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Jan 13, 2019, 07:59

a record seventh cricket test series in the box everyone should be happy. The reality is that we are not, after the batting displays of the last 2 days we can't be, going from 3-229 to 265 all out it's plain to see that there are serious problems in the Protea batting. They'll never be a champion side if they collapse when there's bit of movement or a bit of swing. Sadly  none of the lessons of the past has been learnt. I think Otis Gibson has done an excellent job with the bowlers and maybe it's time to ask questions of the batting coach.

Jan 13, 2019, 16:46

Toothless bowling.....there was no venom unless they hit a crack.

Jan 13, 2019, 18:25

Steyn believes SA has the best fast bowling component in the world - yet dear Mozart calls them toothless,   I rather believe Steyn in this case than our own very wise in BSting Mozart.   

So lets look at the batsman.    The following are the SA batsmen insofar as this series is concerned:-

1   De Kock   - average  per innings   -    62,75 

2   Markram                                        -    40,20

3   Bavuma                                          -    37,25

4   Amla                                              -     35,00

5   Du Plessis                                      -     34,33

Looking at the above I would only rate De Kock and Markram as acceptable.

Bavuma did well in 2 innings - in the res he was poor

Amla did well in 2 innings - in the rest he was poor - very slow paced in batting  

Du Plessis played in two tests - he was poor in one and banned in the other,  

So I agree - the batting is not what it should be.   There is a need for review of the players - especially Amla and Elgar.    Both are class test players - but both have question marks and serious one at that.  Amla's strike rate is very poor as well.   

Hamza showed some positives in his first innings    


Jan 14, 2019, 04:47

Pakistan bowling not the Proteas....our bowling is the usual, good seamers, iffy spin bowling.

Jan 14, 2019, 08:04

We used the spinner in one test only and I agree with you about what you come up now.   Your response to Denny had nopthing to do with the issue eh raised - the batting problem in the Proteas.

And there is a problem - Du Plessis made a golden duck in the first test - then made a century in the second test and was banned in the third test,     He can because of the century  end up as still useful.   Elgar with an average of 21 runs in 6 innings was poor in all three tests.   Amla was battling too protect his wicket rather than to score runs and he was pathetic in all three tests.    So was Bavuma,

Fact is that the only two batsmaen of real value was Markram and De Kock - there needs to be hard thinking going into the WC.    Elgar is not a ODI player. Amla flops in that format of the game as he has to play at a higher strike rate,   We only have four batsmen of acceptable quality and the rest of the batting component is up in the air,   

The only four players we can really use in ODI's as batsmen are De Kock, Markram, Du Plessis and Miller.   Where are the rest to come from?   Maybe Klaasen - but h is not really proven and perhaps two of the following - Hamza, Malan or one of the other youngsters.  


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