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Dec 19, 2019, 18:22

In the IPL auction (2020 season) the SA bowler Chris Morris has being selected by the Royal Challengers Bangalore for a cool 1.1 million pounds.

Pretty tidy sum considering that he was not selected for the Marigolds.

Wonder why they bid that amount!

Any ideas on Morris not making the Marigold squad or just another case of not up to speed as per CSA criteria.

Good for you Chris.......but remember get the money into a bank outside RSA.

Dec 19, 2019, 20:12


Playing in India on their pitches is difficult - but Morris has been going there for years and is by now a very wealthy player,  He use to earn R14 million in his first year at Delhi where he played for the past three years.   After that they get annual increases based on performances,  

The situation is that Delhi only this year released Morris for sale in the 2020 auction,   They probably thought they could purchase him back cheaper that they were paying him over the last three years,   It backfired and after a bidding war - Bangalore bought him for the higher price,

The IPL is a T20 comp and Morris is normally in the SA T20 squad,   

AB is playing for Bangalore and is the financial advisor of the SA IPL players,   He would by now know what to do with the money,   Local players like De Kock earns about R5 million per year and that is enough for a very decent standard of living - they do not need the IPL money and it is probably somewhere  in Jersey,    


Dec 19, 2019, 20:25

Thanks Mike.

All I would say is good for the guys.

Trust they have followed that route to the Channel Isle's.

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