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Jan 05, 2021, 22:05

Don't shoot thee messenger if I am wrong....

AB, Dale Steyn and Imran Tahir have signed 6 month contracts, allowing them to participate in the 20/20 WC this year.

Heard it from someone that takes Dale on fishing trips around Africa. They talk a lot of cricket.

Could be bullshit, but I'd be happy to have them on board.

Jan 05, 2021, 22:29


I indeed hope it is BS,    Dale Steyn  was an absolute disaster in the IPL - totally hopeless as it was and to have him in the T20I format is the same as Matfield. Steyn and Alberts were in the 2015 RWC.   Totally unplayable and ineffective,    Same as he was in the CWC in 2019,   

AB de Villiers made some good runs in the IPL where he played as wicketkeeper fir Bengaluru - but in the main he was on and off and not consistent and was not in the top 20 batters in the series,    A better proposition - but will he be up to standard?   I doubt  it very much.         

Jan 06, 2021, 00:35

We might as well get as many old farts back as possible and try break the record for oldest squad on tour

It’s a sad indicator of the state of SA cricket now

Faf at 36 is still on board

There is just no investment shown in our young bats at all - very sad

Jan 06, 2021, 01:44

In the meantime the Ozzies are about to debut another promising young gun against India. Our lot waits for a player to turn into Biltong before they let him go.:'( Typical case was Amla at the last WC.

Jan 06, 2021, 12:21

The Aussies routinely get rid of under-performers and replace players with new talent all the time, while in SA the exact opposite is true,   Here reputation is all that counts and it is harder to get out of the Protea squads than to get in.

Lets face facts - if the past two year performances by players like Faf and Elgar was taken into account - in Australia they would have been shown the door - in SA they are institutions that must never be changed,   I normally keep track of performances on international level  and has found evidence of what I call the 6:1 factor - six innings of poor batting and then out of the blue a wonderful performance in one innings.   That 6:1 factor applied to players like Smith and Amla as well.   

Another story is insistence to stay in the team to play in the next WC  - whether it is cricket or rugby,   In 2015 the SA rugby squad selection was a disaster - performances on Super Rugby level and CC level were disregarded as a norm for selection and the squad ended up with at least 8 of the players being unplayable in the series.   Meyer even bragged that he selects players on reputation and in fact he disregarded actual performances totally,  The same happened in the 2019  CWC and we know what a disaster that one was.

Another SA invention is to select  players of over 30 years of age to start a career on test, ODI and T20I  level and disregard the must better younger players.  In the latest squad for the SL series the method was largely discarded - probably on the insistence of Boucher and Smith - with added strength by De Kock who were pressured into being interim captain.

At least younger players were in the squad for the first time in years and I was disappointed that some of them were not used  in the two tests.   I think that Players like Van Tonder and Verreinne - if they played in Australia - would have been international regulars by now. 





Jan 06, 2021, 13:39

Bottom line is the SA selectors are a bunch of ignorant pricks doing our cricket a disservice

Take the current squad - Erwee is bloody 31 and added to the squad as an opening bat when we have Janneman Malan aged 23 and Josh Richards aged 21 both with first class averages over 50 - hellooooo

Then there is Stuurman the bowler aged 28 and added to the squad before Sipamla was who is 22 and who was clearly favoured ahead of Stuurman by Boucher given he played against SL ahead of Stuurman

It’s bloody madness

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