How can anyone with any knowledge of cricket want Elgar as Proteas Captain?

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Mar 02, 2021, 09:39

The fact is that Elgar since 2019 had a spotty record as a batsman and a really questionable record in fielding.    The only exception was the Srilanka series - where the bowling attack of the  was destriyed by injuries and even the disastrous Faf du Plessis made runs.

How can anyone think that Elgar should be considered as Captain.   In a newspaper article  reference was made to Allan Bprder - when the Aussies did not make hay and effectively in decline.    Players as they fget older suffers from deficient eye-hand co-ordination and to get Elgar soon to be 34 years old as captain is about as stupid as Meyer was aas Springbok coach.   It will be a disaster,

New Reeza Hendricks claims he should be a fixture in the Proteas team,    He was good in the recent T20 series - but was a total disaster whenever he was selected to play for the Proteas.   Some players cannot make the step up from provincial to national level and Reeza is a typical example of that.    That will not change in future and if he is selected he would be a disgraceful failure unless the Proteas play Namibia or Zimbabwe.

Of the batsmen in the T20 series and the provincial cricket over the last three months - the rising stars gunning for selection show the most potential.   I still support Van Tonder is the only real potential captain.      



Mar 02, 2021, 17:27

We all know that Bavuma is the one to be named Captain.

Spotty record but the correct color.

No debate.


Mar 03, 2021, 00:50

Fuck it Mike you are super stupid

How the fuck can v Tonder be considered as an option as the captain when he has not even played for SA yet? Fuck me are you really this stupid?

The obvious choice for captain is Markram now that his has rediscovered his test form for the obvious reason he is a class bat, he is now established, he is only 26 and he has already captained SA

As for the domestic T20 comp - that tells us fuck all about any player

Mar 03, 2021, 01:37


If  they wanted to make Markram the captain they would have done so already,.    But they did not and that is what makes me wonder,    The comments of Boucher a while  back on the captaincy issue is what swayed me as well,  He said they want to bring new players on board and see whi puts up his hand as captain.   

Something must bother them about Markram  as captain - why did Bucher referred to :platers putting up his hand of they see Markram  as captain.  He is a known factor = nit O thionk thatc captaincy may effect his batting detrimentally.

Van Tonder would already have started his test career if ir was not for his finger injury before the SriLanka tests,    

There is a problem though - Markram could have  a problem when it comes to batting in the shorter versions of the game and may not make the line-up in the shorter version line-ups.            

Mar 03, 2021, 01:59

How many more times do you need to be told that prior to the SL and Pakistan series, Markram was struggling at test level thanks to spin bowling on the sub continent

So for obvious fucking reasons they would not have appointed him as the captain and appointed de Kock instead

Hellooooo that is fucking obvious

Then comes the SL series and Markram averaged 60 odd and then he did the same away on the sub continent against Pakistan clearly showing he had overcome his issues and was now an obvious contender to take over from de Kock as the test captain

So dumb Mike there you have it. No they would not have appointed Markram as captain when he was struggling but now that he has overcome the struggles he is certainly in the picture as the next captain unlike v Tonder who is without doubt not even close to being considered as the captain as there is no fucking idiot dumb enough to appoint a guy as captain before he has even played a single match for SA

So I ask you one more time are you really this stupid?

And no van Tonder regardless of his broken finger would not have played in any test against SL as unfortunately SA was not going to drop any of our bats

When Boucher said he hoped a youngster would put their hand up for captain he was referring to Markram and Bavuma not some outsider who has yet to be selected for SA

Fuck me seriously

Mar 03, 2021, 02:27

I may in your book be stupid - but unfortunately I am a realist and that is missing in your case,  Anyone basing performance evaluation om the SriLankan tests  is losing perspective - even the normally Di Plessis made oodles of runs against them.

All I said clearly is that there is  perceived problem that captaincy  could effect his barring abd U gave a feeling you  are barking up the wrong tree in his case.    


Mar 03, 2021, 03:49

Oh what bullshit you play what is in front of you be it SL or whoever, he averaged over 60 - job done.

