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Batting woes

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Jan 28, 2019, 10:17

Why is it that the Proteas just can't get the balance right? When we have a strong batting line up, our bowlers are iffy, when we have a world class bowling line up, as we do now, our batsmen are iffy. If we could just align those two things we'd be unstoppable. It has been the same story since readmission. 


Jan 28, 2019, 12:51

I have done an analysis on the issue iro the series against India and  SA, the Australia - SA series and the present SA - Pakistan series.

There remains a problem  that has as yet not being solved and the problem relates ibn the main to a reasonable strike rate being in the majority of cases being too low and the fact is that players are out before really establishing themselves in batting.   

Once you actually analyze the results it is found that -

*   if De Kock is out early - the chances of winning or being competitive is near to zero;

*   the run-per-over rate  of Amla starts off quickly and then deteriorates badly - there are numerous examples of those in all the three series  mentioned;

*    Hendricks is always a way to slow a batsman  when it comes to RPO - in the Aussie series last year it was below 3.3 rpo;

*    Markram had two poor innings against India in the first two  ODI's - but afterwards in that series he did much better and same can be said about the Australia series.   His RPO rate always was circa 5,7 rpo.    

There is no way that top batsmen in a series can bat at a rpo rate of lower than 5 and without making a reasonable score.    Amla is a bad problem as an example.   In the latest  ODI Amla scored  12 runs in over 3 - but in the rest of the game his RPO rate was 3,75 - which is way below what it should be,   Another example was in the previous ODI - where his RPO rate in the time he made 50 runs of 52 balls  and in the latter stage he made 52 runs of 67 balls, with the rpo rate being  4,65.   That also is too low.   That is where Mark Nicholas  made a remark on the way the game was played.    I think that it may be better to move Amla to bat at 6 - which may be enough to score at the run rate he scores initially for the full game. 

It is a shame that Hendricks is selected to play ahead of Markram.- he is not fitting into th scheme.   That relates to all three series mentioned.

I would say that the batting order should be as follows::-


De Kock

Van der Dussen

Du Plessis



I would also think that Hamz needs to come into the picture.   I would seriously think that he could be played ahead of Miller or even Amla. 

 The age maniac refers to a return of  AB as a solution.   The last two ODI's AB made a total of 37 runs off 42 balls against the Indians.   He after that series announced his retirement from international cricket,   The first series he played in subsequently was the Mzanzi series - where he was rather average in performance.   Everyone will welcome him back to the team - but I think AB lost interest in playing international cricket and that would influence his performances.   He probably realized that he would rather play recreational cricket like in the IPL and other short series (and make plenty of money from it) - but I think he would flatly refuse to submit himself to the pressure that comes with playing on international level.      



Jan 28, 2019, 14:19

A player that has a slightly lower strike rate like Amla is fine as an opener that can hang around. In fact such a player is very good at anchoring down an innings and keeping things calm, there do however have to be a players on the other end that can push the strike rate. When you have two players in the Amla mold playing together, it can be catastrophic for the run rate. As is evident in the game against Pakistan when he and Hendriks cost us the match. For me they should have gotten team orders to take the risk and force the run rate, even if it cost a wicket. Also, two such players cannot be in one team. That whole debacle was a massive strategic failure more than an indictment on either man. 

A balanced team requires someone like Amla to anchor an inning and at this point he still seems to be able to do that effectively, so I have no problem with him being in the team. But you can't have two players in the team that play that way. Mike, I see no point having Amla down the order as you've suggested above. Down the order he will never add value.  

Jan 28, 2019, 15:34


I did a detailed study of the last ten ODI's Amla played in and there was a  serious worrying factor emerging,   However, when trying to make the post containing all the data the computer went haywire and went off site - so I lost all the data.   I will try and get the data back and repost the item.  

Jan 28, 2019, 15:34


I did a detailed study of the last ten ODI's Amla played in and there was a  serious worrying factor emerging,   However, when trying to make the post containing all the data the computer went haywire and went off site - so I lost all the data.   I will try and get the data back and repost the item.  

Jan 28, 2019, 16:40 can you even indulge this nonsense. Tokkie clearly hates Amla and is using his run rate....which is better than Imam, to spin a false narrative. Amla has been our best bat so far.

Jan 28, 2019, 16:51


You appear to attach very much importance to anchoring of the innings – so one has to deal with that issue in real perspective.    In his prime  Amla  had a problem with starting innings and  he batted very slowly for the first few overs.    He then progressed  rapidly and by the end of hsi innings he was  often enough batting at way over  5 rpo and upped his overall rate to above 6 rpo with a very  good number of runs.   That would make him an exceptional  batsman and anchoir for a team.

However – over the past  year  Amla played  in 11 ODI’s  - he did not play in the  Australia  series  (which the  Proteas won)    and for the rest in the Indian series (6 games) and the  present Pakistani series  Amla’s  batting performance was as  follows:-


1      Runs      16    -    balls faced     17

2      Runs      23    -     balls faced    32

3      Run         1     -     balls faced      2

4      Runs      33    -     balls faced    40

5      Runs      71   -      balls faced    92

6      Runs      10   -      balls faced    19

Total    Runs           =      154

Total balls faced    =      202

Strike rate               =     76,24

RPO                          =     4,57

The  above figure is not much  of the anchorage in evidence in the series,   Other than the 73 runs Amla’s scores were below par.


1      Runs    108    -    balls faced     120

2      Runs        8    -     balls faced        5

3      Run        25     -     balls faced     30

4      Runs      59    -     balls faced       75

5      Runs      14   -       Balls faced      17                 

Total    Runs           =      214

Total balls faced    =      247

Strike rate               =     85,94

RPO                          =     5,15

Combined  11 ODi's played

Total    Runs           =      368

Total balls faced    =      449

Strike rate               =      81,96

RPO                          =     4,92

The above figures  indicate  an improvement in the figures from last year,    In the first ODI  Amla did well  -  he made his first 50 runs  in 52 balls -  but the next  58 runs was  at 68 balls faced.   In the 58 runs is included 10 runs from 1 six and 1 four.    That means from  66 balls faced  Amla made 48 runs – which was at a rate  of 4,36.   This lethargic approach  caused  problems insofar as Mark Nicholas’ remarks  during  overs 40 to 50 and caused some real media problems..    In the fourth  ODI  the RPO was  also  low -  ie  4,72.


From 11 games played  it could be argued  that Amla anchored the innings in 3 games  even though in 2 of those his  rpo  was too low -  in the third one there was  in the media  comments about a lack of urgency .

Fact is that all three games where Amla made substantial runs were lost by the Proteas  so their was serious evidence of deficiency about his run rate and in his contribution to the team effort.

There was also a serious problem in respect of fielding,   IN the Pakistani series the Protea missed 8 catches which would have determine whether the games were won or lost,   Of the 8 missed catches 4 was missed by Amla,  

The orc hates players - I look at performance which is  never dealt with by the orc - I do not hate any players.    

Jan 31, 2019, 00:19

Info updated after 5tth ODI against Pakistan.

Jan 31, 2019, 00:19

Info updated after 5tth ODI against Pakistan.

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