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Jan 07, 2020, 16:45

15 overs to go 3 wickets in hand

Come on boys

Jan 07, 2020, 16:53

Get rid of that fucking useless Pretorious

Jan 07, 2020, 17:07

Philander is a more than competent bat but he bats with no brains in terms of keeping the strike

Jan 07, 2020, 18:06


They lost the game and I have serious reservations about some players,

Top of the list is Faf du Plessis.   Then there is Hamza, Pretorius and even Philander,

Lets look at why:-

Du Plessis

His scores in the two tests were as follows:-

First test     29  +  20    =    49

Second test  1  +   19   =    20

In two tests he scored   a total of 69 runs -  ie an average of 17,25 runs per innings 

That for as key batsman is extremely poor,  I think his eye-hand co-ordination is a majopr problem - but another is the way he went out in two of the innings.   A captain underperforming is a serious problem I am afraid,          


His scores in the two tests were as follows:-

First test     39  +  4     =    43

Second test  5  + 18   =     23

I know he is a youngster with potential - but in the last two tests an average of 16,5 runs per innings is just not on.

I would give Petersen a chance in his place.  


He did take a few wickets, but his batting is a problem and a bad one at that,   I think he should be replaced.  Phehlukwayo may be he one - but there are other cnadidtaes as well


I know that I will be crucified for saying this - but looking at his bowling in the second test and comparing that with his bowling in the first innings in the first test - it seems to me that he has fitness poblems and that may be a major handicap in the remaining two tests,  His pace was gone and his bowling harmless,  Maybe they should start looking at a replacmenet since he is leaving the squad after the English series anyway,      

Jan 07, 2020, 18:11

We lost in the end thanks to 2 stupid shots by de Kock and the non thinking of Rassie

But ultimately we did a good job of nearly hanging in there

Nope you can’t begin to question Philander he is pure class

Hamza did a good job of sticking it out. Needs to work on his vulnerability outside off

The one player that is utterly useless is Pretorious he has to go

Jan 07, 2020, 18:19

I stick with my comments about Faf du Plessis though and realize that I would be called out mentioning Philander.

If he is to be retained I think Nortje should be the opening bowler,     

Jan 07, 2020, 18:26

Bullshit Philander is pure class his position is NEVER in doubt.

A bowler does not always take wickets he was good in the first innings at Newlands but down on pace in the second innings thanks to the whole side being flat because of our pathetic batting performance

Nortje was not flat but that’s hardly surprising given he is only at the start of his test career

Jan 07, 2020, 19:00

Dumb Wanker.....Philander is a swing bowler, and nobody could extract any swing after the second day. And the little bit of pitch movement  was only available off a few was a dead pitch.

Find yourself in a test where there is movement and Philander will be our most dangerous bowler...again.

Jan 07, 2020, 19:37

Valiant effort...close. Huge difference to the team that folded lake a house of cards a few months ago.  Some fighting spirit for a change.

Jan 08, 2020, 06:04

Man over a ton in the first innings and a solid 50 in the second what a batsman.

Oops sorry, that was the Saffer playing for Oz not the Marigolds.

They sure could have used his batting skills at Newlands.

But then again he might not have been selected.

Hey Wisden? 

Jan 08, 2020, 09:40


The great thinker at it again.   There was no swinging in the test - but why was Philander omn evidence 5 kms slower than in the first test?   I am not questioning Philander's ability - I am questioning his fitness.   Normal idiocy in evidence by the great Mozart.

Then we have the utter silence on what I wrote about Du Plessis and Hamza,  Two of the Du Plessis dismissals came from idiotic and mindless strokes and if Du Plessis lasted another hour maybe the test could have been drawn - but he did not,  His inept dismissal in the first innings was the same - gone for 1 after facing 5 balls.   Was that enough for the Proteas captain?   We have a serious case for re-considering the batting line-up involving not only Hamza - but also Du Plessis.

On that the master of total idiocy on site is totally silent.   Why?           

Jan 08, 2020, 12:56

Mikes comment:
"His pace was gone and his bowling harmless"


Mike, he never ever had any pace. But his bowling average remains 22.

Pace isnt what gets him wickets, dumbass.

Jan 08, 2020, 13:38

He was always an expert at swing bowling at between 125 and 130 kms.   Swing  bowling at 120 kms was not produced at all in the second innings  in he 2nd test.    bowling without swing was just a run-giver to the English.   

I never said  I had  problem with his bowling - I was worried about his fitness,     Take an example as to the last two tests:-

First Test

First Innings

Bowled         -     12,2 overs

Maidens        -      8

Runs             -      16

Econ rate      -        1,1

Wickets        -        4

Second  Innings

Bowled         -     25 overs

Maidens        -      8

Runs             -      36

Econ rate      -        1,7

Wickets        -        0

Phenominal bowling in the first innings - much less effective in the second innings.

Second Test

First Innings

Bowled         -     16 overs

Maidens        -      3

Runs             -      46

Econ rate      -        2.87

Wickets        -        2

Second  Innings

Bowled         -     14 overs

Maidens        -      7

Runs             -      24

Econ rate      -        1,71

Wickets        -        0

In the second innings in both tests he did not take a single wicket,  And even though cheap in giving away runs he was ineffective as a bowler.

In tests a scarcity of runs can mean two things effective containing bowling or bowling batsmen ignore, 

However, the above indicates why I have some doubts about fitness on the part of Philander.

I said originally that I would be crucified by some members for making an adverse statement about Philander - but I stock with my question about his fitness issue.    


Jan 08, 2020, 13:43


Have you just recently started watching 5 day cricket?

The wicket totally flattened out on day 3. None of the pacers did particularly well.

Vernon has always been a 122 - 126

Jan 08, 2020, 18:06

Yet Nortje - who was unwell and could not bowl for most of Day 4 took three wickets.  One in the three innings he did bowl.  

My analysis also dealt with the second innings of the English in the first test and there the tendency was the same,  

Jan 08, 2020, 20:06

Big and obvious difference Mike.

We batted really badly our bowlers were flat in the second innings - they were pissed off and I don’t blame them

Nortje is the new kid on the block, he can’t afford to be flat and nor would you expect him to

Give him 2 more years of test cricket and you will see the same from him

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