He then went back to the sub continent and showed great resolve in overcoming his previous spin short comings and again averaged over 50 - job done.

With that comes the realisation the lad has metal and with it any doubt in him as a test player dissolves.

And obviously given these facts and the fact a new captain is required, he obviously comes into strong contention to be the captain. For me he is the only option as captain. One certainty is that v Tonder is not even close to being a consideration as captain. That will only ever happen once he has at least 3 seasons on international cricket behind him.

You kid yourself that you are a realist. No realist would be stupid enough to throw a non member of the side as a potential candidate as captain

That my friend is plain stupidity

The only candidates for captain are Elgar, Markram, Rassie, Bavuma and Maharaj

Only Markram and Maharaj deserve to be in the side. Maharaj is 30 so no point. Markram is the obvious choice

Mar 03, 2021, 04:05

It's a tough call with arguments for and against and no one being outstanding. My guess, not my choice is Bavuma.

Mar 03, 2021, 06:41


Did Graeme Smith have three seasons of test cricket behind him when he became captain?   

Mar 03, 2021, 13:20

No but at least he was in the team and had actually been selected unlike v Tonder

They will need to have selected the new captain before the next series. That captain will be revealed days if not weeks before the next test 11 is announced so it’s virtually impossible for v Tonder to be appointed captain or even considered

He is not even a provincial captain at this stage and you are stupid enough to think they will even consider him as the test captain when he has not yet played a single game for SA.

How the hell can you appoint a guy as your captain when he has not yet proved he can handle test cricket. It’s hard enough taking the step up to test level as a bat, imagine loading the captaincy on the lad as well.

It is possibly the stupidest thing you have ever suggested and I mean that sincerely

Smith had played 8 tests so would have batted 16 times in tests and had played 22 ODI’s before he was made captain. I think after 38 innings’s in international cricket you have a pretty good idea if the guy is going to make it or not, so I get why they appointed him captain then.

That is one hell of a lot more than v Tonder’s big fat ZERO

Mar 03, 2021, 17:18


Get it straight - I like Markram as a player and  always supported his selection.    However, I would not putt 4 cents on him being appointed as permanent captain - even though I feel it would be a vast improvement on what we had over the last two years,

However, there may be reasons that Smith nd Boucher is not entirely convinced that he should be the captain.   Why was Markram not appointed when they asked De Kock to take o the captaincy on a temporary basis?    There were four tests played and if the powers to be was happy with Markram and since De Kock was forced into accepting the temporary  captaincy. the way was in fact clear to appoint him - but they did not.    

I do not think that Van der Linde, Bavuma and Maharaj will be considered  either for a variety of reasons.   So what may happen is another temporary captain for the test series this year, while options will be considered.      


Mar 03, 2021, 19:11

Same here, Mike.

I rate Markram but he needs a kick up the pants. 

He's not a slapgat or lazy. He is just in his own head too much. Wether it's arrogance or insecurity...something isn't right. 

I get the feeling that the more he concentrates the more pressure he feels. I'm probably wrong but it looks like he can't sufficiently compartmentalise the different mental challenges of batting. He does have all the shots and great technique but he falls too easily against deliveries that he shouldn't get out to. To me that's a sign that something is affecting his mind and thus his shot selection.

Drop him from the shorter version and let him go back to his franchise so that he can remember what got him into the Proteas side.

Mar 03, 2021, 20:02

Geez Mike your stupidity is really starting to fucking irritate me - or can’t you read?

Now read this bit really slowly and read it over and over again so that hopefully at some point it will sink in.

At the time de Kock was asked to be captain, Markram had a question mark against his name following his failures against spin on the sub continent. Now take that sentence in ok?

Markram then played against SL and averaged over 60 going a long way to restore faith in him but that was a home series so the true test was going to be against Pakistan in Pakistan and being tested against spin on the sub continent where he had failed in the past. You getting this Mike?

