 2020,

He opened the batting with Ackerman  - but went on to make 65 runs at an average of just short of 6 per over,   Despite the rather difficult pitch he scored runs freely and his technique is sound,   Really a star already, 


The Dolphins batted first and when Andile came in he like other players struggled to get going - after facing 18 balls he had 5 runs - but then he found his feet and started batting very well at a fast run rate and ended up making 52 runs 0 the third highest number of runs of any batsmen in the game.

After bowling 2 overs and three balls in which he went for 20 runs without taking a wicket he left the field for treatment - but came back later and bowled another 5 overs,   In his second session he took no wickets - but was much more economical.  Did not seem to me that it was a serious injury he was treated for,

De Swardt

Like  Ackerman he struggled in the batting component and made only 8 runs,  However when Andile left the field the over he started was completed by De Swardt.   Ge bowled 7 further overs and ended up with the best bowling figures on the day - taking three wickets while bowling.   Look like another good prospect to me.

Miller also played for the Dolphins but was out for a duck,  He took to catches though,  

The Dolphins beat the Titans by a mile.



Jan 10, 2021, 01:09

To the top with this one 

Jan 10, 2021, 13:04

There is an update on the above with the second Momentum game in progress:,    Thios game is between the Dolphins and the Knights with the Dolphins batting first..

M Ackerman 

The bowling attack of the Knights in the main consist of spin bowling and Ackeraman  struggled badly facing the Knights spinners - especially Snyman - and as out for 1 run facing 13 balls,  


This guy is phenomenal - he scored 92 runs at 5,5 rpo and now has 157 runs in two innings batted at an average of 78,5.


 Like yesterday Andile struggled in the batting initially,   He had 6 runs from 11 balls when he hits the ball high up into the sky and when it came down the bowler missed a simple catch. In this process he made two runs    He did hit the next ball bowled by the same bowler for 6 - but thereafter he made only 1 run from 3 balls and was out with his score at 15 - rather a substandard show.

Andile so far took no wickets and was extremely expensive in his bowling today.   Yesterday they gave him 7 overs to bowl  - today it was only 6 overs since he was so poor they would not give him anymore - in the 6 overs he gave away 44 runs

 I am not sure  if there is not a physical problem here,   He looked \rather fatter than he used top be.    

De Swardt

He made 36 runs this innings and looked good in batting - was given out with a ball that hit his pads outside of the leg stump and would have missed the stumps - bad umpire decision.   Took two more wickets and ran out Behardien - as well as making two catches,   


Unlike the game yesterday when he was out for a duck - he made 57 runs today,   Showed ability against the mostly spin attack of the Knights, 


I decided  to keep a look out for this player ass well - despite his 27 years of age,   A good batsman with the necessary strike rate.   He scored 56 runs today from the 61 balls he faced.   


Jan 10, 2021, 13:39

Need to keep in mind this is 50 over cricket where added pressure is placed on bats to sometimes play shots they would not normally play in order to accelerate the run rate

The true test is their performance in the 4 day games

Jan 10, 2021, 14:44


The upcoming tour to Pakistan includes  three T20I games - where the pressure to score at a fast rate is even more pressing.   I deal in this case with the ODI's in view of upcoming  shorter version games,    It does not necessarily reflect their abilities to play in tests,

Neither Van Tonder nor Migael Pretorius are in the Knights team and they presumably are not playing because of injury.   The latter is a bowling all=rounder and would routinely play in matches like the Momentum Cup.      

The  third  game in the series is tomorrow when the Titans are playing the Knights,  All games in the series are in Potchefstroom where teams are in a bio-secure facility,   

Next week is the turn of the Cobras, Warriors and Highland Lions to play and I will look out and see what Hamza and a few others produce, 

By the way Roelofsen is also a very good opening batsman  on the longer version of the game and for me the natural replacement of Elgar and Markram should he be needed to replace any of the two,   His batting stats on first class level is much better than those of Elgar anyway,   .       

Jan 10, 2021, 18:10

Tomorrow's game is between the Titans and the Knights   Aside from Gouws and in the absence of Van Tonder and Pretorius there is no other player worth following,   Will report back tomorrow. 

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