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Feb 15, 2019, 18:42

This kid get's quite a bit of spin. He certainly squared up Quintie who was feasting on Sri Lanka's toothless medium pacers, but characteristically undone by the movement ....he could be a challenge on the fifth day of any test.

Feb 16, 2019, 01:36

another inch and he would have stood on his stumps...

Feb 16, 2019, 01:45

Yes, he was way back in his crease and squared up....but to be fair the balls spun quite sharply. The enigma that is de Kock hinges on his brilliant eye and timing, but flawed technique. If the ball is coming through consistently, the eye prevails and he can score effortlessly. If it moves either through swing or spin he is a much lesser batsmen.

True of course for all, but particularly in Quinton's case.

Feb 16, 2019, 03:06

There's a tendency amongst SAFFA batsmen to play spin off the backfoot never the front which quite often leads to their demise.....for one it gives the bowler heaps more confidence and two the spin, drift and bounce or no bounce is at it's most lethal late. All batsmen lacking in good footwork are found out when facing good spin bowlers. To camp out on your stumps is just a no-no.

Feb 16, 2019, 07:33


Why do you get caught up in this BS.    The facts are  that  the bowler took 5 wickets in the two innings played, but the orc attack is entirely on De Kock who made 135 runs in the test - more than any batsman on either side in the game.

This type of sickness is turning the Board into a farce - why for instance not mention Elgar who made a total of 35 runs in the test or Bavuma who made 50 runs - both being bowled by the said bowler.   Coming to that why not mention Amla who made 19 runs in the test?

Lets face facts - the farce is clear - make sure to attack De Kock and no other players. 

Don't get caught up in this farce - the thread was started by a BSter with his normal agenda against De Kock being in evidence.     


Feb 16, 2019, 19:47

I just checked the first innings  bowling Embuldeniya to De Kock.  He bowled 16 balls at De Kock and De Kock made 25 runs from those 16 balls.   The orc really is a nutcase - totally stupid.    

Feb 16, 2019, 19:50

Why not make a similar comparison insofar as Amla and Elgar are concerned.   They were ridiculously poor playing the guy.   The Main orc must mention that de Kock is the worst playing his bowling = but he is tslking total BS as per normal.      

Feb 17, 2019, 10:32

I'm not caught up in any BS.....none whatsoever. Feel free to tear my comments apart.

Mike, you are a bore, a predictable bore, and I don't have the desire, inclination or patience of others like Pakie, Ceradyne and The Truth to solve your obsession with the board and Mozart. So run along.

Talking about BS, how about fixing yours.....that bit about ignoring Mozart??? Remind me again how many times have you sworn to ignore him??????

Feb 17, 2019, 12:02


Sorry - I was a bit harsh when referring to comments made by you on the BS posting by the orc.   I checked out what really was going on in the case of  Embuldeniya.   Although he was LBW to a ball bowled by the latter - in the rest of the game De Kock was all over  Embuldeniya insofar as facing him and scoring runs when eh was bowling.

The real problem was when Amla and Elgar faced the bowling of  Embuldeniya.   Their runs dried up and Elgar was caught and bowled by him.    if there are easy examples of flops the orc should refer to Amla and Elgar - not to De Kock.   

Fact is the orc has been attacking De Kock endlessly since 2013 and the latest episode are just one of those.   In a way it seems as if De Kock lost the plot in the case where eh was LBW - but the orc's effort to use the incident as a norm for De Kock is utter BS.   

Look I do not respond to the orc's messages on site anymore.  What I do is to warn members to check the real situation and not to be caught up in his web of deceit on site.     

Feb 18, 2019, 18:03

Harsh? Naah I don't think so, you're just full of bullshit, you've started off bullshiting and even busllshitted your own bullshit on your exit.

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