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Mar 09, 2019, 01:40

SA Cricket management should be shot.    Over the last week Markram played in 3 Momentum Cup games for 50 overs matches:-

                         Runs             Balls         Strike Rate      Runs per 6 balls faced     

Game 1    -        169                139               121,58                  7.3

Game 2     -        137                123               111,38                  6,8

Game 3    -          85                  43                197,67                11.9

Total                  391                305               128,20                 7,7

Average             131    per game

This while they are struggling to find an opening partner for Quinton De Kock.   The alternative tried in the first 2 ODI's was Reeza Hendricks who made a total of 30 runs from 45 balls faced at an runs per 6 balls faced of 4.   

The other potential opening partner is Amla - who has had a record of near consistent failure in most ODI's played over the past year and went down from an average of 53.3 to an average of 46.1. In his last 10 ODI's Amla scored at an average of 36 runs per match and his strike rate was 71,1.   Amla played in 1 Momentum Cup game the past week and failed badly too,   There have been a number of newspaper reports implying that he should not be in the WC squad - because aside from below par batting his fielding has been poor.

An in-form De Kock and Markram can both bat at a run rate of 7,5 for every 6 balls faced meaning they are capable of scoring a hundred runs in less than 14 overs.   A partnership like that means that the pressure on both players are reduced because both players are equally productive and they can in fact avoid hitting out at balls they should not be hitting out at,   If the one partner does not produce the expected goods it put pressure on the other partner to hit out even at good balls - a very dangerous thing to do.  .      

Mar 09, 2019, 11:15

Mike Your RPO thing astounds me. How stupid are you.

Look at strike rate, like the rest of the world. Not your RPO nonsense.

Its flawed. If each batsman scores 4RPO, we w9ild be scoring 8 runs an over. Your logic makes no normal sense

Mar 09, 2019, 12:11


Mar 09, 2019, 12:11

Not really - it is easily worked out starting with the strike rate times 6 divided by 100.   In practice during games it gives an indication of how effective batting players are in facing 6 balls not necessarily in the same over, but per 6 balls faced by them.   In any event it is very rare that a player faces 100 balls in a game anyway so it is difficult to keep track of individual scores during games.  .

I have changed the wording to clarify the issue clearly.   Sorry - you misunderstand what I really meant.          

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