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Jun 23, 2019, 19:54

What a group of losers.....Amla struggling with form, Quinton lucky to survive the first few overs and then painfully slow. Markram, marked down as a future captain but he is a useless one day bat. Miller giving his wicket away once he achieved respectability. And all the rest, except Faf unable to play a match winning innings.

As for our opening bowlers ....toothless. And the field settings, unimaginative and not aggressive. And we have guys in the wrong role....Dussen safe as houses but he cant really accelerate, in the middle order and Quinton, fragile as a glass fragment starting the innings.....dumb stuff.

Jun 24, 2019, 00:03

Wotsa odds we go home with the Wooden Spoon?

Jun 24, 2019, 08:13

Jun 24, 2019, 08:43


You are a total liability when it comes to players you support.   The only players you really attack are those who performs better. So lets look at5 your one statement comnapred to what really happened:-   

"Quinton lucky to survive the first few overs and then painfully slow"

Lets look at facts for a change.   After facing 25 balls De Kock had 10 runs - after facing a further 35 balls he scored 37 runs.   - that is indeed painfully slow in your book.  

Amla should never have ben in the squad - he failed for a year before the WC started and now he is suddenly "struggling with form".  

How many times have you used this site to post idiotic comments?

Jun 24, 2019, 16:46

And who would his replacement have been? Markram, whose average is no better than Amla who was probably affected by his concussion just as he was finding some form.

It was never a given that Amla was going to recover his form...but it was worth a try, because without him we had very little class in the batting line-up.

Jun 25, 2019, 01:20

And that may be true but right now as we look at the end result, Amla's selection is a proven failure. He started off as a blunt arrow and retires not only as a blunt arrow but as a broken one as well. At some point one has to wonder what it served having a blunted and broken arrow laying the foundation at the start of an innings and at some point you also have to give a care about his well being now that his reflexes are in sync with my garden gnome. And finally, for the young ones out there eyeballing their heroes, one wonders what legacy has Amla left them. Thankfully his wheelchair didn't suffer the same fate.

There's been a fool on here who said Amla's selection was a no brainer.......well, that's exactly what I expect a no brainer to say. 

Jun 25, 2019, 03:41

Amla 123 runs in 6 innings.....Markram his potential replacement 106 in 5 innings. I can't see much improvement. But certainly Amla and Markram underperformed.

But so did the 'explosive' de Kock who doesn't crack the top 50 in run rates and is only 30th in average.

The bowling was probably worse with no bowler in the top 20 for strike rate....Morris at number 21 is our best. Next best is Phlek at 31 and Tahir at 38. Rabada is probably the biggest under performer in the team at 50.

Jun 25, 2019, 04:45

Confidence is the number one requirement in any sport, in cricket it starts with the openers. The job of the opener is to lay a foundation and in the process take the shine off the ball. Mission accomplished first drop comes in building on a solid platform facing a softer ball. Young Markram at his first WC enjoyed none of those benefits, instead he faced the onerous task of building a platform after a dismal display by the openers. 

The fact remains, Amla came into the WC under a cloud of doubt, poorly prepared for cricket's premier event and with father time setting alarm bells ringing. The penalty for his selection not only impacted on him but as a respected leader in the team it had a snowball effect on the rest.

Amla's selection was based on hope but that hope vanished and was replaced by doubt, doubt which devoured all confidence in a hopeful team. 

He was an old man before he stepped out to the crease and delivered in accordance with his age.

He remains a toothless tiger and has my empathy That said all of the above was pointed out after the team was selected and before the squad left the country. 

The decision to select him was dumb.....and has been proven to be dumb in several ways.

Jun 25, 2019, 05:53

Can't see why the guy who was punted as the opening bat replacement is then exposed because he has to come in early. Would he have done better if he came in initially? I doubt it.

As for blaming all his woes on Amla....let's see.

Against England he came in early after Amla took a ball in the helmet....and failed. Not really Amla's fault.

Against Bangladesh he had a decent innings opening the batting.

Against West Indies Amla failed and Markram failed....Amla's fault following your logic.

Against New Zealand Amla succeeded, but de Kock Kock's fault

Against Pakistan......Amla failed and Markram failed....Amla's fault.

So twice in the 7 games, we can 'blame' Markram's failure on Amla. But frankly I think it's mostly on him. He was struggling in ODI's before the WC. The shot he played getting out against Paki was frankly agricultural

Jun 25, 2019, 05:56

Ag man have it your way, this is tedious. Amla was alright.

Jun 25, 2019, 06:20

Gosh no....he certainly wasn't, but he was in good company. No Proteas players, with the exceptions of van der Dussen and Tahir were up to expectations.

This team lost gutlessly.....and the problem lies there, as it has for all our Proteas' WC efforts after 99. We simply aren't competitors, even the Bunglies put us to shame in that regard.

Jun 25, 2019, 06:51

And what made us go out in 1999?   Stupidity and nothing else.  Ask Klusener and Gibbs about who lost the WC for SA that year, 

Looking at Mozart's comments above the worst failure was De Kock.  

Let me give one explanation here - the teams election allowed for the selection of players who -

*   failed in virtually all ODI games they played in over the past year - ie Amla and Duminy; and 

*   the waling wounded Steyn who came in based on reputation.

It was obvious the only really reliable batsmen in the squad  were De Kock, Du Plessis and Van der Dussen.   What it indicates to  me is that was a case where the players were demoralized before they even started playing in the WC.   In the media all the pressure was on De Kock and he tried desperately in the first game and found that he had zero support in the process.   

Amla was the poor starter - even in the games he did score runs and there were only two of those - his strike rate as just under  60  meaning he was desperately poor.   Mozart blamed basically Markram more than he blamed Amla - but at least Marram strike rate was in the 70's, while the much-maligned De Kock's were in the 80's.  De Kock probably realized that he was being let down and in one case it was clear he lost interest.         

Jun 25, 2019, 14:36

The facts are both you and Denny have nothing to say about Markham and use Amla as your whipping boy. But there is nothing to distinguish them..

And listen to the rubbish you Kock lost the WC? What de Kock lost is Kane Williamson's wicket, which cost us the game.

Jun 25, 2019, 16:21

The day hew as un out - that is what I refer to - dumb nitwit.   

I am not happy with Markram obviously - but he did score runs before the start of the WC  and there was a real chance that he would succeed.  There was no chance that Amla would succeed - he was a reputation selection.

As to De Kpc losing a match all on his own that is the most childish and idiotic statement I have ever heard from you.        

Jun 25, 2019, 16:21


Jun 26, 2019, 00:29

Not childish.......Williamson won the match after he was out, when Quintie couldn't hear the snick from 5 feet away. Maybe a hearing aid would help.

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