So now that de Kock has thankfully thrown in the towel on the captaincy, the question on who the next captain will be is hot news. As many cricket writers and myself have concluded, the question marks against Markram prior to the SL series have now dissipated and he is once again a strong contender to be the captain.

If you don’t get this obvious fact you are thicker than I think you are

Mar 03, 2021, 20:06

Plum is Mikes stupidity rubbing off on you?

You are speaking utter shit re Markram in tests matches given he has averaged over 50 in his last two series against SL and Pakistan

Pray tell me averaging over 50 when your place is in jeopardy is not good enough for you?

You are clueless made more ridiculous by taking issue with his recent failing in bloody domestic smash and bash T20 cricket

You seriously want to judge a bat based on domestic T20 cricket and in the process ignore what he has recently achieved in the tests against SL and Pakistan


Mar 04, 2021, 02:47

How can years of  fluctuating performances  by Markram be changed by two tests in Pakistan - both lost by his team?     

Mar 04, 2021, 11:00

Rubbish he had a respectable average prior to his issues on the subcontinent.

Averaging well over 50 in his last two series has gone a long way to him restoring the faith the selectors have in him and with it his test average has gone from 37 to 41.

Boucher and Smith have said nothing about Markram as an individual so your take on their views about Markram is a load of made up bullshit.

Every cricket writer has concluded that Markram is back

What the fuck has the result against Pakistan got to do with his individual performance against them huh?

This is not about the side it’s about the credentials of Markram - wake the fuck up

Regardless of your utter ignorance - fact is Markram is in contention to be the next captain and with utmost certainty v Tonder is not

Mar 04, 2021, 12:16

Geez, Saffex

Calm down bro.

Against Sri Lanka he batted on home tracks against a depleted bowling attack.

He did well against Pakistan but let's not forget that it was his first hundred in yonks and that his test average is just smidge above 40.

I'm not saying that he isn't good enough. I'm saying that his dismissals are often times unnecessary and to me it looks like he has problems with some of the mental side of batting. Nothing that can't be fixed...I hope.

Also, I'm not the first person to talk about what seems to be a bit of psychological frailty as far as Markram is concerned. 

Mar 04, 2021, 12:24

It does not matter who he is playing against, he has to play what is in front of him and he averaged over 60 against SL which is good

Then to go back to the subcontinent and overcome his issues against spin there is testament to his resolve and ability

Most bats get out playing a stupid shot - the fact that he has averaged 60 odd in his last two series is the real measure of where he is at right now not according to your measure which is still stuck with what he did in the past

Give the guy some credit for fuck sake.

Mar 04, 2021, 12:49

I'm not sure why T20 has become the yardstick for assessing a batsman's performance. 

Mar 04, 2021, 13:38


Who are you writing about as to  T20 performances?  

Mar 04, 2021, 13:40


Mar 04, 2021, 14:23

Exactly Denny - there are some real clowns out there, very ignorant clowns

If we were using T20 as the yardstick then we would have to give up on the batting potential of Roelofsen, Rickelton, de Swardt and Janneman Malan and we would need to give up on Gerald Coetzee as a bowler

Mar 04, 2021, 14:28

"I'm not sure why T20 has become the yardstick for assessing a batsman's performance." is a good yardstick when you're discussing limited overs performances. Which is what I was doing. You'll note that I said he should be dropped for the limited overs squad for a period. 

Saffex, let's see how he does going forward. I stand by my opinion that he has some gremlins to deal with.

Mar 04, 2021, 15:33

Yeah those gremlins really got in the way with his average of 60 in his last two series

He is a talented bat, has every shot in the book and usually bats at a good rate

Given these facts, it should be easy for him to succeed at 50 and 20 over cricket

Mar 04, 2021, 15:37

Well Elgar and Bavuma have been named as captains

How pathetic but hardly surprising

Mar 05, 2021, 15:46

"Saffex, let's see how he does going forward. I stand by my opinion that he has some gremlins to deal with."

The way he went out in his last test after getting the ton was telling too... he still has a few issues, making him captain now might seriously hamper his game...give him some time to enjoy his new found form.

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