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Jul 01, 2020, 05:26

I have an old friend who also went to my old school who was a slow spin bowler who nailed Mike Proctor (Hilton) with (as he tells me) the worst ball he ever bowled...a useless full toss that anybody could have kited out the grounds.

The same thing happened to me...a very average player, couldn't really do much on the field except sometimes with bowling...flashes in the pan.

When I was first in the Cape in Somerset West I played club cricket for local clubs, Somerset West (De Beers/AE&CI) and Navy Gym (Gordons Bay). We played against Distillers and Stellenbosch Farmers Winery a lot...they had ex provincial and Springbok players incidentally...Eddie (Bunter) Barlow and Andre Bruyns to name a few.

We often played at a beautiful country field in Franschhoek where the cricket became very festive against SFW where Barlow was the Sales Manager...the best meat on braai and liberal amounts of that liquid that really does not improve your prowess at physical activity, especially the sharpness required there.

I also took Eddie with a similar ball, much to the roars of approval from the motley crew that assembled at these gatherings.

Those were wonderful days. Gosh we had fun.

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