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Jul 15, 2022, 13:19

There's a few new faces in the team whom I'm not convinced are of international standard. Tannie Lee has retired, she's going to earn some retirement dosh playing T20 leagues. I don't think she was at her best at the T20 WC. 

Anyway the girls were unimpressive in the first of two ODI's versing England, their attack let them down real bad and they failed to bat out their innings.  Marizanne was consistently wide and short and got punished, sad really because she's a stalwart of the team and for someone of her experience it's inexcusable.

The 2nd ODI is later this evening(AESDT) so here's hoping the girls can pick themselves up and level the series. Not sure if they have their full complement of top bowlers but it would make a difference if they had Shabnim Ismail who was missing from the first ODI.

Go ladies!

Jul 15, 2022, 15:50

Yes we are.

Agree the team is not as good as the WC team was in NZ.

But give the newbees a few international games to sort themselves out and I am sure that the team will perform.

Jul 18, 2022, 11:21

With the series already wrapped up by England our ladies are only playing for pride in ODI 3 which starts in a few hours time. England have been vastly superior thus far so it's hard to imagine our ladies pulling one back. A change of team provided the best batting line up in  ODI 2 but it failed to produce much needed improvement so there isn't a lot more that can be done as far as the quality of selected players. 

It would be nice if they pulled one back but to do that they will need to perform as a unit not as one or two individuals shining with the bat. Bat out the 50 overs and post a good score then let's see what happens from thereon in.

Here's hoping. 

Go ladies.

Jul 18, 2022, 16:40

Watching the game and it appears to be slipping away from the SA side.

Not only is the attack poor but the batting thus far in the series has been a disaster for most.

England have dominated the series from the first ball bowled.


Jul 19, 2022, 03:21

Outbatted or is it outbatter-ed, outbowled and outclassed. A slightly better show with regards to batting but on a flat track our ladies once again let themselves down. Laura failed to score a big one after looking set with characteristic shot making through the covers and straight drives to the long-off boundary at more than a run a ball. Her premature dismissal was a big blow but it was a pleasure to watch a world class Batslady in classic mode.

Oh well, tomorrow is a different day......

Jul 23, 2022, 16:42

Different day same result unfortunately.

Pity that one of the better players had to return to RSA.

Jul 23, 2022, 17:28

Question is have the squad got the talent to score runs and bowl out the other team.

The answer thus far is NO.

Also does Luus have what is needed as the captain to draw the best out of the players.

Thus far she has not shown any leadership as a captain or with the bat or ball.

Time for a change at the top I would say.

Jul 25, 2022, 04:37

There's one positive that came out of the game which was the opening pair laying a great foundation. Unfortunately the middle order failed to capitalise and the loss of Marizanne made a huge difference, Luus is hopelessly out of form and yes I agree she needs to be replaced as the captain hopefully Dane Van Niekerk recovers soon enough to take up the role. 

Jul 25, 2022, 20:56

Dane van Niekerk has been out for about a year after breaking her foot (I think it was) so with rehab she should be ready to assume the role once more.

Does anyone have an update on her progress.

Jul 26, 2022, 01:55

She fractured her left ankle and was expected to be out for 3 months,  that injury occurred just days before the last T20 WC. The England series is part of the Proteas prep for the Commonwealth Games which is coming up shortly. Dane has been selected in an extended squad for the games but whether she'll be fit enough remains in the balance. Still, there's other pressing problems which need to be addressed, their bowling for a start is woeful and their batting lacks consistency.

Jul 26, 2022, 16:23

Thanks for the update.

Agree with your comments regarding the issues that need to be addressed.

But the issue is will they be addressed.

Have my doubts.

Jul 27, 2022, 04:29

The news ain't getting better. Marizanne a stalwart of the side has ruled herself out of the Com Games. She abandoned the current tour to support her sister after her brother in law was seriously injured in a car accident. This is a huge blow.

Jul 27, 2022, 21:42

Sorry to hear that, as she was about the only player in the squad that did anything.

Trust that her brother in law makes a speedy recovery and can resume a normal life.

She will be missed BIG TIME.

Jul 30, 2022, 16:35

The ladies came close but the top batters once again failed to deliver.

The bowlers are not having much success either.

Ismail is either very much off form or past her best it appears.

Poor showing with little or no class with bat or ball and no leadership to speak of.

Disappointing performance once more.

Jul 30, 2022, 16:45

Don't be too harsh on the girls. Read an interesting story recently about our girls not having the benefit of a domestic league like Oz and England.

Aug 01, 2022, 16:53

But some of the selections that have been made are a joke.

The squad that played in the WC last year in NZ did well considering your above post so what is the reason for the collapse this season.

Tannie has gone but seeing the squad this season looks like Tannie should have stayed on.

At least she made a few catches if nothing else.

Wonder if the coaches and manager ever played the game.

Aug 04, 2022, 17:19

Once more beaten and struggling..

The ladies came close but we all know that without Marizanne present motivating the team with her performances and verbal encouragement they are struggling.

Pity how things have turned out for them.

Aug 04, 2022, 19:30

"Tannie has gone but seeing the squad this season looks like Tannie should have stayed on."

She didn't pass fitness standards and rather retired than being dropped. 

Aug 04, 2022, 20:18

Thanks DbD for the update.

I did read her comments on the BBC link as to why she withdrew.

Question though how can they have a fitness test but no skills test to be in the SA ladies squad?
Surely both are requirements for a national sports team?


Sure Tannie was overweight but she had some cricket skills like catching and batting.

Not knocking any players selected but it is a very weak batting squad and even poorer fielding and bowling squad with no leadership from captain or management.

Thankfully we have a team in our draw that is weaker than we are so we will at least save face by not being at the bottom of the table after this round.

Aug 05, 2022, 22:35

Quisling ... What do you mean "our girls"?

You're an Ozzie, right?

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