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Jul 11, 2021, 12:41

Wonderfui news - the team to play for the Proteas today include the wonderfully talented  Sandile playing and batting at 7  - and  the under-performing and unacceptable Quinton de Kock is not playing.   That means that Verrreynne is the WK and not the o0ther great talent Klaaasn.    Mozart must be bitterly disappointed his hero is not playing.   

But Sandile is the top selection and is bound to be magnificent.     

Jul 11, 2021, 17:02

This is going to be problematic - there were three rain delays - first at the start and another with the one  with the result that the overs being limited to 43.   A third short break followed - but the  Irish innings is over.  and the game has not resumed as yet,.     

The score  after 40,2 overs is 194/4/    As expected Phehlukwayo bowling was supershit. - his last over was a 11 runs present to the Irish.

It is not clear when and if the match is to continue  -  and what the target would be should the match continue and the bowler limits are announced.      .      

Jul 11, 2021, 18:33

The match was called off - the next match is on Tuesday. 

Jul 11, 2021, 23:17

Tart. Complete your Wimbledon Results string… rotten, rotten sport.

Jul 12, 2021, 08:18

This is a cricket item simpleton.    I was just repeating above your crazy ideas about cricket players.  

Jul 13, 2021, 19:28

The second ODI is lost already - and that remains why SA is ranked 11th out of 12th in the world rankings and effectively no no real surprise.    South Africa  was ranked 7 out of 12 after the CWC in 2019  - but since then has gone backwards at record speed.  

So lets look at what happened today.    in the 2nd ODI.   In the first instance the bowlers were desperately poor and the magnioficient for some Phehlukwayo was a total flop.     He gave away 73 runs in 10 overs.  Nortje and rabada was also expensivce at 6,1 and 5,8 respectively.   

However, the main problem was the bartsmen  with -

*     Markram  -      5 runs facing 13 balls was pathetoic

*     Bavuma   -      10 runs facing 20 balls was as bad as they come;

*     Van der linde made 49 runs - but his strike rate was way to slow compared to the required rate - it took him 70 balls faced and that was not accepotable.  He hit only 2 fours in the whole time he was batting.   His slow strike rate was a major contribution to the losss because of the low s  massive pressure and as a result both failed trike rate. 

*      After boundaries vanished from site Miller and Verreynne was under tremendous pressure and had to up the runrate - which when they came on was 7,5 rpo.   That put both under massive pressure to hit boundaries and that was their undoing.   .   Verreynne made 13 runs from 16 balls faced and Meyer made 24 runs from 27 balls faced.

The SA Fielding was pathetic as well  -  they missed five catches of which two were difficult  - the others were itters.

The only acceptable batsman was Janneman Malan  who kept near to the required run rate and made 84 runs from 86 balls faced.   A sick performance with  virtually no boundaries hit for long periods in the game.  - but we have to accept that without De Kock that  batting line -up is pathetic.   Fact is players like Bavuma and Phehlukwayo should not be in the squad since they under-perform.

So ;let me summarize - teams election needs to be cleared up urgently and passengers need to be eliminated.              .  

Jul 13, 2021, 19:37

Firsf time we lost to Ire?

Only Malan got runs.

Jul 13, 2021, 21:17

Class counts for zero but COLOR matters in everything in RSA today.

Captain Midget and Markram should be dropped.

Jul 14, 2021, 03:55

‘That means that Verrreynne is the WK and not the o0ther great talent Klaaasn.    Mozart must be bitterly disappointed his hero is not playing.’

 No Klaaasn(sic) has never been a pick of mine ….nor has Verrreynne(sic). Although Verrynne had a disappointing start which so typically wasn’t mentioned is dispatches.

Jul 14, 2021, 09:23


Please stop lying.   You wanted De Kock to be replaced by Klaasen in  previous postings  on this site.   Verrreynne has only batted in 5 ODI's thus far  and his average  of  35,20,withj a strike rate of  93.12  is acceptable for a youngster like him..    It used to be over 40 - but because the strike rate of Van der Dussen  of 78 - when a rate of 96 were required was sub-standard and Matrkram and Bavuma was ever worse - the run rate he and Miller faced was under extreme pressure.   .

Yesterday the team was bad and that included the bowlers, the batsmen and fielding.   The fact is that without  De Kock scoring at an acceptable  strike rate in most matches - the team was despite Malan's  top effort was  substandard from a batting perspective..    



Jul 14, 2021, 09:47

...and yet again, as will consistently be the case, captain quota gets himself out.

He might be the worst top 6 bat we've seen since re-admission. 

I hope the little BLM wanker takes few against the helmet before he gets dropped.

Jul 14, 2021, 11:21

At the present rate we will not qualify for the 2023 CWVC and that is a fact.   It is essential that we get rid of passengers in the team  - especially in the batting and all-round components.  

The first to go should be Bavuma , Markram and Phehlukwayo - with Miller  and Van der Dussen being monitored for potential decline in performances.   The latter two is already 32 years of age and their recent performances are showing signs of  potential problems to say the least.   .  watched out for signs of potential decline.     

Jul 14, 2021, 12:07

Here's a video of Bavuma batting and scoring some runs.

Note how almost all his boundaries come through him playing from inside the crease. Holding at some stage comments how it doesn't have to be that short for it to be short for Bavuma.

If you squint a bit, you'd swear it was Tendulkar batting here because the strategy is identical...particularly the pulls over midwicket.

So, he's either unaware that this was the secret of his success in this innings or he's actively trying to play more forward for some crazy reason.

Regardless, it's not working and he needs to go back to playing like he did here. 

Jul 14, 2021, 20:32

Both the Miller and de Villers videos are a reminder of the class that once was available to us Saffers.

But sadly it appears that due to transformation and immigration the talented players have moved away and raised cricket in the UK and NZ with their performances while the Proteas have dropped like a rock.

Sadly the sign of the times in Africa.

Doom and Gloom.

Jul 15, 2021, 03:34

We had a great team but there was a much lower level of talent in the next generation…..the results are the proof. A guy like Markram would have got nowhere near our 2000 through 2010 team.

Jul 15, 2021, 17:04

This is as per noprmal tripe.   How many of the next generation  batsmen were used since 2018when the older players misfired and how often were they used.   

The problem has more to do with  substandard coaching and .atrocious team-selection than anything else.

Stop living in the past and start thinking wat should be done with regard to the the present crisis.         

Jul 16, 2021, 00:41

There are no next generation players of talent being ignored….get over it, they don’t exist. 

Jul 17, 2021, 12:05

Balls - you are as per normal taking KAK again.   You still insist6 that stats are not to be sued when selecting teams?   You apishly support the idiotic kindergarten Imbecile when he produce elementary stats - in cricket stats are easier - - for a batsman to score runs with the strike rate borne in mind  - for a bowler to take wickets with a  strike rate important too.    Both are according to you not acceptable.   Bouchers new generation players were as old or marginally younger than the replacement players were.   Nothing younger were considered.        

Jul 17, 2021, 12:05


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