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Jun 04, 2019, 03:06

out hope for the worst Protea squad to represent South Africa at a CWC is either a dreamer or a die-hard fan. Good luck to both. Sad to think that it's taken four years of planning and hard work to be a dismal failure once again at cricket's highest level. I'm surprised by the shock horror expressed by some and the porous solutions to fix a hole-ridden boat that was never ready to undertake the journey.

The problems started with the selection of the squad, what's happening in the playing arena are the fruits of those selections. One other failure lies in the strategy, management believed that the attack was to be their strong suit. That's equivalent to a bird flying with one wing. I warned against both after the squad was chosen. To break down the squad I would describe it as dumb, jittery, toothless and classless. What you see is what you get, there is no way of turning a clay pigeon into a racing pigeon. How on earth can you front with the likes of Pretorius, Morris, Shamsi and an injured Steyn as well as a wheelchair-ridden Amla, not to mention the serial failure Miller at the world's cricketing premier event expecting to win the coveted trophy? It's just dumb. To make matters worse the players don't get the feel of the wicket whether batting or bowling for if they did they'd make the necessary adjustments. As an example, watch Wahab Riaz at the death bowling, in one over he came around the wicket as well as over the wicket, mixed things up with slower and faster balls, threw in a yorker and a bouncer resulting in a dropped catch and 2 wickets. Our bowlers don't have that mindset. Batting wise the Proteas are incapable of scoring 350 runs on a flat bat-friendly wicket and whether they bat first or last adds no advantage to a team that is incapable of helping itself.

Unfortunately I believe the worst is yet to come, wishing that I'm wrong I'm predicting a winless tournament for the Proteas unless of course they somehow manage to beat, I'm not joking. And about Afghanistan, some on here might not be familiar with Rashid Khan, the Proteas batsmen are, cast an eye on the seat of their tracksuits and you'll notice some brown stains.

My sympathies go out to Faf, a great captain, my captain, the finest Protea captain ever.......he deserves better.

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