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Mar 06, 2021, 14:03

India is a team where player identification and development is a norm for selection.    Renewal is a priority in the case of the cricket authorities in that country,     They use Under 19 cricket as a vehicle to identify new players of the future,    New names like Gill, Washington Sunder and Pant are now the heroes of a very young team..

So the team destroy the English team and also the Australians,   They are by a  mile the best cricket team in the world today because of their progressive and forward-looking approach to selection of players,     The fully deserve being lauded by cricket lovers worldwide.  

For me as a South African we have a team going backwards in performances and getting weaker all the time and what is the difference between the two teams teams:-

*    When India needs new and replacement players the look at promising youngsters - when SA need to replace players the look at the over 29 year old and even over 30 year-old players to replace equally old players who left the team in disgrace.

*     In India Virat Kholi is the captain (batting average 53,37)  -  in SA we now have Dean Elgar (batting average 39.81) as captain - the one is a top class fielder - the other a dud.

*    In India the fact is their coaching and management staff are top class - In SA we have  Smith and Boucher to take  SA crcket backwards in the same way that Meyer and Coetzee tool our rugby backwards, 

*   SA has the number 1 ranked rugby team in the world - they would soon compete with  BanglaDesh  to be the lowest rated test playing team in the world.


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