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Dec 10, 2021, 10:48

The IPL used to consist of 8 clubs - but as from 2022 it will be extended to 10 Clubs - in one of which as I understand it Manchester United have a major share.

However, the 8 clubs can retain a maximum of four players of which not more than three can be Indian players and the maximum for foreign players can be between 1 and 3 players.

So far only 1 player from SA retained by Delhi Capitals is Anrich Nortje.   Nortje two years ago was contracted by that Club at a rate of 75 000 rupees and his salary must have gone up massively in 2021.   He was retained by Delhi for the next three years at a rate of 6,5 crores - that represents a salary of over US$ 1 million for the IPL 2022.    Fact is that Rabada was not retained by that Club - his performances in 2021 was substandard 

The two new clubs will have the option to select 3 players before the annual super sale of players takes place.   Those 3 players will be announced by 25 December 2021.   There may be some SA players in that category - four of which could include Markram, Rabada, De Kock and Van der Dussen - but at this stage it is guesswork at best.

Neither Smith nor Warner was retained by their clubs and would be up for sale in 2022.      .          


Dec 23, 2021, 21:05

The main stories in the Indian papers indicate that Rabada would go to one of the two new clubs and that Markram  will become an instant Dollar millionaire during the upcoming mega-auction of players to be held in February 2022.       .    

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