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Jan 04, 2023, 13:21

When Nortje came on the scene in 2019 Mozart went on his campaign against the player when some of the members suggested that he should be in the 2019 CWC.   Nortje sustained a minor hand injury a month before the squad was announced and that was used by the selection committee to omit him from the squad and selected Steyn.   His reaction when some members criticize the selection of Steyn was to be expected - he went on his normal rampage against Nortje.   

Steyn failed totally in the series and when he was to be replaced the selection selected Hendriks to replace him.  Again the decision was criticized by some of us and Mozart went ballistic again.  Throughout Mozart stated he was another "seuntjie" and that was the normal story of Mozart for years now.

Nortje proved himself as the top SA bowler not only on international level - but also on club level.    When Delhi ws forced to release their players and only retain 4 Nortje was one of the 4 and Rabada was released by them.  Today the Aussies were running wild in the test - they are now 147/2 with Nortje taking both wickets with a total of 11 overs bowled giving away 26 runs.   All the other bowlers struggled as well.

So another player Mozart called a "seuntjie" turned out to be a top class bowler.   



Jan 04, 2023, 22:00

It’s ‘pet’ hate actually. Petty is a different word. And I recall making comments about Olivier, not Nortje. Perhaps I have forgotten so reproduce them them please. 

But just to be clear, I have been a fan of this player for a few years now…..he has probably the best action of any fast bowler active today.

Jan 04, 2023, 22:34

Noooo Moz KG has the best action out there

He has unfortunately lost his mojo but I hardly blame him given the piss poor side he is playing for

Jan 05, 2023, 01:46

Why bother Mike, we know he dissed Nortje(seuntie) before he even bowled a ball then dissed Verryenne after his first crack at international level. Not too sure which is funniest but soon as Verryenne scored some runs he quick-smart U Turned and said he was looking better than QDK and that QDK wouldn't be missed.

The man is a fruitcake.

Jan 05, 2023, 02:52

So after Verrynne failed early in his test career, he has settled…..and I went from questioning his suitability to accepting his place in the team. Gosh that seems what every intelligent fan should do. What’s the charge?

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